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You earned 50 bonus fuel points& an entry in sweepstakes.

If you wish to win Kroger Feedback Fuel Points, Gift Cards and Digital Coupons by Kroger feedback survey on its official website. Then, here provided three guides, choose the one of your interest.

Then, Your ratings for the price on items with relative to other stores, grocery baggers, and friendly response of employees.

Your recommendations based on your last visit are greeted.

Step By Step Guide:In this part, all steps with important images is provided for taking part in Kroger feedback satisfaction survey.

You need Kroger receipt, only seven days old receipt is used for Kroger survey (They provided a purchase bill every time you make an order from any Kroger store).

In this article, we will cover about Kroger feedback customer satisfaction survey.

To start the Krogers survey, add Date, Time & Entry ID given on the receipt.

Even in this survey, they ask you regarding your satisfaction level for quality of store brands, cleanliness of store, sale items on stock, & polite response of checkout staff.

Quick Guide:In this, a quick overview is given about Kroger survey.

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Submit your feedback about Kroger store of your last visit.

Kroger Feedback ( is an online network gateway. People take part in Survey of Kroger Sweepstakes to win Kroger Gift Cards,Kroger Feedback Fuel Points& Kroger Digital Coupons at Kroger Feedback.

Next, Youre inquired for stating a product you planned to purchase, but you hadnt purchased.

Enter contact details: 1) if you are willing to enter sweepstakes.

Youre asked for the accessibility of your intended item.

Youre requested to exact comment about pharmacy as it deals with the life of human being.

Step By Step Guide on Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

to the Loyalty card, You are requested for either for your card number or another ID. With that, they ask you to provide some valuable details which are involved in our feedback.

3. Kroger Grocery Store,Athens, GA : +1 ( Open until 1:00 am )

Next, Youve requested to precisely state your high satisfaction with Kroger services.

Go to ( fill date, time and entry ID to start a survey from receipt.

Kroger Feedback Win 50 Kroger Fuel Points (

Further, they ask you to rate your satisfaction for deli department, fresh and stock items of deli department, & serving time.

For reassuring customers satisfaction, they request you to state yes/no for any problem you had experienced during your visit.

Your email address will not be published.Required fields are marked*

Next is to rate your overall experience of Kroger.

If you wish to give feedback for other departments you are welcome.

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Next, Youre requested for your opinion of giving your email address or your sweepstakes participation.

2. Kroger Super Market,Rolla, MO :  +1 ( Open until 12:00 am )

If you wish to win Kroger digital coupons and Kroger fuel points, then you must have an active internet connection. You may use your mobile, PC or laptop.

Krogers Thank you for your valuable feedback, Youre asked a general few questions more, like How many times you have visited Kroger? Will you wish to visit it next time?

Video Guide:In the video guide, you will go over step by step process of taking survey via video tutorial.

Keeping in opinion your visit of Krogers store, your satisfaction and happiness parameters are confirmed again. Like, your satisfaction for savings from Krogers digital coupons, the value of Kroger fuel rewards, like

It will take approx. 15 minutes to answer all the question of the survey.

Go to the following link to watch the video tutorial for Kroger feedback customer feedback survey and get an idea of how to take part in Kroger feedback survey online.

1. Kroger Grocery Store, KingWood, TX :  +1 ( Open until 1:00 am )

[] check kroger feedback with []

Similarly, there is a question to rate for your satisfaction for the dairy department; its the freshness of & well-mannered response of staff.

Lastly, Kroger wishes you again for your feedback and inform you via email if you will be a lucky winner of sweepstakes, and a link is provided for knowing about rules of sweepstakes.

They ask you about either you have visited CARROLLTON location or not.

Next, give some answer to the necessary queries.

Survey questions are available in two languages only. One is English, and another one is Spanish, so you can take part in this if you know either English or Spanish language.

If you have any doubt or concerns related to Kroger feedback survey, Please call on 1-.We will add more tutorial onour site.

The first question is about purchase department of your notice during your recent visit.

Now, you will be asked about probability you choose to approve.

Remember following things before going to take part in a survey on an official website.

Next is your response for the quality and freshness of items, approachability of employees and stock items for Bakery department as well as store food aisles.

Every time I go there I get very good service and every one is very helpful.

Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey: Kroger feedback ( is an American company. It is USs largest chain of supermarket. It has the only mission, i.e., customer Satisfaction! For this purpose, they launchedKroger feedback surveysystem to know how satisfied their customers are.

Go to enter the information given on the receipt of purchase.

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