Lamp History – Invention of Different Lighting Devices

Darkness was never a natural environment of a human race. Since we understood that, we were trying to adapt it so we can live in it without too much discomfort. Lamps helped. From the most primitive beginnings to the most sophisticated technology, they gave us sun where there was no sun.

Lets imagine its the end of the 19th century, its night and you have to do something outside. Oil lamp doesnt give enough light and you cant detach gas lamp from the wall without springing a major leak. What to do? Try kerosene lamp!

Gas lamps were the next step in providing the world with efficient and practical light source. While with its drawbacks, gas light proved popular and useful. Find out more about history of gas lamps.

Every story has a beginning and so does the history of lamps. It begins with oil lamps, maybe one of the first objects that man mass produced. Find out more about history of oil lamps.

As the oil, gas and kerosene held the world as the most important sources of energy and light, a new type of energy was slowly making its place in the world – electricity. Find more about birth and history of the electric light.

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