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Forget cramming your family into the minivan for a scenic tour of the interstate system. Train rides can offer stunning views, comfy beds and fine dining, plus, in some cases, on-board activities for the kids. What are 10 of the best?

Does Everyone Have the Ability to Become a Genius?

Its natures light show, and wed all like a front-row seat. But these mysterious flashes of pseudo-dawn can only be seen in certain parts of the world at certain times. Where and when?

And it puts your fancy Apple watch to shame.

As much as tourism can pay the bills for a community, it can also hurt it. What happens when popularity becomes the death of a destination?

The World Heritage Committee added 19 new sites: 13 cultural, three natural and three mixed sites to its list, bringing the total number to more than 1,000 in 167 countries.

How can you get a glimpse of the Northern Lights?

You dont have to travel to Greece to see the Parthenon; theres a full-scale replica in Nashville, Tennessee.

What Do U.S. Citizens Have to Do to Travel to Cuba Right Now?

There are exotic travel locales all over the world, but theres no guarantee theyll stick around. Its too late to hit these 10 destinations. Theyve imploded, sunk and otherwise crumbled into oblivion, so why dont you read about them instead?

Actually, Were Not Overdoing It on the Salt

Whats the most popular vacation destination on Earth — and why?

10 Most Endangered Lighthouses in the World

For some people, the trip is the food. Its called gastro-tourism, and we have a list of destinations you should visit to eat the best food in the world.

From Stonehenge to the Taj Mahal, see pictures of some of the worlds most stunning sites.

5 Mysterious Monuments from Around the World

10 Landmarks Youd Better Be in Shape to Visit

10 Best Vacations Youll Never Get to Take

Top 5 Coolest Places to See Fireworks

The Lowdown on High Heels: Men Wore Them First

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Tacky is in the eye of the beholder. But trap is pretty straightforward. And when the two get tied up together, theres a good chance youre going to spend money on something absurd at a gift shop.

Scholars disagree about the first person to compile the list of the seven wonders, but most can agree that all of the items on this list are pretty incredible. Check out these amazing marvels, from the Great Pyramid of Giza to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

With a missing nose and weather-beaten body, the Sphinx really shows its age. Or does it? Some archaeologists have evidence that the Sphinx is older than the ancient Egyptians.

Theres something about these interactive pedestrian puzzles that really captures peoples interest. It could be the sense of accomplishment when you reach the end, or it may just be a fun activity to do with family and friends.

Landmarks designate places of interest and peek the interest of many. Discover the massive stones used to erect Stonehenge and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

If you want to do more than shop, dine and take photos, these landmarks are for you. Theyll get your blood pumping and test your determination.

These pictures of Easter Island show off the famous Moai heads that line the coast. Learn about these mysterious structures and the island they call home.

The Taj Mahal Is Turning Green: The Struggle to Preserve Priceless Monuments

Ridiculous History: Famous Museum Diorama Includes Human Remains

Did Egyptians really build the Sphinx?

People go on vacation for various reasons — adventure, delicious food, fine art, walks on the beach, nightlife. Which destination overwhelmingly meets everyones vacation needs?

These American landmark pictures range from the natural wonders of the United States to famous works of architecture. How many of these landmarks have you visited?

Watching fireworks hit the night sky is always a delightful experience. When and where can you see the best pyrotechnics in the world?

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You could stay in a standard suite or cozy bed and breakfast, but youd be passing up the chance to live like a hamster or hobbit for the night. Well take you on a tour of 10 wild and wonderful hotels around the world!

Witness Trees Testify to History, Embody Hope for Visitors

For modern archaeologists, the ancient world continues to hold many secrets. Civilizations disappear — thousands of years later, researchers are left to pick through the ivy-covered ruins of their cities.

Why the Taj Mahal Is Inspiring Protests and Controversy in India

Ride the Rails: Top 10 Train Trips for Families

Indias Supreme Court ordered the government to either tear down the Taj Mahal or spend the money to restore it properly. Why is repairing famous landmarks such an uphill battle?

5 New UNESCO World Heritage Sites That Exemplify the List

The rise of Hindu nationalist political parties and the iconic tombs Islamic identity underscore religious friction in the worlds largest democracy.

What Time Is It? Time for the Worlds Most Accurate Clock!

Hotels are usually just a place to toss your bags, rest your head and clean up before going out and really enjoying your vacation. But what if the hotel itself is the destination?

How the Parthenon Came to Live in Nashville

The Colosseum was once awash with bloody gladiatorial spectacles, and now receives tides of visitors every year. What was the Colosseum like originally, and how has it changed?

Monticello was Thomas Jeffersons plantation home and ongoing, decades-long home improvement project and a place to test out his inventions. What was Monticello like on the inside?

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