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Anything Goes: The Jazz Age in Art, Music and LiteratureOn display from March 24th through July 8th in Anything Goes: The Jazz Age a new exhibit celebrating the roaring 1920s

Tiffany Studios New York Peony Bouquet Table Lamp

Leaded Lamps

TiffanyL-18625Peony Tiffany Lamp

TiffanyL-17878Crocus Tiffany Lamp

tiffanyL-13911Tulip Tiffany Lamp

Gervois Asks Ben Macklowe: What Was It Like Growing …

TiffanyL-18024Nasturtium Tiffany Lamp

TiffanyL-18274Nasturtium Tiffany Lamp

Macklowe Gallery Lends Finest Art Deco Jewelry to Nassau …

Gervois Magazine Asks Ben Macklowe to Describe the Origins of His Passion for Collecting Antiques Gervois Magazine the official publication of Gervois Hotel Rating is a quarterly digitalMore

TiffanyL-18557Laburnum Tiffany Lamp

Our Holiday Decorative Art Catalog 2017

Tiffany StudiosL-1774Gentian Tiffany Lamp

TiffanyL-18451Flowering Water Lily Tiffany Lamp

TiffanyL-18092Tiffany Studios Wire Mesh Poppy Lamp

New York, NY (March 26, 2018): The period between the First and Second World Wars was a time of radical transformation in modern life. Art, fashion, and globalization all played key roles in defining theMore

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