LED Ceiling Panels In Stock Low Prices

More Info on Drop in LED Light Ceiling Panels

DropCeilingLight.com Ceiling Panel Lights simulate natural daylight better than any other type of lighting for more comfort with less eyestrain great for LED office lighting fixtures

In contrast to other lighting, indoor LED Lighting is flicker-free and needs no maintenance

Great for use as a suspended LED light fixtures, DropCeilingLight.com Ceiling Panels can also be mounted directly to any flat surface

LED Panels boast a 50,000 rated lifespan, trouncing fluorescent lights by at least a 2 to 1 margin and, get this, incandescent lights by nearly 32 times! With LED Panel Lights, based on approximately 12 hours of usage every day, thats over 11 years of maintenance free use! In addition, 2×2 Flat LED Ceiling Panels are much brighter, much more efficient and much less costly to operate than comparable fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

Superior in every respect to fluorescent and incandescent lighting, Flat Panel LED Light Fixture Panels have been proven in double blind studies to render the most natural form of lighting without any hotspots or flickering that is so common with other types of lighting. In general, LED Lamps, and in particular, LED Flat Ceiling Panels, are unrivaled in comparison to fluorescent troffers, which are large, fragile and cumbersome.

LED Ceiling Panels In Stock Low Prices

Unlike fluorescent lighting, Drop In LED Light Ceiling Panel Lights have a rated average life of 50,000 hours for nearly 11 years of use

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