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Choosing new lighting fixtures for your home can be both fun and overwhelming at the same time. There are so many choices, from design decisions to the many bulb options.(more)

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Tired of haphazard internet shopping? Lighting Plus Online invites you to See It. Touch It. And Take It Home. No more guessing, broken items, or return shipping charges. At Lighting Plus Online you have the luxury of a trained lighting professional to help you make the correct choice. Theres also a huge selection of lighting fixtures in a multitude of finishes and important items that you might not think about such as bulbs, dimmers, and other accessories.

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Its a hot, sticky day and you emerge at home from your nicely air-conditioned car. The A/C at home has been on low efficiency or turned off entirely while you were at work. It will take a while to move the temperature down to a tolerable level, so in the meantime, you seek out the coolest room in your home. Wouldnt this be a good time for a ceiling fan?(more)

The sparkle and dazzle of a well-placed chandelier defines and enhances the mood of any room. A chandelier that is too large can easily overpower a room and its inhabitants; one that is too small becomes insignificant and decreases the perceived value of the entire space.(more)

Its easy to recognize good outdoor lighting when you see it. When the sun goes down, the house looks welcoming there are no dark shadows, and entrances and the driveway are well-lit, secure and beautiful.(more)

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Discover Capital Lighting designs innovative lighting that will grace your home for many years. Capital works to ensure a high standard of quality in their products

In 2015 people spent a record $300 billion on renovations in their homes, and its predicted that spending in 2016 will set yet another record.* One of the most in-demand renovations is for bathrooms, often including an upgrade to LED lighting fixtures, along with other environmentally-sound products such as low-flow commodes to save water.(more)

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LED Lighting technology is here to stay. LED replacement bulbs are now available for most lighting applications and smart homeowners and businesses are making the switch to LED bulbs for one simple reason: COST SAVINGS!(more)

Lighting experts acknowledge that LED tape lighting is rapidly replacing traditional recessed undercabinet lighting, thanks to its ease of installation, warm color temperature and low profile.(more)

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Outdoor lighting has expanded beyond the front door. Homeowners are now designing their lighting plans to expand their space, creating a balance between the inside and outside of their homes. Rather than seeing a dark wall through a window at night,(more)

Save over $128 per LED replacement bulb.

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