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Lighting Universe

Beware of this store as they do not allow you to adjust or change orders. Despite the website saying that they are open by phone or live chat on weekends, they do not respond to either unless it is a weekday. I place an on-line order late on a Saturday night and then realized I had an error. Since they did not answer the phone or live chat at any time on Sunday (and I did sit on hold for a long time because the phone also does not give you notice that no one is there, nor can you leave a message), I sent an e-mail Sunday to notify them. This was 12 hours after I made the order – well within their 24 hour cancellation policy. Followed up Monday morning with yet another e-mail because they were still not answering the phone and then finally got someone on live-chat who was extremely rude, obviously had no knowledge of the order and had no intention of stopping the order. You should also read their cancellation policy because they have also put most of the manufacturers on a no-return list. At best, youll have to pay return postage and a restocking fee.

I am very please with the Bush TV stand

Great-looking light fixtures at great prices with fast free shipping and great email communication.

I ordered a light fixture with amber colored glass shade. I was sent one that was pure white. They refused to exchange because the white was only a slight variation in the color! I sent pictures, and they suggested I use a yellow light bulb for a simple fix!

Poor descriptions and censored reviews

At $180 for a mini-pendant, I expected a better product and better service.

(37927-03) purchased from ATG Stores.

ATG sells quality merchandise at a decent price. I would definitely shop there again.

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The problem is I wrote a review and they never published it. Its been over a month now and I wrote a review that clarified that the lamp in question has a dimmer and needs dimmable bulb. Not only did they not publish the review but they also never told me they rejected it.

My recent purchase of a Hanwei Raptor Tanto at was a very satisfatory experience. I purchased a very high quality item at the m lowest price available! I feel like a double-winner!!!! Theyre my store for keeps!

I shop online frequently. I was very impressed with the quality of the product for the price. Above all……..I was impressed with the care taken to ensure my furniture arrived undamaged. This company could ship eggs that is how well they packaged my item. My UPS delivery person even commented on the amazing packaging. Thank you so much and I will sure be shopping with the company again, soon. I have 4 college sons getting ready to graduated and get homes…and those homes will need a lot of stuff. code 294E31

I ordered 2 kitchen LED fixtures. I finally installed them after a few months and found one was defective. They tried some simple troubleshooting steps and then sent me a return label. I receive the working replacement within days. Based on the reviews I was worried, and it could have been a very negative experience. Instead, I am very pleased with the pricing, products, shipping times, and customer service.

I order four lights from these jerks and two days later my client found some other lights that she liked better. I called and asked if I could cancel the order and do an exchange for some other lights. I was told that since I called and canceled right away that it was not a problem. This person even called the manufacturer while I was on hold to make sure we could cancel the order! The Christmas Holidays came and went and so I finally got back to Lighting Universe (ATG Stores) three weeks later to get the new lights that my client decided on they told me that the original order that I canceled was in process and that I could not cancel the order. I informed them that I had already canceled the order and I told them the representative that I spoke with and they said that she should not have done what she did and the order was non- cancelable. They told me that I could always resell the lights on ebay. Rude! They told me that the restocking fee was 75% and that they would refund me $425 out of a $1,700 order. I called my credit card company to see if they could help and basically they said that I did not have much of a case because I did not have a order cancelation confirmation number. Do buy anything from atg stores or Lighting Universe. They are crooks!!

Never shop from this site. It takes a long time for them to ship (2weeks in my case). If you want to return, you have to pay a very expensive shipping fee. They do not accept other shipping ways except theirs. They charge you double shipping for return because their shipping was free and you have to pay them back. and some merchandise charge restocking fees. Horrible websites. BTW, they say they are lowes store, but you cannot return anything to lowes

I ordered a floor lamp to replace one that finally failed after 10 years. The new one, an updated one of the one I got was better, more elegant, better engineered. Lighting Universe shipped immediately and I got the lamp in a week from my order date. No fuss, no muss. Super packaging, easy asembly.

Deceptive tactic of offering 10% off coupon for entering your email, then conveniently doesnt work for excluded manufacturer list which is insanely large.

Originally ordered 3 lamps showing in stock, 24 hrs later I got an email stating I have to wait from 20 to 60 days for my order to be completed due items unavailable, immediately I called them to cancel order rep said on the phone everything is ok I would get a full refund within 24 hrs, called them back 4 days later due to no refund issued, no chat available, people rude on the phone they were trying to buy some time and make me responsible for some items said order was not canceled and I would have to pay shipping + restocking fees, cust rep hung up phone on my face when requested to speak with manager or supervisor, finally after a week got full refund on items that were offered without availability and the stress and humiliation of dealing with a couple of jerks over the phone, I dont recommend this sites and their affiliates READ ALL REVIEWS CAREFULLY!! before wasting your time and energy with shady practices

I am very pleased with my purchase. Shipping was very timely and the quality was amazing. I bought 2 Christmas gifts and the recepients were extremely happy with them.

Im suspecting that they censor reviews heavily which is in line with Lowes who they are affiliated with. Best to stay away and buy from Amazon or some other respected retailer.

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