List of Egyptian gods and goddesses

This is a list of Egyptian Gods and goddesses fromEgyptian mythology. The olda fewgodsat different times and in different places.Some gods changed in importance over time or were nonexistent until later eras.

Adopted into ancient Egypt fromKadeshin what is nowSyria.

Son of Set and Nephthys, given to Osiris by Nephthys to protect from his father

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PersonifiestheMediterranean Seaand other lakes.

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Also the daughter of Ra Command for Order

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He lives in theDuat. Also known as Apep. God of chaos sometimes seen as Apophis the chaos snake.

Primary god of the Memphis necropolis

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ScribeGod of Knowledge, theMoon, Measurement, Wisdom, the Alphabet, Djeru, Records, Thought, Intelligence, Meditation, the Mind, Logic, Reason, Reading,Hieroglyphics, Magic, Secrets, Scribes, andWriting

A god of sky, the lord of the east. and is connected with Sah the goddess of Sopdet

The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt

He is brother to Anubis and the son ofOsirisand Isis. In another story, he is the sibling of Osiris and Isis and son of Geb and Nut.

Associated with thesunand with the planetVenus

Husband to Nut and father of Set, Osiris, Nephthys, Isis and Horus

Goddess ofmagicmarriagehealing, and protection

God of chaos/change,desertsstorms, foreigners

God of dead, embalming, funerals, and mourning ceremonies

An Egyptian sky god and God of war.

Goddess ofscorpions, magic, medicine, and healing venomous stings and bites.

The son of the creator god Ptah, as well as the feline goddess Sekhmet

Ram-headed god, and god of the Nile River.

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Known in legend Nut gambles with him to add 5 days on to the end of the year to give birth to Horus, Osiris, Set, Nephthys, and Isis. Also known as the demon days.

A live bull worshipped as a god atMemphis

Goddess of nature, beauty, sacred ecstasy , and sexual pleasure

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Also known as the wandering goddess, or the lost child

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Ra was king of the gods untilOsiristook over his throne. He is also known as Amun-Ra and Akmun-Rah

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She is the wife and sister ofOsirisand the mother and sister ofHorus. When Osiris died, she resurrected him with magic by reattaching his limbs.

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Also spelled Sutekh, Setesh, Seteh, Seth). Mortal enemy and brother to Osiris, Husband to Nephthys. He killed his brother Osiris because of jealousy. No one can really describe what he is. He is a human hybrid, half human mixed with an unknown creature. It is sometimes called the set animal

Husband and brother ofIsis, Brother and mortal enemy to Set, father to Horus and Anubis.

Female sun goddess ofUpper and Lower Egypt

Consort ofTefnut, father ofGebandNutGreatgrandfather to Anubis and Horus

Known to protect pregnant women and children. She is also involved in celebrations. The protector of Ra, his third eye.

Executioner of criminals, protector of the Kings chambers

Wife of Amunn, one of thecreationgoddesses.

God of theunderworldand theafterlife

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Goddess of the seventeenthNomeofUpper Egypt

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God ofscarab beetles, sun, rebirth, and creation

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