Make an Ancient Style Clay Lamp

You will need a Mason jar or canning jar, a wick (cotton) about two times the size of your jar, metal wire and olive oil. ( Warning do not use synthetic materials or strings because they can release toxins when burned. Keep it natural.

Make an ancient style olive oil lamp using natural clay.

Step 3: Set the wire and string into the jar of olive oil and wait for the wick to absorb the oil.

Olive oil was used in ancient Mediterranean cultures to fuel lamps.

20 Command the Israelites to bring you clear oil of pressed olives for the light so that the lamps may be kept burning.

Optional: You can infuse your oil with lavender or mint or other natural extract for a pleasant aroma or fill your jar with a natural potpourri and then add the olive oil.

Step 1: Fill your jar about 1/3 with olive oil.

Making an olive oil lamp is easy and can be made from items that are already most likely in your home.  Olive oil lamps burn for many hours and are safer than candles, dont leave a melted wax mess and cost less. They also last longer than flashlights.

Step 2: Take your wire and twist it into a spring, create a hook on the top end, feed the wick through the wire and squeeze the wire to hold clamp the string.

Step 4: Cover and store to use when needed.

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