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Download packs of custom-made models, skins, icons, spells etc.

Find JASS/Wurst code snippets and functions here or write your own and post it on theSubmissions sub-forum.

Icon Contest 17 – Resultsare out! Step by to congratulate our winners!

Exodus of the Horde (Original Voice Over)

Weve created theStaff Job Openingsthread. Were currently in need of icon, video production, and social/multimedia positions to be filled. Thank you!

Download custom-made spells for Warcraft 3.

Beastmaster, Fel Guard, Grunt, and Derivatives

The results forTexturing Contest 28are out! Step by to congratulate our winners!

Download custom-made modding tools.

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Succumb to the whispers and join ourTexturing Contest 29 – Old Gods!

Evolution complete! Make Darwin proud and go vote in theTechtree Contest 12 – Poll.

Download custom-made Warcraft 3 maps & campaigns.

Download custom-made skins/textures for Warcraft 3 unit models, tilesets and other custom-made 3D models.

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