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Because or the Rustic nature of my jewelry it doesnt require much upkeep. With a little soap and water you can keep your piece looking great for years to come.

________P.O. Box 659 Kula, HI 96790 EMAIL: ashtonkalina

The encaustic monotypes are one of a kind original prints without a repeatable matrix. I paint with the encaustic medium on a hot aluminum plate. When the wax melts it may be manipulated with brushes and various tools to create apainting. Absorbent handmade paper is then laid on the plate and the image is transferred to the paper. I then place the monotype on a rigid, cradled panel and cover it with multiple layers of clear encaustic medium.

2. 100% Green company using recycled glassand recycling my own glass into new works.

I now spend most of my time creating Lighting products, custom glass ceilings, wall art and sculpture. I have always used re cycle glass as my basic product and now have even invented a line of recycled-recycled product using my retired blown glass into a new fused and slumped line called Adventures in Paradise glass mosaics. I break up the glass and lay it out randomly, fuse it so that it is one piece again, and then when cooled, reheat it into a shape, mostly a dome lamp or wall pieces, back splashes and on.

I became captivated by gyotaku, the Japanese art of fish rubbing, at an exhibition at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History many years ago. A traditional form of printing in Japan since the mid-19th century, gyotaku was originally used by Japanese fishermen to record their catches. I was immediately taken with the simple beauty and refined details of the art form, but it wasnt until I moved to Maui in 2008 that I began using my training in printmaking to create my own fish rubbings. Though firmly rooted in history, gyotaku crosses cultures and boundaries and delightfully combines my interests in science, nature, history, and art.

My hard bound journals are bound by hand using binders board, bookbinding cloth(spine) and handmade papers. The signatures(inside papers ) are high quality Italian text blocks.


Bonnie studied and prints out of the Hui Noeau Art Center in Makawao, Maui. She was juried into two art exhibits in 2017 at the Hui.

They are water resistant but not to be used for liquids.

4) Rustic and elegant, easy to wear, can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

As a ceramic artist, I have distinguished myself in the art world by my large-scale, architectural ceramic forms, lending them a feeling of mystery and antiquity. I am a self-taught in clay, creating in my studio in Hawaii for forty-two years.

I use the glass blowing technique that is traditionally Italian and work at the bench blowing the glass with a stainless steel blow pipe.

In her spare time she practices as a Naturopathic Family Doctor in Haiku Town. She finds that her art creates an inner balance that she can impart to her patients, herself and her community.

Five top Selling points of Strini Art Glass

As a gardener, Tracy is inspired by the floral and fauna of Hawaii. I have always enjoyed the look and flow of water color paints. They resemble the flow of the sea and sky, and enhance the vibrant colors found in my garden Tracy says. Her sea life designs represent Hawaiis bountiful ocean creatures. Place Tracys turtle, whales, dolphin, and reef fish tiles in your bathroom and you will feel like you are swimming with these animals.

At first just simply trying to control the glass, then moving along to try and actually make utilitarian objects. I spent years making stemware, vases, and craft related items to sell at local markets, but it wasnt until I attended a workshop with the now famous Lino Tagliapietra, glass master from Italy, that I opened up the possibility to create anything I wanted. The skills that I had learned making stemware were now valuable to me to create custom work and on to become a master glass worker myself.

Encaustic paintings are durable and archival, beeswax being impervious to moisture. When wrapping apiece for a customer, please use bubble wrap as opposed to tissue paper next to the waxed surface.

3. How many rubbings can I get from one fish?

Bonnie enjoys the meditative process of carving, her blocks, composing images and playing with a multitude of colorful inks.

Designer Jewelry created by Peter Kalina &Rebecca Ashton

Since moving to Maui in 1985, Barclay has designed a very successful line of gold sculpture jewelry, which is sold and collected worldwide. He also has designed a successful bronze sculpture line, and created a large bronze whale monument in Whalers Village, Kaanapali, Maui. In addition, Barclay has designed and built many homes by himself. At present, he lives in a beautiful home he built — a living piece of artwork overlooking the north shore of Maui.

Starting the backyard of my parents home in 1964 , I built a small glass furnace, along with a pottery furnace and began a life long exploration into the glass movement.

1. Hand made by myself with out any assistance.

Every Papier mâch piece is protected by three coats of an acrylic sealer.

My ceramic pieces are recent reflections on communion and connection, those moments of offering, of opening oneself to the universe. In my search for a way to symbolize the souls journey beyond time and space, I create mystical temples and tea houses. Evocative of Japanese architecture, these vessels also act as a metaphor for the empty space inside, the center of longing and communion, much as a cathedral acts as a vessel for transmittal of prayer. The temple is, perhaps, a physical expression of the longing to touch the infinite, to meet the divine.

Research residencies at Rufford Ceramic Centre, UK

In 1969, Peter Kalina established himself as a jewelry artist in San Francisco while working on his degree in the School of Environmental Design at the University of California-Berkeley. In 1979, Rebecca Ashton, who had finished her degree in design and had established herself as a glass artist in the Lake Tahoe, CA area joined forces with Peter and together they displayed their individual work at galleries and art shows. Eventually they became a husband and wife team focusing together exclusively on their jewelry line which was designed, manufactured, and sold by them at their store in North Lake Tahoe for five years and at juried art shows throughout the United States for the last 35 years. In 2003, after many years of traveling for business, Peter and Rebecca decided to realize their long time dream of slowing down a bit and making Maui their full time home. Today, they still pursue their work in a less stressful fashion while enjoying the home they designed and built in upcountry Kula.

Encaustic mediums melting point is 160*-180*. As with any fine art painting, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. There is no need to worry about melting in typical home conditions.

Please come see my work at Maui Crafts Guild or at the Grand Wailea artists in Residence Program on Fridays.

9 x 4 entry way at the Maui Aquarium 2015 by rick strini

Alfred Preis Memorial Award for Achievement in the Arts

My Gratitude journals are hand sewn using different handmade papers. I do thecalligraphy on the front which is the kanji symbol for gratitude or thankfulness. Each journal has a wrap closure with one of my handmade paper beads, as well as shells, coins or other stones and beads.

An original gyotaku features irregularities in the paper or cloth, which add character and individuality to the work, and the result is a strikingly accurate physical record that is also playful, allowing the opportunity for expression and happy surprises.

Ceramics Instructor at Honolulu Museum

or other found objects. Each layermust be fused with a heat gun or

Growing up on Maui since I was a small child, my life has been surrounded by natural beauty and inspiration. I have been blessed with parents who are both talented artists and always allowed me to be hands on with projects. In high school, I found my love for shapes and forms through ceramics. Later on, I took my first class in Fiber Arts and Basketry and have now been weaving for 18 years.

a variety of wood sculptures and wood turners.

35 watt halogen single tentacle jelly fish pendant lamp. 8 x 18 rick strini

I may add handmade papers, real plant material, such as dried orchids,

Encaustic is an ancient technique discovered by Greek shipbuilders. The word encaustic means to burn in. In my mixed media pieces, I use encaustic medium, which is Beeswax, Damar resin(a hardening agent) and oil pigments.

3. I do Custom work for clientsand specialize in Lighting, glass ceilings, and sculpture.

The subjects of my new passion are caught by my spearfishing husband and his friends off Maui s shores. To me, a successful gyotaku inspires the viewer to reverently contemplate marine life and our connection to it. I use nontoxic inks and every fish in my paintings is enjoyed in a meal afterward. I am guided by the traditional Japanese methods, but I have adapted them to my own style, and I continue to experiment with new processes, beginning with the first application of ink on the fish. Though I strive to capture the essence of my subject, I love exploring unconventional color combinations as I ink the fish and rub the paper or fabric, feeling the impression into existence.

1) My jewelry is handmade, fabricated and never mass produced.

The small round bowls I sell at the guild I call my Hula bowls. I sew shells, beads and my handmade paper beads onto each piece. Any of the smaller bowls could be used for jewelry, keys or any small keepsake. They could even be used for dry foods, such as nuts, and wiped clean with a damp cloth.

1989 Invited Artist for the Artists of Hawaii, Honolulu Academy of Arts

Paper Art * Papier Mache * Encaustic * Bookbinding

Hawaii Wildlife Fund(

immediately after the fish is caught, while its still firm and plump. Although sometimes, if the timing is inconvenient, they will be frozen for printing later.

I currently use the web to advertize and show at theMaui Crafts Guildto reach my audience. Please visit.

The surface of encaustic may be polished with a light Buffing with a soft cotton cloth to maintain its luster or shiny surface. Encourage customers to touch and even smell the wax surface.

2. What happens to the fish when Im done?

Working to restore healthy reefs and abundant native fish populations is a top priority of mine. Every month, a portion of my proceeds are donated to community based, non-profit organizations that are dedicated to marine conservation. I support/donate to the following organizations and encourage others to learn more about ocean conservation:

My love of nature and hiking adds to the joy of collecting the many fibers I use in my artwork. With the help and support of my growing family, I found a lifestyle where work and play are one. Weaving has become a form of meditation – a way to quiet my mind. I enjoy working with natural fibers knowing that the earth will receive them as gently as they were put forth.

Ceramic Tile * Textile Bags * Ceramic Masks

My leather journals are hand cut and sewn using different bookbinding stitches with waxed linen thread. They may be embellished with leather, beads or handmade papers. The writing paper is usually resume paper cut and assembled into individual signatures then sewn together with the leather cover to create the journal.

3) My contemporary jewelry designs are inspired by architecture, sculpture and nature.

2) Made of oxidized sterling silver, 22k gold and high-quality natural gemstones.

I use non-toxic (soy-based) inks that are simply washed off, so that the fish may be enjoyed in a meal afterwards. I prefer to make my prints

Because the fish is usually the main course for our next meal, I work quickly to prevent the fish from getting warm. I can typically make about 4 to 6 rubbings off of a single fish printing session.

Printmaker: Hand made prints, printed through a printing press

The art of Bookbinding has become another passion. Artists journals, writers journals, address books, guest books, gratitude journals, all bound with beautiful original hand painted papers, imported handmade papers, leather, fabric, or original hand carved block or screen printed papers, are part of my expression in paper art.

1964- 2017celebrating 53 years in Glass

In the last several years Barclay has been working with ceramics, glass, fine woods and stone to create beautiful rich sculptures.

assorted blown glass rondels 2015 rick strini

May the Aloha embraced in making my artwork be felt and shared by all those who carry them, from my heart to theirs.

Hawaiiana Prints are her focus at the guild, imparting a sweet memory of the islands for visitors to take home.

4. Have passionately worked in glass since the start of the Home Studio Glass Movement of the 60s 53 years.

Encaustic art is a new addition to my repertoire. I have been using paper with encaustic medium (bees wax and dimar resin) for these exciting new mixed media pieces.

5. My cards and prints are printed in my Kihei studio on archival, acid-free paper.They are suitable for framing.

Living in Hawaii, I celebrate elements of the culture. My Upena Series honors the tradition of throw-net fishing.

Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and Arts

Tracy Lamon has been working with clay for twenty-five years. She began her studies in high school working on the potters wheel. Her first interests were plates and functional vessels than moving onto sculptures and masks. Her current clay obsession is making three-dimensional sculpted tiles with a watercolor look.

Living on Maui for 40 years has provided infinite inspiration for my work. I make my own pulp from upcycled paper for my three dimensional pieces. I then apply handmade papers, acrylic paints and/or dried flowers for the decorative techniques. As an avid orchidist and gardener, I love incorporating orchids and other local flora and fauna in my pieces. All are water resistant, having many coats of a clear acrylic finish applied to each piece.

5. Now incorporating Blowing, Fusing, and Slumpinginto my 2 d and 3 dimensional work .

I make my own pulp from recycled paper, mixed with glue and paste. After sculpting, each piece must dry for up to a week. When the piece is dry, I use handmade papers, dried flowers, and acrylic paints for the decorative techniques. The orchids I use in my bowls, are grown at my home in Haiku.

Biennial Artist in 1995 for the Contemporary Museum in Honolulu 1995

Tracys tiles can be used in any architectural project. Kitchens, baths and swimming pools are some of the most popular uses for Tracys tiles and murals. All tiles are sized in standard 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5-inch sizes, easily integrated with standard field tile.

Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian Museum, USA

I have spent my life blowing by myself and learned this technique on my own. I continue to work alone and although it presents some limitations, I have figured out ways to combine my work to get beyond those limitations.

Barclay Hill International Sculptor and Goldsmith, Graduated from San Diego State University in 1971 with Honors in Geography and Art (Sculpture and Jewelry Design). Well traveled, he has lived abroad for 19 years in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Bali. In 1984, he was featured on Australian public television for a home he built that was completely energy self-sufficient, using Solar and Wind power. While in Australia, he taught gold-smithing at the Darling Downs McGregor College in Queensland.

The fish are caught locally off Mauis shores by my spear-fishing husband, neighbors, and friends. Fish are always acquired using sustainable fishing practices, obeying size and catch limits.

She has delved into many artistic mediums throughout her life, such as tile painting, gourd art/basketry and acrylic painting.

Printmaking encompasses all of these artistic expressions.

The Japanese Art of Fish Rubbing, Gyotaku

The guild is a collective of ceramicists, woodworkers, print-makers, jewelers, textile artists, photographers, glass artists, basket weavers…and a few who defy classification.

For over forty years the goal of our work has stayed true to Peters original aim of creating well crafted, timeless, signature pieces of various design according to our design series focus of the time. Because of our longevity in working together creatively and technically, our body of work is quite diverse. The method of metal work we use is known as lost wax casting and or fabrication. Our love of finely cut and well polished quality gemstones typically leads us to select a stone or combination of stones in creating a given piece. Various types of finish work and precise stone setting, most of which are technical and time consuming, is reflected in each piece of finished jewelry. Needless to say, we take great care and pride in what we create in hope of pleasing those who have viewed and purchased our work from all over the world through the years.

As a dreamer, many of my forms are pillow-like, often embellished with thresholds to signify entering into the dream state. Thresholds, steps, windows amplify the willingness to enter–through a door, a passage, even a broken gate–uncharted territory. I think that dreams and art shift perception, express ineffable moods and offer the soul a healing balm.

torch, burned in, to the layer beneath.

Many of my book covers are my original papers. They may be encaustic monotypes, up cycled fabric backed with washi paper or reproductions of my original art printed on cover papers.

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