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with raised ribs around the body…23. Bronze Age Looped & Socketed Axe

A very fine and good-sized solid cast …2. Roman Clear Glass Flask

The Intaglio depicting a figure…20. Roman Tinned Bronze Mirror

I offer a selection of ancient objects from the Paleolithic to the Medieval period. Based in the UK, my aim is to bring you quality items at affordable prices. Every item I sell is genuine and comes with a certificate of authenticity together with the items provenance.

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20th Dynasty, c.1550 – 1070 BC…35. Snakes Heads Finger Ring with Glass Eyes

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Complete example, bent in use…11. Roman Oil Lamp

Globular body and tall tubular neck…54. Roman Glass Cup

Antiquities can be surprisingly affordable and make unusual gifts. For those interested in the ancient world, they provide a fascinating window into the past. The opportunity to handle an ancient object is an experience never forgotten.

100 – 250 A.D….14. Roman Bronze Bracelet with Clasp

A fine example, circa 8th Century BC…24. Roman Tweezers

Ptolemaic Period, 332BC – 30AD…57. Medieval Silver Ring with Garnet Cabochon

A large group of Roman Samian Ware sherds…60. Roman Steelyard Weight

Lovely example of this…41. Roman Beaker

The tondo decorated with a rosette…59. Samian Ware Sherds

3rd – 5th Century AD…39. Roman Bronze Spoon

Slender tubular neck and piriform body…53. Roman Glass Vessel

Circa 1st – 2nd Century A.D…21. Late Roman/Byzantine Bracelet

Rare zoomorphic design, C. 2 – 3rd Century AD?…36. Roman Plate Brooch

A lovely example of this scarce type…47. Ancient Greek Trefoil Oinochoe

Should you require further information about a particular item or have any other questions, please contact me.

Lovely example in translucent blue glass…50. Agrippa As

With a fighting soldier on the intaglio…45. Roman Bronze Bracelet

Rome AD 37-41…51. Neolithic Flint Axe (British)

New Kingdom. 18th Dynasty. 1350 BC…56. Egyptian Stucco Head of Hathor

33. Celtic Billon Staters of the Durotriges tribe

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This is a website for collectors of antiquities and for everyone interested in our ancient past.

Greek or Roman…5. Egyptian Armana Period Painted Pottery Sherd

1 – 4th C AD. Unusual…44. Roman Bronze Ring

(Dragendorff 33)…8. Iron Age (Celtic) Spear

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Composed of multicoloured re-strung faience disk beads…27. Late Roman Glass Bracelet

Formed in the shape of a temple pillar…38. Roman Terracotta Oil Lamp

Lovely example of a Romano-British…15. Roman Bronze Ring with Decoration

Burial type beaker in brown fabric…42. Roman Bronze Hand from a Statue

I uphold the highest ethical standards. All the pieces I offer for sale are legally acquired on the open market and I adhere to responsible trading policies to protect our archaeological heritage. The majority of my items are sourced from old collections, amassed during the 19th and 20th Centuries or have been circulating on the market for decades. So you can buy from me with confidence.

1 – 2nd Century AD…29. Roman Glass Jug with Spiral Decoration

1 – 3rd Century AD. Lovely example…26. Egyptian Fine Faience Bead Necklace

Intact and the metal stable…32. Roman Oil Lamp with Pie-crust border

Decorated with vines and clusters of grapes…12. Roman Bronze Tweezers

A large creamware lamp…17. Roman Oil Lamp

Wonderful fine glass with a golden tinge…30. Roman Bronze Key

New Kingdom. 18th Dynasty. 1350 BC…6. Roman Rings

Depicting an erotic scene?…18. Ancient Decorated Bowl

Grey buffware oinochoe with mica inclusions…48. Ancient Greek Pottery Vessel

Perfectly clear Roman glass…3. Aztec Head

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