Mini or Small Chandeliers

Lighting finish is also important because it can help create even more cohesion within your home. Consider the other finish colors of the room in which youre installing your chandelier. If its in the kitchen and you have chrome cabinet hardware and faucets, then perhaps a chrome mini chandelier fits perfectly. If you have a black dining room table and furniture, maybe a white chandelier would fit in the room nicely. When matching a mini chandelier in the entryway, consider the color of the paint on the walls and the furniture in the entryway to make the best decision.

When it comes time to purchasing lighting fixtures for your home, chandeliers are one of the most exciting purchases youll make. They take on both a functional and decorative purpose for your home. Mini chandeliers are perfect options for smaller homes. You can also install a mini chandelier in the entryway of your home. They are most common in dining rooms and kitchens as well. If you have a small space but need a light fixture either for lighting or decorating, mini chandeliers are a perfect option. You will find they fit nicely in the small space without overtaking the area. Lets look at what else you should consider when shopping for a mini chandelier.

Style is an important component to chandeliers. You want the style of your home to match the style of your small chandelier. For example, if you live in a modern home, then you should be browsing mini chandeliers that are also modern. If your home is on the beach, then coastal chandeliers are best. In a modern home, you might match a silver drum chandelier with the silver appliances in your kitchen. The silver could also match the black table in your dining room. If you have a more rustic style home, you might find mini wood chandeliers match best. If youre looking to add a little flair to your bathroom a bathroom chandelier might be right for you. If youre shopping for a bedroom chandelier, mini sized is usually the way to go. A small bedroom chandelier wont overcrowd your ceiling, and it wont be too small to notice either. A standard master bedroom looks wonderful with a mini chandelier.

Consider the number of lights you want on your mini chandelier. At Wayfair, we sell options starting with just two lights all the way up to 11 or more. To make the decision, think about the lighting where you will install the chandelier. Often times, the kitchen has a plethora of other lights in it, so the chandelier takes primarily a decorative purpose and the lighting is secondary. In the dining room, the lighting function of the chandelier is often important. Same goes for the hallway and the increasingly popular trend of the bathroom chandelier. If lights are important for the room, then a small chandelier with four or more lights is best. If the lights are less important, its okay to pick out a chandelier with two lights.

Remember mini chandeliers take on both a decorative and functional purpose in your home. They fit into small spaces nicely without feeling invasive. You can trust Wayfair to deliver your chandelier on time and in the condition it was in when you ordered it!

Mini or Small Chandeliers

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