Mini Split Air Conditioner

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Do It Yourself Wall Mounted Mini Split Air Conditioners

Design your indoor system with mini split, cassettes or air handlers with this condenser. Warranty of 7 years compressor and 5 years on parts.

..13 SEER Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioners

units consist of two major components: an indoor unit called anis mounted on a plastic pad or hard surface outdoors and createsget their name by the air conditioning compressor being separate from theblower fan. The two components are connected by electrical wire andline set refrigerant comes in two types;wall mounted split systems come standard with

The Conventional Vent version allows connection to an existing flue or can be vented vertically. The vent pipes are connected between the firebox and an existing chimney or flue to carry the products of combustion outside. It is perfect for replacing your current wood stove or for installations without access to an outside wall. One characteristic of Conventional Vent heating is that the product uses inside air to support combustion. Because conventional venting is right for many situations, such as inside wall configurations, Empire has a complete line of space heating products and Cast Iron Stoves that implement this method of venting.

..Unionaire Through Wall Air Conditioners

Window Air Conditioners, Mini Split Air Conditioners and PTACs… Just click below!

..High Efficiency Energy Star Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioners

18,000 BTU Mini Split system. 17.7 Seer, 230 volt. Parts warranty 1 year compressor and 2 years parts.

Leak Freeze Air Conditioner Leak Repair

Clearance AC sells newductless air conditioners(mini split air conditioners),gas fireplacesandfurnacesto customers throughout the United States at clearance prices. Our professional HVAC staff has 40 years of experience to help you find the proper cooling or heating solution. Our quality products are certified to the highest standards and many are Energy Star Approved. Clearance AC takes great pride in our:

Mini Split Air Conditioner or Ductless Mini Splits

..Dual Multi Split Energy Star Mini Split Air Conditioners

..AmericAire Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC)

24,000 BTU Mini Split system. 16 Seer, 230 volts. Parts warranty 1 year compressor and 2 years parts.

36,000 BTU 23 Seer condenser that you can run 4 evaporators of your choice.

..Fedders Through Wall Air Conditioners

Clearance AC also specializes in Empire gas heaters and furnaces. If you are looking for the best price on Empire direct vent furnaces, counter-flow furnaces, gravity heaters or infrared radiant heaters click on thisEmpire Furnaces & Heaterslink.

Our Vent-Free products are 99.9% fuel efficient and offer the ultimate in installation flexibility because no venting system is required. This is the perfect choice where there is no access to flues or chimneys and automatic shutoff devices make our vent-free products safe. The Catalytic Vent-Free models are premium Vent-Free units that include a catalytic combustion to further cleanse impurities in the air.

Mini Split Air Conditioner or Ductless Mini Splits

Clearance AC proudly sells mini split air conditioners and gas wall furnaces in:

..AmericAire Through Wall Air Conditioners

27,000 BTU condenser that you can use three evaporators such as mini split, cassettes or an air handler with. Call us and we will help you match the system you need.

C.Refrigerant Suction Line (Low Side)

Up-Vent (Conventional Vent) Furnaces

12,000 BTU Heat Pump, 17.5 Seer 230 volt split system.

Our gas fireplace team of experts have been helping customers find the right fireplace for their home or business for more than 10 years. Our exquisite line of fireplaces will enhance any room of your home and our gorgeous options and accessories will help create your look of choice.

B.Refrigerant Liquid Line (High Side)

Introduction to Ductless Air Conditioners or Mini Splits ACs

Undoubtedly, you knowClearance AC offers the best prices on ductless mini split air conditioners, gas furnaces and gas fireplaces.But make sure you check out oursale itemsto take advantage of even more savings.

12,000 BTU Heat Pump Mini Split system. 17.5 Seer, 230 volts. Parts warranty 1 year compressor and 2 years on parts.

..Empire Radiant Vent Free Room Heaters

9,000 BTU Heat pump, 17 Seer 230 volts split system

Easy Installation of Mini Split Air Conditioners

Dont forget about our Direct Vent Furnaces, Counter-flow, Gravity and Radiant Heaters!

9,000 BTU mini split system. 17 Seer, 230 volts. Parts warranty 1 year compressor and 2 years parts.

Are you one of our thousands of returning customers?If so, we thank you and appreciate your business. Your business has made us one of the top rated sites in the industry.

Through Wall Air Conditioners (Window and Wall AC)

..Air Conditioner Installation Kits

Read More About Clearance ACor call us for more information on ductless air conditioners, mini split air conditioners and window air conditioners.

AmericAire DIY 24,000 BTU, R410A 220 Volt Heat Pump, 16 SEER Ductless

Do it Yourself (DIY) 24,000 BTU Heat Pump High Wall mounted Split System with a 25 ft. line set. Warrant of 7 years compressor and 5 years parts, Can control with your phone. or remote control.

Ductless split systemscan eithercoolthe air onlycool onlyorcoolandheatthe air bothheat pump.Heat pumpair conditioning split systems incorporate a reversing valve to reverse the flow of refrigerant and create warm air.Ductless heat pump split systems should only be operated at temperatures above freezing.

27,000 BTU condenser that will service three evaporators of your choice.

Direct Vent, Vent Free and Gas Fireplace Inserts

Through Wall Air Conditioners (Window and Wall AC)

18,000 BTU Heat Pump, 17.7 Seer 230 volt split system.

24,000 BTU Heat Pump. 16 Seer 230 volt split system.

Do It Yourself Wall Mounted Mini Split Air Conditioners

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Leak Freeze Air Conditioner Leak Repair

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