Modern Parisian Living Room Reveal Wainscoting Paint Lighting

In case you want to re-create this look, I can help take the guess work out of the moulding selection, because there are so many profiles when you go to grab trim! All of our trim is fromMetriewhich is totally the go-to for trim for designers and available at most big box stores!

I am so excited that our renovation has gotten to this point and its Living Room reveal time! Woohoo! We took possession of this 1886 Gothic Revival Home on July 21 and have been at it around the clock since! I define my style as airy, modern, and feminine and I wanted this home to embody my style. I dont care whats trendy or not. If I love it, then Im going to include it. Ill get into detail on the most exciting transformations in this space like the wainscoting, paint, and lighting!

Ceiling Paint is flat but you can get it in whats called ceiling white or tintable. I get the tintable ceiling paint and have it tinted to my white, which isSnowy Owlin this case. I love the look! You have the same colour but a different sheen and its gorgeous and very harmonious.

I LOVE wainscoting (which is the picture frame detail on the walls). Traditionally, wainscoting is built out from the wall and the actual box is a recessed space. We did that type of wainscoting in ourColonial Revival Reno. Heres a quick pic of that home to show you what I mean.

So lovely, Leslie and Matt!!! I love following your design work on Instagram and the blog. Thank you for sharing with your viewers, and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

If youre going to put money and time hunting somewhere, I suggest using it on statement lighting! Its by far the biggest bang for your buckI swear! If you dont believe me, check out this before and after of my space, where does your eye go first?!

One Room Challenge Reveal: Vintage Summer Family Room

I always paint my trim in the same white as my walls. I have done that in every home and I have loved it every time. You see a ton of differentiation as a result of the different sheens. The semi-gloss trim really pops against an eggshell wall, but the feeling is very harmonious and cohesivelove it!

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The short answer is its going to take an extra coat. Whether you start with a primer or your paint with primer youll have an extra coat. So prime plus two coats of paint, or 3 coats of paint. The truth is you might even have a fourth coat. We only had that happen in one room. We had a room that was painted neon pink and it took 4 coatswe refer to it as our ghost because it still has a pink huelol!

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Hi Carley, its so cool because people keep saying they have always wanted that chandelier so I think its the perfect iconic an Hermes bag maybelol!!! Thanks so much for the sweet comment!

In the case of this room, I usedSatinon everything except the ceiling, where we used flat. Normally I would say to use semi-gloss on the trim work but because we went all the way to the ceiling and the room gets a ton of sunlight we used Satin. However, in most other cases you would usesemi-glossfor wainscoting and we did that in the family room and for all of the trim throughout. On the walls that werent covered in trim we usedeggshell, and always flat on every ceiling.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate you following our journey!! xo

We did a cool addition to our crown moulding by adding another layer on the ceiling itself. (Again spacing it 3 inches between mouldings to keep harmony throughout the room.) I love how the second moulding makes the crown moulding feel twice the size! You can do so many fun variations by adding moulding to the ceiling! I actually did a full post aboutthis ceilingif youd like to learn more about how to add DIY drama to your ceiling! Just clickhere!

I freaking love this candle so much and if you need a Christmas giftthis is it! Made in France and smells like Heaven. They also have one calledAix-en-Provenceand I lived there for a year in University, so it is my next purchase! You dont even have to burn the candle for the scent to fill your hou搜索引擎优化bsessed. If Im being honest, I actually want everything thatetHOMEsellsyou gotta check them out!

I love that you mentioned Christine Dovey because her style has such are hard edge where yours leans more to the feminine side. I love that you are inspired by others but clearly have youre very own signature style.

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In our case, our trim was originally painted in oil paint. If you have oil paint you need to first sand your trim to get rid of chipped paint and to rough it up. We used a palm sander. Then you need to cover it in a coat of primer for oil paint.Whether or not the paint says paint plus primer, for oil paint, you need to take the extra precaution of a coat of the specific primer designed for oil paint, just ask the paint department. In a few rooms (before we got Tylerour awesome painter from Fresh Coat) we didnt properly prime and you can easily scratch the paint off with your nail.

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The most dramatic change in the space and the entire home, actually, came from paint. Ive gotten a lot of questions about the paint. The entire house was done isCanadian Tire Premier Paint, in Snowy Owl.

So light, bright and beautiful! Ive wanted that chandelier for years too one day I will splurge when I move to the country ? Thank you for sharing the progress throughout the summer and fall.

I shared some of my favourite runners up for mylight fixturealong with a ton of details about theceiling decalsand the medallion in a recent post called4 DIY Ceiling Ideas to Add Breathtaking Drama to Your Space.check it out if youd like to recreate the look and see more photos!

This table actually used to be blackI painted it blush pink in a DIY spray paint hackclickhereto read that blog post!

I called this home Modern Parisian on Main Street because I love the look of Paris salon style spaces and this home is on Main Street. I actually have aPinterest board with a ton of my original inspirationpics if youre interested! Just clickhere! The Pinterest board has a lot of variations of wainscoting that I pulled from to create our look. Its my favourite board and Im always adding to it, so follow along if you like this style!

Its a great look, but in our case we had incredible baseboard (really tall that I would never take off in a million years!)

The Leslie Style is airy, modern, and feminine. Id love to help you lighten, brighten, and heighten the wow factor in your home, by sharing the secrets to my style.

We have loved the paint and the white I chose.Snowy Owl,is the most amazing white Ive ever used! Ive used Benjamin Moore Cloud White and Simply White multiple times and I love this one more! Its creamy but still really white.

Hi Lisa! Oh wow that sounds so incredible! Youll love Snowy Owlwe are so so happy with it! So glad that I can help! Thank you so much for following and for this comment!

Colourful Kitchen Renovation Week 5: Backsplash

Im not a psychic, but Im pretty sure you noticed the chandelier first! I am so in love with the chandelier in this space and have actually wanted it for YEARS! I got it atLighting Connection. I loveLighting Connectionbecause they have every light that you could ever want and for the best price you can find!

Lucy! Thank you but you know how I feel about that! Youre amazing! xo

Hi Kristine! Thank you so much for following along..were so lucky to have you and Ill tell Matt you like it!

We chose to do the picture frame style wainscoting. I love both looks, so there was no love lost! In our case, the picture frame style that we did feels more Parisian, which I love!

Looks absolutely stunning! You guys did an amazing job! So nice to have it done and be able to enjoy it for the upcoming holiday season: )

Bonjour Leslie! Love ? your Blog / Stlye, so so much!! I am currently in the process of purchasing an old Farmhouse , in Hudson, Qubec. I love all the posts and you make it so easy to source everything! I have struggled with paint colour and am so going to use Snowy Owl by CT. I am so inspired by you!! Thank you so much!! I appreciate your design talent (so gifted) and patient Husband!( I have one too!) Beautiful Family! Looking forward to following your amazing Reno Journey!!

To achieve our look, you add a chair rail typically around 36 from the floor, then add  crown moulding. Then create your boxes between. To pull off the look you need to keep the spacing the same between the boxes. ***So the boxes can vary in width depending how many fit on a wall but the space outside the box (between box and baseboard, box and chair rail and between two boxes should all be the same. In our case it is 3 inches. That way everything feels perfectly balanced.

Hi Jessica, thats such a cool comment thank you! Yes I love her but, youre right she has a super hard edge. I really love her first kitchen thoughto be able to design something that amazingI only wish! thanks for the support!!

This post contains some sponsored products. All of my opinions and designs are my own. I only partner with companies that I truly love.

If you have any specific questions about how tos ask me them in the comments and myself and get Matt Cornies (our contractor) can answer anything!

So to do that type of wainscoting, we would have had to pull off the baseboard and then put it back on over the flat stock. This pinterest image really shows how you would have your baseboard layered over the flatstock.

However, we had incredibly dark navy and red walls in this home, and they took 3 coats. We just used the paint as our primer, except on the trim where we had to prime with the oil paint primer.

If you followed along this summer, I showed you every single step of this project on my story. I wish I had more progress photos, but my phone crashed this summer and I lost a bunchso sad!

Youre amazing Lesliexox

One Room Challenge Colourful Kitchen Reveal

Beautiful Leslie great job you all did!!!

Absolutely beautiful !! Enjoy your living room.

thank you Melody!! Still so in love with your kitchen!! so glad to be in our blogging tribe together!! xoxo

Honestly, lighting is always the driving force behind my renovations! Lighting is thefirstthing I start looking for and is usually the piece that my other ideas are based off of. Lighting is where I splurge and try to create a focal point for the room. In the end, the lighting is always the oooh ahhh fireworks in the room.

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Modern Vintage Holiday Living Room Tour

Thank you so much for reading and following along while we renovated this home! Up next Ill be revealing the kitchen at the end of the week, then the family room next week! Subscribe to stay connected and make sure you share your questions in the comments!

Thanks so much! Yes for surecant wait to put the tree up in here!

Sconces are also a part of my signature styleI used them in ourlast living roomand bathrooms. I found these starburst sconces (pictured below) atShop Candelabra. Here is a gorgeous close-up of the same sconce pictured in our family room. I used them in both spacesspoiler alert!

If you look back to the before image, youll notice that the only trim in the space was the baseboard. I knew that trim would play a huge role in this transformation so I partnered withMetrieon this triemakes the most ahhhhmazing trim and so many of my favourite designers use them, like my favourite of all who is known for her epic trim, Christine Dovey!

Heres a look back at the space and then a couple of my favourite shots!!

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