Mystic Arcana

a glove used by Hawkman. It draws its power from the Earths magnetic field and has enough Strength to knock out Superman in one punch.

A list of heroes and villains who use magic, have magical based powers, are empowered by magic and magical items.

The Emerald Eye of Ekron was the right eye of Ekron, who now seeks to regain his eye. It is possessed by the Emerald Empress, and is the source of her power.

been trained in magic in watcher school

Holy Grail is an artifact believed to be the chalice from the Christs last supper. It is often sought by people who are after power.

now has the power of the rock of eternity

The Infinity Gems are six precious stones of cosmic origin that give the possessor mastery over a certain power. Collecting and using all six gems will give the wielder omnipotence.

voodoo amulet used to control the dead

The Letter of Passage was a blank piece of paper given to Lucifer by God that he then used to make an open portal into a pocket dimension.

A black diamond radiating an unnatural aura, capable of summoning the entity of revenge, Eclipso.

The Crime Bible is a book that deals with the exploits of Cain and his works of evil in the world, in association with Lilith. The copoy of the Bible seen most often in the DCU alledgedly has a cover of stone, made from the physical rock used to kill Abel.

The magical Blood Gem is wielded by Bloodwynd in protecting the innocent and battling supernatural beings.

Officially known as the Amulet of Hatshepsut, this amulets magic was gathered by the goddess Isis

Ancient Egyptian artifact which granted transmutation abilities

gives one access to the powers of set

Fragments of the Lifestone Tree which entered the Sol System landing in Earth and its Moon, each having its own unique properties.

A chest that holds the stone tablets with ten commandments. Everyone who touches the Ark directly, will be incinerated.

item used to make vampires immune to all conventional weaknesses and renders them truly immortal

Sacred book of Limbo Town. It has iron pages and no text at all, just stains of Submissionaries blood that they interpret in words and consider as thoughts of Croatoan.

It isnt a ruby, really. Its a solid dream. And a dangerous one

A magical Egyptian wand, which gives the user vast magical power that can produce any magical effect. The weapon of Ibis the Invincible.

Also known as the Eye of Horus, it is a mystic artifact empowered by the Egyptian god Thoth.

The staff of the spirit wields incredible power.The Holy Spirit always carries it into battle or while upon the earth.

The Diary of the Aged Genghis contains the life-learnings of the eldest living human sorcerer.

amulet contains a genie/djinn of light

The Book of Cagliostro is an evil collection of information from various tomes including the Darkhold that was written by Cagliostro. The most commonly shown ability of the book was time travel.

An empowered waterfall created by the demon Watoomb. The first human to enter this waterfall is given a portion of its power, becoming Tempest.

The greatest known source of white magical knowledge on the Earth. Its counterpart is the Darkhold.

valkrie magic mutant, now valkyrie magic former mutant

magic limited to teleportation spell, spells taught by magik and the soul dagger

magic using demon and rival of ilyana

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