On the Next Episode of Catchphrase

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: Koitsu wa Sugoize! (Hes amazing!)

Protecting the planet is an angels duty!

This ones said at the beginning of the next episode preview.

Walking the path of heaven, ruling over us all

, every episode of Veterinarians Hospital ended with the announcer saying Tune in next time to hear Dr Bob say…

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spoken inGratuitous Englishand at the start of the next episode preview.

: Zubats stunts are very dangerous, sodo not try them at home!

(which share a narrator) end their next episode previews with Saa! Minna de miyou! (roughly translates as All right! Lets all watch it!)

On the Next Episode of… Catchphrase

One who does not fight will not survive.

used to end its episodes with Next time, we eat [strange thing]! This stopped after the five-year anniversary episode, because several episodes before that, Harley admitted that he only had a few unused Next times left and couldnt think of any new ones.

This was also used inthe animated series, but in the Cartoon Network shorts, rather than in the show itself, which was more serious.

These questions and many others will be answered in the next episode of

Gokutai Kudasai (Please dont miss it) or Otanoshimi (ni) (Look forward to it) is a phrase that is commonly used in anime or Japanese live action previews, the former more prominent in the 70s. The alternate would be Jikai (Next time on), (Show title), (Episode name)!, and most anime and toku will use this.

and on the episode looking back at the Sentai before them (As well asthe one next after them),

next time… [X]… [Y].. and… pleasurrrrre.

: Will the Lone Ranger triumph as he fights on for justice, law and order? Tune in next week when General Mills brings you another exciting episode of The Lone Ranger!

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This is Clutch Cargo signing off. Now back to The Higgins Boys and Gruber.

Also, each episode begins with an often long-winded explanation of events so far, ending with the line Confused? You wont be, after this weeks episode of…Soap

Aiming for your heart, target lock!

Prism Flash! Chshinsei Flashman!

This variant was also parodied on the

Will our heroes solve this problem? Watch for the next episode of

Destroy everything! Connect everything!

(Said mostly by Speedor after the next episodes title.)

Wake up! Break the chains of destiny!

Lets Change! Dengeki Sentai Changeman!

Show Within a ShowSilly Songs with Larry.

Usually, a TV series will will try to find a way to distinguish itself from the rest of the crowd. One of the ways is to build audience anticipation for the next episode. But how do they keep it? Add aCatch-Phrase, of course. Usually after thepreview of the shows next episode, were treated with somewhere along the line Next! On (insert show name here)! (insert episode title here)!. Afterward, theres that one phrase that this show keeps repeating in the end of every preview just once. And its this trope. Sometimes, they pick a certain character to say the phrase, though sometimes the speaker changes.

: Most episodes ended with the narrator, Ron Howard, saying, On the next Arrested Development. Seasons ended with, On the next season of Arrested Development. The last Fox episode ended with On the epilogue.

Also said at the beginning of the next episode preview, with the exception of the preview for Case File 36. The cast would also say this line too in some of the next episode previews (And once for Tac).

And now, another page of the legend will be revealed.

The final episode preview instead says

Watch next week or youll (super) regret it!

if Galactic Merchant Dongoros narrates the next episode preview, and variations of

if its Gaku or the Five-kun Dolls, depending on who narrates that preview.

Be sure to watch the next exciting episode with…Clutch Cargo!

The TV Nihon sub translates this instead to

: Where either Egoraptor orJonTronscream NEXT TIME ON GAME GRUMPS!, only to either mumble incomprehensibly or spout a Non Sequitur, never really describing what might happen on the next episode. In-fact, when they actually do have something to say for the next episode, they point it out. Since he took on the role ofNot-so-grump, Dannys been using this to express his increasingly large amount of pessimism at Arins skill at games.

On the Next Episode of Catchphrase

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