Outdoor Lighting Target

Outdoor Lighting Target

No matter how big or how small your yard is, good outdoor lighting can enhance your space. Just-right lighting illuminates focal points & its easy to do. Frommodern lighting, toindustrial lighting, to vintage lighting, Target has a variety of outdoor lighting options to light your yard up right.

Landscape lightingis like a lighthouse beacon around your yard. Night, day, rain or shine, you, your family & guests know which paths to take, because landscape lighting helps them get there safely.Pathway lightspost lightsoutdoor lanternslight a walkers way in every season.

The partys on the patio & everyones invited. Trick out your next patio party with outdoor lighting.Outdoor pendantstiki torches& globe lights create instant ambience. String globe lights from your deck to a tree & extend your party space while creating a warm & inviting glow. Your backyard decor will be the talk of the party.

Youve spent plenty of time planning, growing & maintaining your garden, flower beds, edging & planters. Now show them off all night long with landscape lighting.Spotlights& outdoor lanterns draw the eye to your pretty flowers & bushes, creating dimension & lovely views well into the night.

Solar lightsare an economical & eco-friendly lighting solution. Because theres no electricity required, solar lights can be positioned just about anywhere in your yard. Path lights, outdoor lanterns & spotlights look like regular outside lighting, but operate with a discreet solar panel. Designs range from simple to ornate.

String lightsarent just for Christmas anymore. Use string lights any time of the year to decorate a party or wedding reception. Wrap tree trunks with string lights to create an entertainment space that keeps the celebration going all night long.

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