Part 2 Starting the Investigation

Follow him. Hell first be engaged just south of the building by a single skeleton warrior. Be sure to heal Wulfram if you can in the opening turns since he starts off with less than 100% of his health. Defeat the skeleton as fast as you can. After the battle, you probably wont have time to heal; Wulfram runs off again to the southwest. Follow him, and hell start to engage two more skeleton warriors. Defeat them, and Wulfram will then have a clear path back to the city.

By the time all the side quests resolve, you should be at Level 3 at least. Its now time to leave town, but youll want to go through a specific exit. Cyseal has four closed gates, plus a fifth open arch. The open arch exits the town on the west side just to the west of the morgue.

First, with the group of 3, read the rock tablet nearby, remembering the list of 4 elements. Switch to the single character and press the levers in the order of the tablet list that is with the group of 3 characters. Doing this will activate an enemy in the other dungeon and a fight will begin. Using the pyramid, teleport the lone character to othe group and fight the enemy that appeared. After defeating the mysterious enemy pick the loot, especially the dropped amulet. Another Trap Door will appear nearby, but dont enter it yet! Heal if needed before proceeding.

Now that youre settled on the island, its time to do what you came here to do. Dont worry, youll have plenty of opportunity forside questingthough; you wont be solving this murder with fingerprints and one-liners.

The investigation hits a dead end here, but Roberts hinted that perhaps Jakes body is being used to summon the undead, and we know the legion is having a problem with that. We need to start looking into that thread, but there are a fewside questswe should in town first.

Head back into the tunnel one last time. Head to the last unexplored portion and you will see a line of barrels. Behind these barrels is the last exit out of the tunnels that leads to a small pathway containing a chest. After grabbing the chest, youre now done exploring this cave system and can move on.

From the portal, move southwest, and youll encounter a skirmish. Once youre past that, youll hear voices, and youll soon find two surviving legionnaires who were part of the force tasked to investigate the lighthouse.

Now we need to examine the body, and there are several ways we can get to the same conclusion. If you head north to the cemetery, you can find Jakes freshly dug grave. If you have the Pet PalTalentand speak to Jakes dog, youll learn that something is afoot with the grave. Or, you can take it upon yourself and dig up the grave to exhume the body on your own (if you did not pick up the shovel on the beach in the beginning of the game then there is one near by that you can pick up). It is recommended to save and then dig up all the graves except for the one which the woman is mourning in front of as she will attack you and you will be forced to murder her. Be warned though that there are three graves that contain enemies and they can be tough to take on, but as long as you have grabbed companions on the way it should be a piece of cake.

Part 19: Source Temple & Finishing Quests

Another strategy that goes hand-in-hand is to keep the Ghoul frozen. It will be constantly raining during this battle, so if you have Jahan or a different mage cast Chill on the Ghoul, youll keep him contained while you deal with the dogs. Once the Frozen status ailment wears off, the Ghoul will have to summon more dogs and will not attack.

Roberts does name four suspects. Return to Aureus and report your findings, though be careful: Aureus is one of Robertss suspects, and if you confront Aureus about it, hell just scream at you and lose some disposition. Youll be given the choice here whether you want to have Roberts arrested for conspiring to sell Jakes body as well.

If you have the Pet PalTalent, you can speak to a cat there named Unsinkable Sam. If you talk to him and exhaust his dialogue options, you can trigger a side quest calledKitty Love. You wont be able to resolve it untilPart 3, but you can at least activate it.

Loot as you wish, then leave the lighthouse and return back to the two legionnaires. Youll be given a choice here whether you tell them what happened and let them make their report, or if you force them to do everything themselves. Depending on your dialogue choices, this may cause an argument between your two main characters, which results in a Rock-Paper-Scissors mini-game. Regardless of how you decide to deal with the legionnaires, this resolvesThe Scaredy Pact. However, you can still return to Aureus and speak to him about the lighthouse to be rewarded.

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Speak to him, and youll find that hes the archaeologist that Aureus told you about. His legion escorts are all dead, and he needs to get back to the city. After you accept to escort him, hell run off, so be sure you save immediately (or even during the conversation).

Now, look for Esmeraldas shop. Dont go in; go due south from the shop, and follow the road as it curves into a little clearing. Two stages sit across the way from each other. A man named Cedric is on the eastern stage. Speak to him to trigger theWarming the Crowdside quest. This one can be done in just a couple minutes, so its best to get it out of the way.

If you wish to take a less active approach, you can speak to the undertaker, Roberts, who is upstairs in his morgue. The morgue is located on the northwest edge of town, just beyond the tavern. Roberts will stay close-lipped, but you can take his ledger in the main morgue of the lower floor, though youll have to break down a door or pick its lock to get to it. Either way, if you confront Roberts with either what you found in the graveyard or his ledger, youll have to play a debate mini-game with him. Win, and hell spill the fact that he let the body be stolen.

Now youll need to head to Esmeraldas shop. Confront her with the letter, and youll triggerThe Councillors Wifeside quest. Though it provides a little motive for two suspects, its not proof.

The worst part about the Ghoul itself is that it can teleport to melee attack any of your characters. However, the Ghoul prefers not to do this; usually, the Ghouls opening move will be to rally its forces. Then, if you kill any of the zombie dogs, the Ghoul tends to use its turns by summoning more. The dogs are pretty weak, and can be killed very easily with fire, so that should be your first priority. As long as the dogs are dying the Ghoul will be too busy resurrecting them to attack you.

Go west here, and youll see some stairs that lead on a little road just to the south. Head up the stairs, and youll find an elf named Eglandaer. Speak to him, and hell invite you to his room at the inn for a delicate manner.

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Return to the town hall. Speak to Cecil, and ask him about the troubles in Cyseal. Hell run down the undead and the murder, both of which you know about, but then hell mention something called the Staff of Pergamon. Press him about it, and youll trigger theCecils Mighty Staffside quest. You can get a few steps into it, but you wont be able to resolve it yet.

Split your team again, but this time switch the Trap Doors you enter with each group and repeat the process of pushing levers and defeating the mysterious enemy. Loot the second amulet, and now you can enter the Trap Doors. You will see pedestals at the end of the paths and blue force fields beyond, blocking the doorways. Placed the amulets on each pedestal, it will glow if it worked, and the force fields will disappear. Grab all the loot and make your way out of the dungeon.

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Whenever youre ready, look around the tavern room. Notice that the body is missing from the hotel room, since the undertaker already took him, but note the absolute destruction of the surroundings. (Though, dont let that stop you from taking the painting, which will fetch a decent price.) Also of note, there is a locked chest in the room. Pick the lock or break it to find a poem that will serve as evidence toward a particular culprit.

Let him go once youre there, but take the time to report in to Aureus. This resolvesThe Lost Archaeologist, giving you a good boost of experience and cash. If youve done all the side quests up to this point in thewalkthrough, this will generally let you achieve Level 4.

MIRROR DUNGEON PUZZLE: You should notice that there are two Trap Doors in the area, one in the area that was on fire and the other with the group of large stones in a semi-circle. Now, split your team into 1-3, but keep the RED teleportation pyramid inside the single character, and BLUE teleportation pyramid inside one of the 3 other character, then use each group to head down either of the Trap Doors, you will find 4 columns with button below.

Speak to them and loot the chest behind them, then move southwest to continue. Be sure youre fully healed.

Work slowly; dont run forward too fast. The Ghouls skeleton archers wont move forward very fast, so theyll likely miss when they attempt to attack you unless you send in a tank too early. Deal with the dogs, then move in and start attacking the Ghoul once you can safely withstand the archers attacks. The Ghouls defense isnt abnormally high, so its probable that youll kill the Ghoul before dealing with the skeleton archers. This is in your best interest, because the longer the Ghoul stays alive, the more of his dogs hell wind up summoning.

If you cant beat them, you should continue gaining XP to the west. If you can, ready youre take on the areas to the north, which well cover in the next part of theWalkthrough.

Head back out to the marketplace. Look for a stall near the door to the infirmary, and speak to a woman named Bertia. Explore all the dialogue options to find that shes missing a sheep, the same one that Roberts had stolen. Keep talking to her, and youll both trigger and resolve theLittle Bo Bertia Lost Her Sheepside quest, if you chose to dig up the coffin, where Jakes corpse was supposed to be. The resolution of the quest will not happen if you did not dig up the corpse, however.

As soon as you pass through the gate, go straight when you come to the first intersection (at the road sign). At the next intersection, turn right. Follow the road, and youll pass by a ruined building just to the right if youre going the right way. Keep following the road, and youll hear a voice. The next building you come to is also ruined, but there is a man named Wulfram inside.

Next, head near the cemetery to the north. In front of the gate, youll find a statute, as seen in the below screenshot…

While still in the town hall, speak to Cecils maid, named Charlene. Shell tell you about her brother, who has gone missing. This triggers theTom, the Wannabe Adventurerside quest. Then head upstairs in the library, and hold Alt. You should see the Philosophy of Death book near the south corner of the library. Its technically owned by Victoria, but it is not neccesary to steal it. Speak to Victoria, who is in the same room, and ask if you may borrow books. Then you may safely take the Philosophy of Death book.

Now you should explore around until everyone is at (or very close to) Level 5. As long as someone knows a fire spell, youll be strong enough to take on the enemies north of the city. Go to the Waypoint Portal marked Cyseal Gate North (or just walk there), then exit the city through that gate. Youll encounter a relatively simple fight against three zombies.

Once the Ghoul is down, enter the lighthouse, then head down into its basement. There, youll find a ghost named Samson. Speak to him to learn about why hes haunting the lighthouse. This updates several of your side quests, as well as triggeringLost Love at the Lighthouse.

Part 3: Gathering Strength at Black Cove

Head back out near where you found Wulfram. Explore around, but stay west. If you go more east of where Wulfram was (that is, north of Cyseal), youll run into even stronger enemies that youre not quite ready for. You may get into some tough battles even if you stay west, so keep that finger on the quick save key. However, exploring around and grinding is the best way to get stronger, whether that means experience, gear, or both. You may also find some hidden areas, such as the Abandoned Basement, by clicking on every trap door you come to. You can even find a short underground area beneath the graveyard if you feel like digging up all the grave spots!

There is an upstairs to the tavern, which houses more rooms and a merchant. Explore everywhere if you wish. The body is lying in the westernmost room of the lower floor.

The moment you enter, a light will explode around you, which triggers theA Mysterious Murderside quest. If you have not yet doneThe Apprentice and the Stoneside quest, youll be transported to the End of Time here and learn about yourHomestead. If you have done that, youll be given a new room called the Hall of Heroes, where you can hire new companions or let the ones youve already hired rest.

When youre ready to continue, go as far directly northwest as you can from the aforementioned open west arch. Youll eventually run into the borders of the map. Start moving west or southwest from there, and youll soon see a Waypoint Portal. Be sure to save here, and return to town to repair your gear if necessary. Its time to clear out the lighthouse.

Youll be among hostiles as you exit, so be prepared for fights. Youll mostly be facing skeletons, so youll want powerful magic (especially fire) and bludgeoning weapons if you can help it. If you consulted theQuick Tipspage, youll know to quick save often, because fights can go very bad very quickly. Dont hesitate to run back to town if you need to restock.

Youll climb some stairs that wind south, and youll soon come to the lighthouse. Youll immediately engage a boss called The Ghoul-That-Guards-The-Lighthouse, a few zombie dogs, and a few skeleton archers. If youre not at level 4 or 5 at this point, its going to be a very tough battle.

Go back to the King Crab Tavern. Head upstairs, and enter Eglandaers room; he stays in room adjacent to the merchant. Speak to him to learn his story, which triggers theElf-Orc Blood Feudside quest. This can be resolved in town within a matter of a few minutes, and is worth doing.

Part 16: Accessing the Wizards House

Head over to the King Crab Tavern and interview everyone. Youll find Madora, your third companion, who will follow you for the rest of the game (if you so choose). Shes basically a KnightPreset Class, so she can act as a tank if you dont already have one. If your party is full then make sure to dismiss a companion so you can recruit Madora, even if you just switch your companions back out.

Part 18: Getting to the Source Temple

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The grave of Nemris contains his ghost. Speak to him to triggerThe Philosopherside quest. The large dirt pile in the middle can be uncovered to expose a tunnel that leads underground. Be prepared for battle if you head down into this tunnel as there are several mobs down here that will be a good test to see if youre ready to venture outside of the town. There are several things of interest down in the tunnel that should be explored. First of is the fourth and final companion Wolgraff is located down here. Next, there are several exits to explore. The exit next to Wolgraff leads to coming out of a well outside of the east side of town, you will be coming back by here later anyway so head back inside the tunnel. Another exit that is located in the central chamber of the cave system leads to the abandoned house in town. Explore and loot this house, you can open up the door by activating one of the paintings on the wall and pressing the button underneath.

Part 17: Entering the Phantom Forest

Go back to the West Portal, from there, go right, you will encounter some monster, when you see a fire ground, dont rush immediately in, but use Rain Spell first, if not, it will result u a very hard battle with some fire elementals and a fire mage (Jahan is the man here, use him to cast Rain and Teleport the mage to near your party), after clear those, heal your teamate and go dirrectly below to fight one more crowd of Zombies which is easier than the fire group above.

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