Plan for Amazon Prime Day 2017 Lightning Deals

Plan for Amazon Prime Day 2017 Lightning Deals

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Depending on your marketplace, Seller could see a fee range. The fee or fee range is visible next to the Submit button when Seller creates the Deal. In case the schedule of your lightning deal is during a higher traffic time period, the fee-charges may be higher. If your Deal schedule is outside of the higher traffic time period, the charges are lower. If Seller is unsatisfied with the resulting fee, Seller can cancel the Deal (with no penalty) up to 25 hours before the Deal is expected to run. Get information about Lightning Deals fees.

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Many sellers who ran Lightning Deals on Amazon Prime Day enjoyed growing sales, even after Prime Day ended.

This is the week of Prime Day. The actual date is a surprise and will be revealed a few weeks prior.

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Products those are eligible to run as Lightning Deals must pass certain criteria in order to qualify to be a recommendation. If Seller doesnt have any recommendations on your Lightning Deals dashboard, your products currently dont meet the Lightning Deals criteria. Learn how to make your products eligible for Lightning Deals.

During Prime Day, eligible Lightning Deal products must pass certain criteria in order to qualify for a recommendation. If the Create a Lightning Deal page states that Seller is not eligible for the event, your products dont meet the criteria for Prime Day consideration.

Amazon cant guarantee that your Deal will surely run on Prime Day. After the submissions of all the Lightning Deals for Prime Day, the submission window closes on May 21, 2017. Amazon will select the top Deals to run on Prime Day. In order to improve the probability of your Lightning Deals selection for Prime Day, select the Deals that you as a Seller believe in and will get the most excitement from customers. Deals with greater available quantity will also get an advantage in the selection process.

On the Create a Lightning Deal page, under Schedule, choose the Prime Day Window.

All recommendations on the Lightning Deals dashboard meet the base criteria for Prime Day consideration. Learn how to make your products eligible for Lightning Deals. Amazon will then choose the Lightning Deals that have the probability to sell the most units, have a large available quantity, and provide a diverse mix of Deals for Prime Day customers.

You can see whether your Deal has been selected for Prime Day on the Upcoming and active tab on the Lightning Deals Dashboard. If your Deal has been selected for Prime Day, the start and end dates will read Prime Day, along with the time your Deal will run. If not, the start and end dates will reflect the week-long time frame.

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If Seller doesnt see either of these options, your products dont meet the criteria to be eligible for the Prime Day consideration.

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You will be notified via email by May 24, 2017, whether or not Seller has a Deal on Prime Day. Monitor your email inbox around this time to see whether Seller has a Deal on Prime Day.

You can see if Seller has recommendations for Prime Day consideration in two places:

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Deal submission starts in early May and ends on May 21, 2017, at midnight (local time), after which Seller will no longer be able to submit Deals for Prime Day. The Deals that will run on Prime Day will be chosen by May 24, 2017, and well notify Seller by email whether or not Seller have a Deal on Prime Day.

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4.       What if Seller doesnt see the recommendations that Seller wants to submit for Prime Day?

In order to ensure that your Deal runs on Prime Day, monitor your deals regularly. Make relevant changes to keep it in the Upcoming status. Consider following the Tips for running successful Lightning Deals section on the Lightning Deals page to promote your products further. Furthermore, be prepared to monitor your Deal when it is in the Active status so that you can increase your allowed quantity in case your Deal is selling quickly.

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This year, Prime Day is in the second week of July. It will run for 30 hours, starting at 6 PM the evening before the start of Prime Day and the following 24 hours.

In July 2017, Amazon will be celebrating the third annual Amazon Prime Day, a one-day global shopping event exclusive to Prime members. Last year, sellers created more than 17,000 Lightning Deals, a 150% jump in growth worldwide from the previous year.

Plan for Amazon Prime Day 2017 Lightning Deals

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The week of Prime Day includes a time period during which customer traffic on Amazon is significantly higher. This leads to a greater exposure and also the potential sales for your Deal.

Sellers can go to the Lightning Deals dashboard, click Prime Day Window (07/10/2017 07/16/2017) in the Schedule box to submit your Deal for Prime Day.

The date and time of your Lightning Deal can be seen in your Seller Central portal after the public announcement of Prime Day dates in late June, a few weeks before Prime Day itself.

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On the Lightning Deals dashboard, the Prime Day Window option is in the Schedule drop-down.

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