Rise Fall Civilizations at War Profile Preview – The Egyptians

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Benefit: Because of the high regard people have for her, the priestess increases the population cap of your civilization.

Weakness: Because of the weight of the battle axe of Ra, Ramses II moves slower than other heroes. Also, he is less proficient with his bow and arrow.

Weakness: Cleopatras low hit points limit her ability to take on several formations at once.

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Cleopatras secret weapon is betrayal of loyalty, a form of espionage that makes all nearby enemies betray their own civilization and submit to Cleopatra. As she levels up, Cleopatra has an even more powerful effect on enemies. Shes also the only hero to use a bow when in normal RTS mode.

During the heat of battle, Ramses II can invoke Imhoteps blessing. This supremely potent power restores all nearby soldiers to full strength. With each higher level he attains, Ramses IIs blessing becomes even more powerful, increasing the number of soldiers he can heal.

From the vantage point as the head of one of those mighty empires, youll direct massive armies, engage in death-defying naval combat to seize command of the seas, and personally leap onto the battlefield, where youll become the games ultimate superweapon by slaughtering hundreds of enemy soldiers. In the first of our profile previews for Rise & Fall, were happy to bring you details on the Egyptians.

Cleopatra (70 BC to 30 BC):Relying on her beauty and stealth, Cleopatra wields a razor-sharp kopesh sword to cut down her foes. Extremely fast and agile, Cleopatra moves in, strikes the fatal blow, and then moves on to her next victim. When sniping with her bow, Cleopatras extremely sharp vision makes her the best archer in any given battle.

FYI: Ramses II was known better as Ramses the Great.

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AdvisersMighty and heroic generals, such as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, and Ramses the Great, regularly relied on trusted advisers that had the experience and expertise to properly administer the day-to-day operations of an empire.

Brewer:With their easy access to an abundant supply of wheat and hops, the Egyptians became quick lovers of beer. In fact, beer was drunk by adults and children alike, and some wages were actually paid in beer. Interestingly, the workers that built the Pyramids were given beer to drink several times a day.

Priestess:Religion played an extremely important role in the everyday lives of Egyptians. This gave rise to a powerful class of priests and priestesses, whose members acted as direct liaisons between the people of Egypt and their gods. In fact, they often possessed power that rivaled that of the pharaoh.

Healer:Long interested in the art of healing, the Egyptians were eager to employ potions and healing salves on the battlefield. The healer makes that desire a reality by automatically healing all injured allied troops.

Charioteer:The ancient Egyptians were known for their prowess with the bow and arrow, but the weapon that really struck fear into the hearts of their enemies was the chariot. Because of its speed and agility on the battlefield, a chariot was a multipurpose weapon that could engage in both ranged and melee combat.

Learn why itll be cool to walk (and fight) like an Egyptian in this gorgeous real-time strategy game.

Cleopatra. Shes not just the queen of denial anymore.

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The EgyptiansBecause of their extreme prowess with ranged weapons, specifically bows and arrows, the Egyptians prefer to attack from a distance, using projectiles to rain death upon their enemies. And the speed of the Egyptian army lets it engage in nonstop hit-and-run tactics. But as youll see, that doesnt mean the Egyptians arent capable of getting down and dirty when push comes to shove.

Cavalry:The Egyptian cavalry is extremely fast and very adept at launching raids against enemy positions. Its also an extremely important counter against siege weapons.

Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War Profile Preview – The Egyptians

Spearmen:Deadly against enemy cavalry, Egyptian spearmen form an impenetrable wall when grouped into formations. Theyre the backbone of any good, balanced army.

Ramses the Great (1314 BC to 1224 BC):Ramses II unleashes the battle axe of Ra, a melee weapon of tremendous power that cleaves enemies in half with a single blow. Ramses II is capable of hitting for more damage than any other hero, making him a one-man wrecking ball against infantry formations.

Architect:Every Egyptian pharaoh wanted to be known as the greatest leader Egypt had ever known, which is why most of them built massive, elaborate pyramids and monuments dedicated to themselves. A good architect was key in organizing the massive labor force and also in securing necessary raw materials.

Benefit: The moment you hire the architect, you gain three times the normal glory for constructing new buildings and upgrading existing ones.

As you can see, the Egyptians are more than capable of holding their own against their bitter enemies. Youll be able to lead the Egyptians to victory when Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War ships later this year.

This dynamic is featured in Rise & Fall through the unique and innovative adviser system. Instead of simply upgrading or unlocking new technologies by purchasing upgrades, you instead hire advisers that are experts in their given fields. Here are some of the most important Egyptian advisers.

Benefit: The charioteer upgrades the chariot archer, who can shoot flaming arrows that set targets ablaze. This upgrade makes an already deadly weapon into something truly terrifying.

Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War is the latest real-time strategy game from Stainless Steel Studios, the company that brought us Empire Earth. But whereas Empire Earth focused on letting you control a nation from the dawn of time to the future, Rise & Fall has a much more focused setting. This next-generation RTS game will place you in command of one of four of the ancient worlds most powerful civilizations–the Greeks, the Persians, the Egyptians, or the Romans.

War Elephant:The Egyptians brought elephants back from the depths of Africa and turned them into powerful weapons. The war elephant can absorb hundreds of arrows and sword strikes, making it the ultimate tank of the ancient world.

Swordsmen:The essential cog of any army, swordsmen are great all-around soldiers that can board enemy ships and scale walls. Additionally, theyre extremely deadly when grouped into formations.

Benefit: After a few beers, everyone is itching to fight. Hire the brewer and youll be able to take those irate citizens and turn them into infantry.

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