Roman Pottery – Terra Sigillata Collection

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Ancient Roman Terra Sigillata Dancing Goblet

Roman Jar with Dancing Scene (Large)

Black Terra Sigillata Patera with Goddess Diana

Roman Drinking Cup – Modiolus with Bacchus (Large)

Terra sigillata pottery with reliefs was an important symbol of social status associated with the Roman upper class.

Ancient Roman Terra Sigillata of Acorns Large Plate (Terra Sigillata)

Eat and drink with Roman gusto alongside our fantastic terra sigillata tableware.

Oil Lamp of Gladiators with Sixteen Nozzles

Roman Cup with Dancing Scene (Black)

Oil Lamp of Oceanus with Three Nozzles

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Our terra sigillata pottery for sale from ourAncient Rome collectionis an authentic revival of the most extraordinary Roman pottery technique.

Ancient Roman Terra Sigillata of Acorns Goblet

Roman Wine Cup of Acorns with Handles

Samian Bowl with Hare & Hounds (Drag 37)

High quality wet clay is finely selected by the use of several decantations in order to obtain the purest terra sigillata yield. The additional natural slip melts around the pottery achieving a soft touch to the lips.

Medusa Plate – Patera (Large) – Special Edition

Ancient Roman Terra Sigillata Diana & Actaeon Bowl (Dragendorff 37)

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