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How birds may have escaped the dino-killing asteroid impact

Congratulations to the Regeneron Science Talent Search 2018 top winners!

Never-before-seen dunes on Pluto spotted in New Horizons images

Plasma rain in the suns atmosphere falls in surprising places

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The tragedy offers a grim reminder of the many dangers posed by…

Guidelines call for limits to whole genome testing for fetuses

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Privacy and consumer genetic testing dont always mix

In the May 26SN: A special report on consumer genetic testing, plant moves unveiled, GAIAs new star map, the truth about Web privacy, looking inside Mars, quantum links in macro and more.

Dogs carry a surprising variety of flu viruses

Future smart clothes could pack serious gadgetry

This extrasolar planet is nearly 558 light-years away, so a real trip may be out of your budget and astronomers arent sure if the sphere even has a life-sustaining atmosphere. But NASAs Exoplanet…

Two-faced star reveals a pulsars surprising bulk

What we know and dont know about a new migraine drug

Why I Volunteer at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

The first land-walking vertebrates may have emerged from salty estuaries

A particle detector has spotted a puzzling abundance of the lightweight subatomic particles and their antimatter partners, antineutrinos, physicists report May 30 at . The finding mirrors a neutrino excess found more than two decades ago. And that match has researchers wondering if a…

Society names 50 Advocates to mentor underserved students

Experts advise: Start colorectal screening at 45, not 50

Dogs carry a surprising variety of flu viruses

Special report: Genetic testing goes mainstream

Pregnant bonobos get a little delivery help from their friends

Dark matter particles elude scientists in the biggest search of its kind

Guatemalas Fuego volcano erupted explosively on June 3, sending hot gas and rock racing downhill in whats known as a pyroclastic flow. At least 69 people were killed. Emergency officials are trying to reach buried villages to assess the scope of the disaster, but Fuego is already the worlds deadliest eruption of 2018.

Thats a steep rise from 2001, when opioids accounted for 4 percent of all deaths in that age group. The second-most affected age group was 15-24, for whom 12 percent of all deaths in 2016 were…

New Horizons went into the last of…

Mysterious neutrino surplus hints at the existence of new particles

The history of heredity makes for a fascinating, and chilling, read

Congratulations to the 40 Regeneron Science Talent Search finalists!

Hurricane Maria killed at least 4,645 people in Puerto Rico, a study estimates

The Chicxulub asteroid impact might have set off 100,000 years of global warming

Heres what we know about the deadly Nipah virus

Even in the shade, a cars interior can get lethally hot

Migraines have plagued humans since time immemorial. Now a new migraine prevention treatment, recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, promises long-awaited relief from the debilitating condition. But whether the drug will turn out to be a real solution for the 1 in 7 Americans who suffer from migraines, severe headaches that often come with nausea and visual auras, isnt…

Outbreak puts the life cycle of an epidemic on display

Fleets of self-driving taxis could be choreographed to cut traffic

Oldest known lizard fossil pushes groups origins back 75 million years

Today, hundreds of companies offer to analyze your DNA, or parts of it, to let you in on everything from your health risks and ancestry to more dubious traits like intelligence or athletic ability (SN: 5/26/18, p. 20). The direct-to…

Eager to find more relatives, Diamond, now 42, a professional genealogist in Baltimore, decided to try out all the companies that offer geneaological DNA testing to see what else…

Treating roads with oil and gas wastewater may spread harmful pollution

Keeping people within U.S. blood pressure guidelines saves lives

Opioids have quickly become a major cause of death among young Americans aged 25 to 34, with one in five deaths in 2016 tied to the drugs, researchers report online June 1 in JAMA Open Network.

About 15 percent of pet dogs that went to the vet because of respiratory infections carried flu viruses often found in pigs, researchers report June 5 in mBio. Of the virus strains detected, three have recombined…

Heres a look at the worlds deadliest volcanoes and the ways they kill

Results from Family Tree DNA, a genetic testing company, helped Lara Diamond find a branch of her family she thought had been lost in the Holocaust. Those 2012 results brought dozens of new people into her life.

Plutos demotion ignores astronomical history

Blame opioids for a fifth of young adult deaths in the United States

Genetic sleuthing again IDs a murder suspect in a cold case

increases, rice loses B vitamins and other nutrients

Hard-to-burn smart wallpaper even triggers alarms

Some dogs in China carry a mixed bag of influenza viruses. The discovery raises the possibility that dogs may be able to pass the flu to people, perhaps setting off a pandemic.

For a few hundred dollars and a spit sample, you too could take a journey of genetic self-discovery. You may learn some things, but what are you giving away?

Consumer DNA testing promises more than it delivers

If youre looking for starry skies, exotic plant life and extreme weather on your summer vacation, NASAs Exoplanet Travel Bureau has just the spot. Consider a trip to Kepler 186f.

Finally, a plan on how to include pregnant women in clinical trials

The first Americans could have taken a coastal route into the New World

Astronomers scrutinized last years eclipse. Heres what theyve learned

Skeletons come in many shapes and sizes

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Pip-squeak particles called neutrinos are dishing out more than scientists had bargained for.

What consumer DNA data can and cant tell you about your risk for certain diseases

The spacecraft that raced past Pluto is back and ready to explore a whole new world.

Heres why scientists are questioning whether sonic attacks are real

A neutron star crash may have spawned a black hole

NASAs New Horizons probe woke up at 10:55 p.m. EDT on June 4 after a nearly six-month slumber, and news of the event reached Earth several hours later. The craft is now getting ready to fly past a small Kuiper Belt object called Ultima Thule (SN Online: 3/14/18).

New Horizons wakes up to begin Kuiper Belt exploration

Take a virtual trip to an alien world

In 1918, a pandemic of Spanish flu killed as much as 5 percent of the worlds population. A hundred years later, scientists know much more about how to prevent and treat such diseases. But in some ways, the threat of a global outbreak is greater than ever. All it takes is one plane ride for a few localized cases of a disease to become an epidemic.

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