Short-Term Energy Outlook

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Table SF01. U.S. Motor Gasoline Summer Outlook

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2014 Outlook for Gulf of Mexico Hurricane-Related Production Outages

EIA expects Henry Hub natural gas spot prices to average $2.99/million British Thermal units (MMBtu) in 2018 and $3.07/MMBtu in 2019. The average NYMEX futures and options contract values for July 2018 delivery that traded during the five-day period ending April 5, 2018, suggest that a range of $2.30/MMBtu to $3.43/MMBtu encompasses the market expectation for July Henry Hub natural gas prices at the 95% confidence level.

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Crude Oil Price Formation Slideshow

Table 1. U.S. Energy Markets Summary

Brent Crude Oil Spot Price Forecast

Brent crude oil spot prices averaged $66 per barrel (b) in March. EIA forecasts Brent spot prices will average about $63/b in both 2018 and 2019. EIA expects West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil prices to average $4/b lower than Brent prices in both 2018 and 2019. NYMEX WTI futures and options contract values for July 2018 delivery that traded during the five-day period ending April 5, 2018, suggest a range of $52/b to $78/b encompasses the market expectation for July 2018 WTI prices at the 95% confidence level.

For the summer cooling season (JuneAugust), EIA forecasts that the average U.S. household will spend $426 on electricity bills, which would be an increase of more than 3% from last summer. EIA forecasts average household electricity use will be 1% higher this summer compared with last summer, based on a forecast of slightly warmer temperatures, and that retail electricity prices will be 2% higher than last summer.

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eElectric power generation fuel cost.

Midwest and Rocky Mountain Transportation Fuels Markets

Table 4c. U.S. Regional Motor Gasoline Prices and Inventories

Changes in Forecast from Last Month

Constraints in New England likely to affect regional energy prices this winter

Weather Sensitivity in Natural Gas Markets

About the Short-Term Energy Outlook

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Table 7c. U.S. Regional Retail Electricity Prices

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Summer 2013 Outlook for Residential Electric Bills

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Table 5b. U.S. Regional Natural Gas Prices

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For the 2018 AprilSeptember summer driving season, EIA forecasts U.S. regular gasoline retail prices to average $2.74/gallon (gal), up from an average of $2.41/gal last summer (seeSummer Fuels Outlook). The higher forecast gasoline prices are primarily the result of higher forecast crude oil prices. For all of 2018, EIA expects U.S. regular gasoline retail prices to average $2.64/gal and gasoline retail prices for all grades to average $2.76/gal, which would result in the average U.S. household spending about $190 (9%) more on motor fuel in 2018 compared with 2017.

Table SF02. Average Summer Residential Electricity Usage, Prices and Expenditures

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