Sia – Chandelier

One strategy that seems to have been working for the music biz has been the dj-pop singer-R&B artist collaboration….

Sias newest video for Never Give Up is out and shes back with another catchy song featured on a soundtrack; this time for Lion, which hit theaters a couple months ago….

Heres the thing about being a songwriter for other performers. The songs that youre writing with a specific artist in mind arent always necessarily something that youll be able to perform yourself if said artist rejects your tune….

Sias forthcoming album This Is Acting is exactly what youd expect in the sense that its full of shining ballads like the popular Chandelier….

It seems like Sia and her muse havent towed away from each other for good. Dance whiz Maddie Ziegler returns to dance along to a bizarre number for Sias new hit single, Alive….

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After all those amazing videos Sia released for 1000 Forms of Fear last year, it was only a matter of time until she released another one for Alive, her latest single….

Sia has been known to avoid the spotlight, so any sort of public appearance and/or performance by the eccentric aussie is a bit of a treat….

There are a lot of people in this world I dont want to ever be pitted against in a fight, and Mariah Carey is surprisingly near the top of the list….

Mondays suck. In other news, water is wet, the sky is blue, and I cant make rent this month. Seriously though, Mondays are so lame even masochists hate waking up for them….

Dev Hynes, aka Blood Orange, added his own rework to the growing number of takes on Chandelier, the electropop ballad hit off of 1000 Forms of Fear, the most recent album from reclusive Australian singer Sia following her four year hiatus….

Sias upcoming album, This Is Acting is bound with one anthem after another, each song being carried by Sia Furlers piercing choruses, pitches which seem to make her voice seem on the verge of cracking (in a way that makes songs like Alive what they are) and some haunting vocal tremolos that she adapts to create a certain kind of warmth in every song….

Sia Kate Isobelle Furler (born 18 December 1975), better known mononymously as Sia is an Australian downtempo, pop, and jazz singer and songwriter.

1. Taylor Swift has been threatening sites who post her track list. Everyone seems to be surprised, but Im not….

Sia and Kanye West teaming up is big news. Sia is one of the most popular pop stars of the last couple years (and has written plenty of smash hits for other stars in the last decade) and Kanye is….

Are Sia and Maddie Ziegler the new Scorsese/DiCaprio of our time? Im joking but it seems like every time that Sia releases an official new video, Dance Moms wunderkind Maggie Ziegler is there to back her up in the video….

The trailer for The Equalizer, Denzel Washingtons latest exploit of mild-mannered ass kicking, premiered yesterday, and it presented us with a new single from the actors kindred foul-mouth, Eminem….

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Sia always seems to have something up her sleeve. Whether its her trilogy music videos for Big Girls Cry, Elastic Heart (starring Shia Labeouf), and Chandelier, which personally disturb you in a beautifully animalistic way, or her appearances shielding her face with her signature half-blonde, half-black wig — she always keeps you guessing….

Alive is a response to every broken-hearted anthem Sias ever released. Sias latest single is dynamic….

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ImWithHer Stamina TheGreatest /8b1LHc0dN8 sia (@Sia) September 27, 2016 Mondays presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton may be over, but the flood of reactions from supporters is just beginning….

Piano ballads are the thing now. And Sia is really good at them. Accompanying news for her upcoming album in January, the song Bird Set Free was just released….

Badass rock goddess Joan Jett revisits her middle-finger raising single Bad Reputation in a PSA encouraging people to vote for candidates in this years midterms who support womens rights….

Sia recently called out Kanye West for using fur in his fashion show, and that had us thinking of all the other awesome musicians who actively stand up for animals rights….

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Australian singer-songwriter Sia is only about half as famous as she ought to be. Considerable talent and extensive career aside, shes amassed a considerable number of pop hits, though youd never know it because they were written for and performed by other female vocalists (Beyonce and Britney, to name just two….

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Were inching closer and closer to the release of Sias seventh studio record, This Is Acting. The record is due out next week, 1/29, and weve heard what has to be close to half the record ahead of time now….

The Mamas & the Papas were pretty close to being a holy text in the Saas household. I never held in them in quite the same estimation as my dad or sister, but Make Your Own Kind Of Music by Mama Cass is my jam, and of course, I love California Dreamin….

We already know Sia is an angel but now shes is spreadin her wings in a new track thats out today….

We all know the famous Chandelier singer, Sia, is a true star, but did you know that shes also the master mind behind several massive hits? The songwriter has built a pretty impressive resume after writing songs for artists like Britney Spears, Rihanna, Beyonce, and more….

Earlier today, we brought news of a leaked festival announcement via Bonnaroos faulty mobile app. But, we actually have a for real, official festival lineup thats arrived today….

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How deep does your love go for your favorite music artist? For some its saving money for an expensive concert ticket, for others, it might be a tribute tattoo, and in some cases it means you will spend whatever is necessary to have their breath in a jar….

Sias hit single Chandelier is basically everywhere these days, and we cant get enough of it. Its the perfect shower-friendly song to make you feel like the diva that the vocal powerhouse behind it actually is….

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I have not been able to stop playing Sias recently released new single, The Greatest. The other day I was driving with my mom (hi mom!) and we were swapping music back and forth (as always) and I put this song on….

Sias single, Alive, has been one of the standout tracks of the fall. At last, weve been graced with a music video for it….

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Saturday Night Live had its highest ratings in years this weekend when it was hosted by republican candidate Donald Trump, whose infamous reputation undoubtedly attracts attention in the same way a car crash does….

Sia - Chandelier

Since her massively successful release of her single and video for Chandlier, Sia has been on every music lovers radar as one to watch in 2015….

The newest video from Sia, for her single Elastic Heart, has caused a bit of a social media uproar….

Sia is a bad ass. Many Americans dont know this but the Australian pop star has been killing it for years….

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