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I called the functionceil(a/b). Naturally I would assume that the answer returns2but instead it returns1.

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a/bwill perform an integer division since they areintegraltypes, which will result in1, this explains whystd::ceilreturns the value you are seeing. if we look at thedraft C++ standardsection5.6Multiplicative operatorsparagraph4says(emphasis mine):

Both 63 and 32 are ints, hence the result will be an int (i.e. 1 and not 1.96875).

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If you expect to get 2, you need to convert to double before the division occurs, i.e.ceil(double(a) / double(b))uses double division.

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Im puzzled. I have tried casting the variables to adoubleorintand it doesnt seem to help.

Otherwise, if either operand is double, the other shall be converted to double.

Lets break down what happens when you doceil(a/b). First, an integer division happens between a and b, so 63/62 becomes 1, and then 1 is casted to double to become 1.0, and then ceil(1.0) is of course just 1.0.

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You technically only need to cast the first one, because then you will get floating-point division instead. But its good to be explicit and cast both.

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casting either of the operands todoublewill be sufficient due toarithmetic conversionswhich are covered in section5Expressionsparagraph10which says(emphasis mine):

Many binary operators that expect operands of arithmetic or enumeration type cause conversions and yield result types in a similar way. The purpose is to yield a common type, which is also the type of the result. This pattern iscalled the usual arithmetic conversions, which are defined as follows:

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Either typecast it as specified by paddy or

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Theceilandfloorfunctions work ondoubletypes. You have done an integer division (becausesize_tis an integer type), so the result is an integer (ieits already a whole number, so you cannot round up or down). Try casting todoublebefore the division:

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So the following expression will yield the result you desire:

The binary / operator yields the quotient, and the binary % operator yields the remainder from the division of the first expression by the second. If the second operand of / or % is zero the behavior is undefined.For integral operands the / operator yields the algebraic quotient with any fractional part discarded;[…]

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