Stained Glass Ceiling Fan Light Shades

This Tiffany Renaissance ceiling fan is made of the stained colorful glass with rose motif. The shade measures 12 inches of wide. It adds the beauty and style to the bedroom or drawing room.

Tiffany Fishscale 3 Light Ceiling Fan Light


Trying to find something special to your home? Do you love the accent pieces with colorful finish? This ceiling fan glass shade is made of colorful stained glass.

This handmade fabulously colored pendant lamp is a masterpiece that will change the whole decor. The beautiful mosaic of stained glass in various colors wonderfully reflects the light, giving the interior a unique Victorian style.

This light shade is an element suitable for ceiling lamps. It features a durable construction with neutral-colored elements. This decorative shade looks very interesting at day and at night in different indoors.

This is one beautiful expensive looking piece that wont break your decorating budget. The ceiling fan which is made of blue and green stained glass with Iris flower shape.

If you want to add a bit of glam to your ceiling fan, this frosted glass bowl is right for you. There is a hole in the center that allows to attach it to the fan. Traditional style and a simple way to add beauty to your room light.

An attractive ceiling mounted light in a Bisque tone. It includes a solid and stylish bronze hardware. This classic ceiling light looks good in different indoors. What is more it provides good level of light at night.

If you would like to decorate your home with colorful details, you may want to take a look on this Tiffany ceiling fan shade. The shade is embellished by black beads, it gives very soothing light, and its quite easy to mount.

This light shade is a very attractive and durable ceiling or fan mounted element. It includes a durable and decorative glass surface finished in colors that match different types of interior design. The shade provides aesthetics at day and night.

A solid and decorative shade used with a light mounted on a ceiling fan. It includes glass elements finished in different colors, so it not only provides light at night, but it also decorates rooms at day.

Add a style and fab look to your home with the Tiffany ceiling fan. It features the one light, mahogany and bronze finish and stained glass construction with colorful pieces.

This is an excellent piece of equipment each apartment. This is the cover for the three bulbs, which is also connected to the fan. It is decorated with motif of fish scales. It is very elegant and at the same time practical.

A solid glass shade suitable for ceiling mounting. Its neutral white color with some decorative patterns looks very attractive among many different colors used in different interior stylizations. This shade is also durable.

Its easy to fall in love with Spanish stained glass ceiling fan light lampshades from Tiffany. This ceiling lamp with a fan is a replica of a unique Art Nouveau lighting in bright colors with painted grapes and a stately mosaic.

Ceiling mounted light shade suitable for use with a fan. This glass shade features many attractive colors, so it is able to decorate different indoors. Attractive construction of this shade is also resistant to excessive wear.

Enchanting with its inimitable design, this 3-light ceiling fan light kit with Jadestone Shade represents one of the best Tiffany style works. Characteristic stained glass is designed to provide long-lasting solidness.

A very functional and interesting lighting functionality. This ceiling lamp provides good level of light and it includes an attractive, multi-color glass finish. This large element looks good in living rooms.

Unique stained glass lampshade in Tiffany style. This lampshade is intended to table lamp and has base made of bronze. Stained glass work has original natural pattern with flowers and dragonfly with metal wings.

This 48 ceiling fan shade can be a great move towards making your room much more colorful and fashionable. The shade is designed of multicolored stained glass, offering you a dazzling decoration for your living room, or bedroom.

Ceiling fan with wooden blades. Frame is made of metal and decorated with stained glass theme. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Traditional design for an old-fashioned ceiling fan with a light shade made out of black-painted aluminium with a stained glass decal on the top and bottom, which nicely matches with the wooden fan blades.

Traditional design for a classic ceiling fan/lamp combo with an elegant style, made with three lights all covered in lampshades made out of stained glass, providing a colorful detail and a sophisticated finish.

To add some character to the blank ceiling surface, choose a stained glass fan light shade. It will enliven the usually uninteresting appliance with colour and ornate designs. Check the stained glass ceiling fan light shades weve collected.

Ceiling fan in Tiffany style. It is mounted on metal frame with gold finish. Lampshades are covered with colorful glass. Great as main or additional source of light. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

An attractive lamp shade suitable for ceiling mounting. This glass element includes a multi-color floral design and a solid frame. It provides light at night and decorates different stylizations of rooms at day.

Universal Glass Bowl Ceiling Fan Light Kit

A gorgeous combination of a ceiling fan and light shades. The whole set is attractive and reliable. A light shade includes two downrods and its shade area is finished in a very attractive blue color. A fan motor works very reliable.

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A classy contemporary ceiling mounted fan light chandelier. It has a wide cylindrical body with a frame of brushed nickel plated metal. A side wall is of colourful stained glass tiles adorned with colourful faux gems, a top and a bottom are grey.

Stained Glass Ceiling Fan Light Shades

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