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My Amalgam Universe: Narugon Ball X 2/Trek Wars/Mega Sonic

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Deadpool 2 Totally Ruins X-Mens Already Ludicrous Movie Timeline

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October 30, 2012,Disneybought out the rights to Star Wars and established an all new universe for Star Wars. All content that came out before Disneys acquisition of Star Wars are no longer considered part of the new continuity with the only exceptions being the movies (episodes12345, &6) and the TV showStar Wars: The Clone Wars. All content to come out after Disneys acquisition is part of the new Star Wars universe. All off the previous continuity content is labeled as Star Wars Legends.

This section is to objectively outline the continuity that has been discarded upon the rights being purchased by Disney.

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Old Republic era (25,000 1000 BBY)

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Star Wars Universe appears in 488 issues

Before the Republic (37,000 25,000 BBY)

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The galaxy far, far away in which the Star Wars films and related works take place.

This section is to objectively outline the main continuity of the Star Wars Universe.

The Star Wars Universe is setlong ago in a galaxy far far away.Though the Star Wars universe is set in a distant past, the level of technology present in the Star Wars Galaxy is far beyond anything in the current day. It features a large verity of different cultures and alien spices as well as intelligent machines known as droids. Space travel is very common and governments span across entire space systems. In addition to itssci-ficomponents there is also a heavy mystical element in Star Wars know asThe Forcewhich connects all living things and grants certain gifted individuals a large variety of special powers. Stories in the universe range over the course of hundreds of years. Dates in the Universe are measures using the Galactic Standard Calendar.

Rise of the Empire era (1000 0 BBY)

Star Wars Universeappears in488 issues.

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