Stone Lanterns in Hateno Village

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I lit them all too lol, but apparently they are there in case it starts raining while youre bringing the fire over.

Yeah I was convinced lighting them all would net an extra reward, but so far nothing. Either I missed one, which it is unlikely we all missed one, or there is no bonus for lighting them all. Sad face

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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I lit them all as well in Hateno and probably spend a good 10 mins looking for the last one cause I thought something would happen, maybe a seed or something. I counted 15 or 16 IIRC. Dont know if anyone else can confirm my numbers on that.

The torch challenge was pretty easy. Light a spear on fire, and throw it across the map a few times.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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I think Nintendo added so many torches knowing full well many of us would go light them all. They seem to be plucking our strings very well with this game. Loving every second of it.

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The one in Hateno is easy. I hated the one at the other lab. Long route, Moblins everywhere, and a Guardian lurking just before the lab.

I just assumed it was another stupid Korok seed, so skipped it.

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Same, I thought it was a Korok quest because I came here before going to Kakariko. They even placed lanterns alongside the fence of one of the farmlands, making it seem like youre supposed to go light them.

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Thanks for creating this thread, I was wondering the exact same. Spent a lot of time trying to find the last lantern, haha. Still odd that theres no achievement for lighting them all (that is if I got them all). But yes, the village looks pretty with the blue flames. ^^

I lit all of them (I think), I was honestly expecting to get something, like one of those seeds that raises your inventory.

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