Stunning photos capture Egypts ancient underworld

Our picture of the Tutankhamun mask is the result of shooting 160 shots of the same image just changing the lighting.Then three weeks of post-production, Vannini said.

Vannini began photographing King Tut in the late 90s, when photographic technology was evolving. He uses a rewarding but arduous technique of multi-shot photography that reveals King Tut in his original color.

In celebration of his work, and to mark the centenary of Carters first excavations of the Valley of Kings, publishers Taschen have published King Tut: The Journey Through the Underworld.

Updated 0936 GMT (1736 HKT) March 27, 2018

This image shows the decoration of a large funerary scarab made from green semiprecious stone.Vanninis photographs are featured in a new book, King Tut: The Journey Through the Underworld, that has been published to celebrate the centenary of Carters first excavation in the Valley of Kings.This is a miniature version of royal coffins containing the embalmed and wrapped viscera of the king.To tell more the soul of the object than just the object itself, Vannini said. This image shows the tomb of Nefertari-Nefertari and the jackal-headed Anubis.This photograph captures a statue depicting the young king in the nemes headdress.This statue, one of the colossal statues that originally stood in front of the pillared hall of the Temple of the Aten at Karnak, presents the king wearing the royal nemes-headdress with a uraeus at the forehead.This lamp takes the form of a tall lotus-shaped globet attached to a stand.This is a servant statue. He has wide eyes that make him seem alive.This boat is occupied by a shrine and a servant holding a lotus.The tomb of Ramesses: Kephri and Osiris sitting on their throne.

But Vanninis ambition remains steadfast: To tell more the soul of the object than just the object itself.

While many explorers and archaeologists have sought to understand King Tut, photographer Sandro Vannini is the man who, for the past two decades, has captured the fine details of the pharaoh.

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(CNN)Since its discovery by Howard Carter in 1922, thegolden, mummified King Tutankhamun has been at the heart of theworlds fascinationwith ancient Egypt.

Sandro Vannini has been photographing the Valley of Kings in Egypt for over two decades. He used breakthroughs in technology to capture this ancient civilization in remarkable detail.

The book documents Vanninis extraordinary portfolio of images. (I use) very updated cutting-edge technologies in shooting, Vannini told CNN.

Photographing antiquities can be challenging. There are many colorful and complex jewels.

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