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Now that Sheena has a pact with Undine, go back to Lake Umacy to acquire the Unicorn Horn. Go back to Hima to heal Pietro. You will now be asked to go to the top of the mountain, but DONT DO IT YET! This is your last chance for some sidequests.

Start the blue, red, yellow, white, then green pinwheels to open the west wall, revealing another Blue Ribbon. Reset the pinwheels.

The Grade Shop and starting a new game

Start the red, green, yellow, white, then blue pinwheels to open the east wall, revealing an EX Gem Lv 2. Reset the pinwheels.

Indiana Sheena and the Temples of Sylvarant and Tethealla

As Lloyds group, take advantage of the refresher near the south side of the room. Go up the stairs and through the door on the left. In this room, open the three chests on the far northern side for a Clerics Hat, Lamellar Leather, and Pellets. Examine the terminal on the far west side of the room and deactivate it. Go back to the room with the refresher and use the door in the south west corner. Change the rings function at the device and get on the conveyer belt. There are six round lights between the conveyer belts, but you can only hit three from each side. Use the rings new function to shoot the lights, then go to the other side and do the same. When all six lights are out, the belts stop moving. Go up the stairs to the north, then up the now stopped belt. There is a chest containing an EX Gem lv 2 hiding near the door. Go through the door, unseal the memory circle and save if you like, then try to take the warp. Now its time to deactivate the guard system as the other party.

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Lake Umacy is north of the House of Salvation near Asgard on a patch of ground north of the dirt path and slightly higher than the surrounding area. It is hidden by trees, so its easy to miss. Upon entering, Sheena will tell you to find Undine, the summon spirit of water. Undine dwells at the Seal of Water.

Now that the ranch is destroyed, your path depends on what you have already done yet again. Now that youve beaten the ranch, the skit The Pursuit of Strength will show up sometime. Watch it to get another entry in the Training Manual.

When youre ready to progress with the game, go up the mountain in Hima. When your party splits up, talk to Kratos twice for the fourth and final training scene. Just like before, you must have seen the previous training scenes. Go talk to Colette when youre ready to go on. Head up the mountain in the morning to head to the Tower of Salvation.

To get to the Balacruf Mausoleum, head back to the House of Salvation, then south to the mountains. Now follow the mountains to the east. There is a bridge that goes north; cross it. On this island, continue due east for the most part and into the mountains. The mausoleum should be clearly visible.

Iapyx has two basic means of attacking you besides magic, either kicking you or shooting feathers at you. When he kicks, he may follow up with a second hit, so dont be caught unaware. His most damaging attack is when he shoots feathers at you. Hell flap his wings down and shoot out about four feathers, and sometimes even do it a second time. If you dont block the feathers, you will take considerable damage. Try to save some healing items since you will more likely than not fight another boss soon after this.

Start the red, yellow, green, white, then blue pinwheels to unlock the door on the north wall. Examine the door to open it. Go up the steps to fight the seals boss.



Here is yet another simple seal, but if you dont know what youre doing, it is maddening. Before you even walk up the steps, go down the path on the west side of the area and open the chest behind the man for 1800 gald. Proceed up the front steps, open the door using the map you got in Asgard, and go inside. This is also the first dungeon where you will encounter traps, so watch what youre stepping on. There are several etchings on the walls in this dungeon. Each one of these has a torch next to it that must be lit to read the message. Some of the torches cannot be lit because there is a constant wind blowing, preventing the flame from catching. You have to stop the wind by pushing blocks onto buttons in two different places. The etchings on the walls are riddles that hint at how to solve the final puzzle before the actual seal. Rather than explain each riddle, I will just tell you where they are and exactly how to solve the puzzle.


Go west of the entrance, but be careful of the plate on the ground; spikes will pop out of it when you get close enough. Trip the trap, then run across right after it resets itself if youre feeling frisky, or just slowly creep across it. Kill the bug avatar monster on the stairs for a Memory Gem. Continue up and to the left. There is a riddle on the wall here. There is also a block that you can push off the bottom ledge. Go back down the stairs and push the block onto the square button to stop the wind. Head back east across the spike trap and past the entrance. Now you can light the nearby torch and read the riddle here. There is also a sealed memory circle and a Beast Fang on this end. Go back west, then north down the aisle with the clamping spike traps. Wait for them to open, then run through them one at a time. There is another riddle on the wall, but a wind current is blowing through, so you cant read it yet. Go up the stairs to the west and follow the path north to another riddle. Go east past the two spike traps and light the two torches above the ring changer, causing a door to open. Continue east and down the stairs to find another riddle on the wall. Pull the block into the eastern area and push it onto the square button to stop the last of the wind currents. Go north and open the two chests for an Iron Guard and Blue Ribbon. Go south to find another riddle on the wall and a Beast Hide. Return to the ring changer. If you want to read the riddle on the wall by the three traps, go back and read it now. Change the function of the ring, which will now blow gusts of wind. Go up the stairs to the right and through the door on the north wall. This is where the puzzle is: there are five pinwheels that you must start in the correct order. Use the ring to start the pinwheels in the following orders. If you mess up, you can use the ring again to stop the pinwheels.

The party find themselves in Tetheallas Fooji Mountains. Start your descent and use the nearby save point if you wish. Open the chest at the first switchback for an EX Gem Lv 2. Continue your descent to the second screen. Open the chest on the northern path for Cool Orbit. Continue down the path to the east and open the hidden chest behind the rock for a Black Onyx. Go down into the dell and open the chest for a Card of Fire. Go south down the path and take the partially hidden path that branches off to the west. Open the chest at the end of it for a Misty Robe. Keep going south on the main trail and exit to the world map. Your goal is Meltokio, which is straight north of the Fooji Mts. There is also a House of Guidance along the eastern coast.

In Asgard, head along the path to an opening in the mountain next to an inn. Go up the stairs, but dont be fooled when Raine starts talking, you will be able to move around. Walk around to the back side of the stone dais to find two men. Watch the cutscene, then go to the east part of town after the mayor chases you away. Go up one flight of stairs and enter the house on the right. After you get kicked out, go back to the stone dais. Watch Raine perform the ritual, and then watch it go bad as a monster appears!

Odds and ends in Meltokio and Sybak

With the fall of Remiel, you might think its over. Think again.

Head north in this hallway and open the chest on the northern end to get a Card of Earth. Examine the square on the ground to slide a door over, opening a new area. Go through the door to the west and defeat two more Evil Sorcerers and free the prisoners. Go through the door on the far west side, open the chest for a Stun Charm, and examine the panel on the floor to slide another door over. Go back to the room where the prisoners were and use the door on the southern wall. Head south and then either left or right, then north: it doesnt really matter. You will be forced to fight two Raybits guarding a button. These guys are push overs since they cant attack you unless they are in the air. Simply hit them to knock them down and dont let them get back up again. Once you defeat one pair and activate the panel, go to the opposite side and do the same again, enabling Lloyd to get to the control room and Kvar.

Defeat the second enemy on the stairs for a Memory Gem. Go up the staircase and open the chest at the top for an Armet Helm. Go through the doorway to find a little puzzle. Use the ring to shoot the curtain on the north wall, letting in a beam of light. Move the block into the beam of light and up into the middle of the room, opening the door to the west. Go through the western door and save if you like. Examine the pedestal south of the save point. You will now switch to the other team.

Set you best cook to cook your best recipe. Inside the tower, run up to the warp. After the spoilerific scene, its time for a fight.

Cooking titles and the last of the recipes


Go to the east side of the room and push the grey block into the water. Go to the west side and shoot the blue pole on the north wall. Examine the machine next to the water and lower the platform. Walk across those two blocks you put there and open the chest hidden under the machine for a Protect Ring. Shoot the blue pole on the south side of the platform, then examine the machine on top, lowering the water. Go down the stairs into the trench and push the grey block west onto the blue square, lowering a gate. Shoot the final blue pole to open the door to the south. This area should start to look familiar. Head through the western door and down the hall to the north.

When you first enter the ranch, examine the stone near the exit. Once inside, you fight some desians. It is decided that the party will split up at this point. Lloyd and two other characters of your choice will head for and fight Kvar while the other three will disable the guard system. I recommend taking Kratos and Raine with you to Kvar, but if you feel that leaves the other party shorthanded, choose as you will.

Get up close and personal with Iubaris to prevent him from hurting your spell casters. If you dont see his attacks coming and block them, they hurt, but you can often see them a mile away. Iubaris may also cast Photon on you, which is impossible to dodge. A well timed defense tech will help greatly.

Go through the door to the north to find another mirror puzzle. Shoot the curtain on the west wall and move the block into the beam so it reflects onto the door on the north wall. Go through the door to the north. Here we have the big puzzle for the dungeon; four mirrors and three orbs. Burn the curtain in the south west corner to get the beam of light. This puzzle is kind of hard to explain in words, so use this picture to help(although it may not be any better).

After your humiliating defeat, you are rescued by one of the last people you would think.

Your first stop in Sybak is the acadamy on the west end of town. When you go in, you will be taken to a room where Colette will get the title Ill-fated Girl after a cutscene. Go into the hallway and through the door on the east end. Now is a good chance to go to the cafeteria in the back of the lobby and stock up on any food items you want. You can buy all but six ingredients here. Go outside and back to the first screen. Talk to the man in the north west corner to get a key crest for Colette. Enter the library to the north and examine the magazine rack to find the Wonder Chef yet again. This time he teaches to make Fried Rice. Go back to the acadamys western hall on the first floor and go into the second room. When Lloyd is done, go back to the lobby, only to get captured again.

To get to Luin, follow the dirt road northwest from the nearby House of Salvation.

Introduction/Why Should I and How Do I Use This FAQ?

Yes, that pesky assassin is at it again, but has more HP and a stronger guardian this time. Not much changes in her fighting style, so jumping over her and attacking from behind is still a great tactic. Once shes down, go for the guardian, who tends to knock you down more this time. Remember that since the guardian stays off the floor, techs like Demon Fang and Aqua Edge will not hit him.

The Energy Stones may seem like little weaklings at first, but they are resistant to every element, so avoid using magic on them. If you brought Genis with you, have him focus on Kvar instead. These guys will either cast Lightning on you from long range or move in and zap you four times at close range. Whatever you do, dont let them surround you, or they will trap you and kill you easily enough. Try to attack one of them at a time while keeping an eye on the other two. With the bug zappers out of the way, Kvar is left all alone, but is still quite a threat.



More Spirits than You Can Shake a Stick At

After getting the map of Tethealla, exit through the hidden passage. Head back across the Tethealla bridge to find Genis and Raine. Defeat the three soldiers to rescue them. Now youve gotta go back up the Fooji Mountains. If you need items, stop in Meltokio and talk to the guard on the right. I urge you to stock up on Panacea Bottles since there are several enemies that can poison you in an upcoming dungeon, and when you have to go through it, there arent any places you can go to buy items.

Back at the Fooji Mountains(south of Meltokio), nothing much has changed except for the appearance of more monsters. At the top, howev

Remiel is quite a threat to spell casters because he will take out a bow and shoot a volley back at them. He will also cast Photon and maybe Ray. Since he is resistant to light, turn off Raines Photon and have her constantly heal with First Aid or Nurse if you have it. Her status boosting techs are great as well. Some times Remiel will just teleport to another place on the field and shoot arrows at you, so either be ready to block them or jump over them. He will also use a tech called Judgment Ray, which is a close range attack, but hurts a lot. If you see him kneel down, get back to avoid it. When Remiel goes down, cook your best recipe to recover as much as possible.

This guy is also resistant to light, so have Raine behave the same as she did against Remiel. SPOILER will use Light Spear and Lightning Blade on you for severe damage, so either block it, use a defense tech, or jump over him. It takes a few hits to make SPOILER stagger, so only attack him after he finishes a combo. He will also cast Thunder Blade and Grave, which you have little chance of interrupting while he casts, but can easily dodge by jumping out of the way. It takes a lot of time and patience if you want to beat SPOILER. Keep a constant eye on HP and TP, healing before it becomes a problem.

This guy is tough; dont underestimate him. He attacks mainly by swinging his arms at you and swiping at you with his bladed bottom. Its especially dangerous when he starts spinning end over end since he can hit you several times easily. Have one or two melee fighters stand up close and take the heat off the spell casters. When the spells hit, start attacking. Since Raine is required to be in this fight, having her support the melee fighters is the best role for her.

Hima is a simple little village without many buildings: as a matter of fact, it only has one. Go into the inn and talk with the woman on the stairs. Go back outside and up the hill to the graveyard. After the scene you will receive the Desian Orb. You can go back into the inn and into the second room on the first floor to find the Wonder Chef in the northwest corner. He will teach you Risotto this time. Head back to the Asgard Ranch now that you have the Desian Orb. If you took the quick jump from Luin, you can take it back.

When you exit Luin again, Sheena will tell you to find Pietro in Hima. Before you exit, however, you can see the third of the Kratos training scenes by talking to the man standing where the weapon shop was. As with the other training scenes, you can only see this one if you saw the previous. Use the exit by the fountain and follow the dirt path west and south. Hima is in the mountains to the east of the road. It is kind of hard to see, so move in close and look carefully. If you want to take the easy way, though, go back into Luin and talk to the man with the backpack by the fountain, who serves as a quick jump between Luin and Hima.


Dont even waste your time fighting Yggdrasill, it is impossible to win. The battle will automatically end if all your characters die, you deal 10,000 damage to him, or the battle lasts 2 minutes.

Play defensively and keep your HP up for this battle. Allowing Colette to cast Angel Feathers for this will keep her from the front lines and out of harms way while allowing her to help out. Its also a good idea to have Genis cast whatever non wind or lightning mid-level spells he has. Use Lloyd or Kratos to stay up front and distract Iapyx. Have Raine constantly cast First Aid on you and use items for emergencies. Once Iapyx staggers due to a spell hitting him, start attacking him, then return to guarding.

Let me make it perfectly clear right now that you do not need to defeat this guy. Although defeating him does net you a good chunk of experience, a Life Bottle, and an EX Gem Lv 3, its not always worth wasting all your items in a gamble.

Kvar is usually content to sit back and cast Lightning or Spark Wave on you. Move in close and he will use a tech called Lightning Strike most of the time, which will hit you a few times. Wait to attack him until either a spell hits him or another character moves in to attack. When Kvar starts levitating, get away at all costs to avoid a devastating close range attack.

Head straight up the stairs once you get into the city to see an amusing scene. After that, continue up the stairs through the center of the city. Attempt to enter the castle and watch the changing of the guard. Go into the church to the west and talk to the old pastor in front of the altar. Once outside again, walk up to the castle gates again. In the castle, go through either the east or west door, then up both flights of stairs and through the door at the top. Enter the room. After the pope and Zelos leave, go to the church to meet up with Zelos again.

On your way out of the tower, examine the north west book case in the room with the oracle stone to find Boltzmans Book, which you need to heal Pietro. Once you get outside, youll camp out again and get fully healed. Now what you do next depends once again on what you have already done and what you havent.

Tales of Symphonia Guides and FAQs

After Iapyx falls, Colette releases the seal and you are fully healed. On your way out of the mausoleum try to avoid fights as much as possible, because you will probably have another boss fight here.


Dont let this guys HP scare you, he usually has more bark than bite. If you have the Stun Charm from the Asgard Ranch, equip it to someone to halve damage received from him. Since he has a weakness to darkness, use a Black Quartz on your melee fighters to really hurt him. If you dont have any Black Quartz, you can fight the Specters who drop it or steal some from Grim Reapers back in the tower. Make sure Colettes Angel Feathers and Raines Photon are turned off for this fight, they will do you no good at all.

Feel free to explore the city now. Of particular note is the weapon shop, west of where you first meet Zelos, where you can find the Wonder Chef, who teaches you how to make Steak. When youre ready to leave, head north on the world map to the Grand Tethealla Bridge. All it is is a long bridge that connects two continents. On the second screen if you enter from the south side is a blue katz who will play Red Light, Green Light with Genis. Dont waste your time with this annoying game now, save it for later. Go all the way across the bridge and exit to the world map. Head north to find Sybak, your next stop.

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Iapyx is the toughest boss so far. He can cause heavy damage with his melee attacks at close range and also will cast Air Thrust on you. Equipping Raine with a Feather Robe will halve the damage she takes from his spells if he targets her, but thats not a big comfort.

Have you beaten the Sword Dancer on the Ossa Trail? Did you give the Spiritua Statue to Koton? You can also go back to the wind and fire seals and make a pact with the summon spirits there, but it will be quite difficult on a first playthrough. You are required to make a pact with them at some point and its easier to just do it later. If you go all the way back to Dirks house, he will give you an Onion, Metal Sphere, EX Gem Lv 3, and Exsphere Shard. Now is also a good chance to play several rounds of theEmo Bubblegame in Izoold to get some free items. If you talk to Pietro two more times, he will go back to Luin, where he will accept donations for the Restoration of Luin.

The Tower of Mana is north of Luin on the east side of the bridge. When you go in, you must once again split up. Lloyd and Colette must go together. If you have been to Palmacosta, you get to choose one other character to take with you. If you havent been to Palmacosta, Lloyd and Colette will have to tough it out on their own.

Balacruf Mausoleum, the Seal of Wind

SPECIAL NOTE: Iubaris is the only place you can find a White Quartz, so have Colette steal it if you want it. Those Rabbits Feet I suggested you buy in Luin come in handy for increasing her chances of stealing the White Quartz.

After the fight, Raine runs off to decipher what some ancient markings mean. Go back to the house at the top of the first stairs in the east end of town to get Raine back. While you are here, go upstairs and examine the phonograph next to the bed. The Wonder Chef will appear again and teach you how to make Meat Stew. The second training session with Kratos is available now by going back to the hotel on top of the hill and staying the night again, but only if you saw the first training session. Before leaving Asgard, I strongly advise you to buy two Paralysis Charms from the Cyclone armor shop, they will be handy later. You are now ready to go to the Balacruf Mausoleum to release the seal of wind, but I recommend that you go to Luin before you do.

Before you go anywhere, use the refresher. Go out the door in the south east corner and fight two Evil Sorcerers. If you dont have anybody in this group that you are good at controlling in battle, dont worry, their required fights are quite easy. When one of the desians starts casting a spell, simply hit him to make him stop. Go back and use the refresher if you need to. In the room where you just defeated the Evil Sorcerers, go through the door to the south to end up in the yard. Make for the first hole in the blocks on the east side of the area. There is a door at the end of this path, but it is blocked by some blocks. Move them around and go through the door.

Upon reaching the ranch, the group decides to ascertain some desian outfits to use to sneak in. You battle a patrol, then head back to Luin. When you return, go into the hole in the blocks and open the chest for a Beast Hide. Proceed north and enter the building. Go into the door on the west side of the room. After an encounter with Botta, you run into the next room. Open the chest for a White Robe. Go down the stairs to the south and back up another flight. There is a memory circle here if you want to save. On the west side of the room, take the west branch and kill the desians for a Memory Gem. Go south along the side path and up the stairs to find an Iron Bracelet. Get back to the main path and up the stairs to the dead end. After the scene here, head back to Luin. Sheena will join you now if she did not earlier in Luin.

You should only be doing this section after you have released three seals and Colette has learned Holy Song. Return to Luin to find it in ruins. Head to the west side of town by the fountain to find Sheena. Now she will either join you or run off and join you just a few minutes in the future. It is not known what determines where she will join you, but either way you need to head to the human ranch north east of Luin.


The fight with Kvar is one of the few for which you are outnumbered. If you took my advice and bought those Paralysis Charms in Asgard, equip one to each character. Doing this will halve lightning damage, which is almost every single attack aimed at you. Kill Kvars annoying little bug zappers first, then go for Kvar.

You wake up in a familiar base. Once you get control, rearrange your party as you like and head up the hallway and down the stairs to the right. You can stock up on items at the vending machine here and save on the east side of the bridge. Go through the door to the east and change the function of the ring. Go up the stairs and head south to find two brown blocks and one grey block. Use the brown blocks to make a bridge to get to the grey block and push it off the east side of its platform. Now push the grey block all the way to the east side of the room so it fills a gap, making a bridge to two treasure chests. Bring the other two blocks over and make another bridge from the eastern stairs to the eastern platform. Go across and get the Straw Hat and EX Gem Lv 2 from the chests. Now pull the grey block onto the blue square to open a door covering some stairs south of the ring changer. Bring the two brown blocks back to the west side of the room. Place them along the western edge of the square with pink lights around it. Go down the stairs south of the ring changer.

There isnt much to do here in Luin, but you can go to the west side of town to see the assassin again. In the item shop, examine the object in the northwest corner to find the Wonder Chef yet again. This time he has a recipe for Seafood Stew. I recommend going to the Fighting Spirit weapon shop and buying two Rabbits Feet. Each one increases the luck stat by 30, which can be very helpful in certain situations. Now that weve wasted enough time in Luin, its time we got on with the story again.


Win or lose, the game continues with *gasp* another battle!

Undine can be annoying, but those Poison Charms I hope you still have should help significantly. Undine will cast Spread on you, which can be dodged by simply running forward or jumping forward. If she is casting, dont try to interrupt her because she will more likely than not finish before you can stagger her and easily hit you while you are busy attacking. She will also cast Aqua Edge instantly at times, which will juggle you for a few seconds. She also will take a sword from nowhere and take three swipes at you if youre too close. If you dont mind or can easily dodge the Spreads and Aqua Edges, Undine will be quite the easy boss.

Take this time before you use the warp to use the refresher if you need it. Take the warp when youre ready to take on Kvar.

.\ = mirror block with the reflective surface facing bottom left. /. = mirror block with the reflective surface facing bottom right. / = mirror block with the reflective surface facing top left. /\ = mirror block that will split a beam of light that comes from the top O = orb that needs to be hit by the light. /.=O.\ O==/\O ===========/

Altessas house and what happened there

Once all the orbs are in the beam, a bridge appears on the top level. Go north and open the three chests for a Moon Robe, Lunar Guard, and EX Gem lv 2. Use the save point if you wish. Go through the door to the north and open the chest in the northeast corner for a Stinger Ring. Go through the eastern door, then the southern door. Go up the stairs and through the door, then the door to the west. Open the two chests for Iron Mail and an EX Gem lv 2. Go over the bridge to the west and you will switch back to Lloyd and Colette. Cross the new bridge and work your way up the stairs to the other group. Once you join up again, the portal to the boss will activate. Dont forget to equip Colette with the new equipment you found for her.

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