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This is sorta long-winded, but also somewhat important. At least read sidequest stuff _

Your availible synthesis items will disappear based upon the ingredients you have. Its really dumb. Check out the equipment sections for the stuff you end up missing.

Pick up theApple GelandOrange Gelfrom the chests, then move the statue.

Increrases EXP if battle is won during OL.

You start the game outside Yuris room. After the cutscene, you appear outside. If you wait just a couple seconds after you get control, you can see your first skit. Go up the stairs to the left and search Yuris room (the other door is locked) for anApple Gel. Oustide, then up the other stairs for another scene about the blastia. After the scene ends, run up the ramp and go left to the stairs to be introduced to the synopsis function (Wonder Log).

When you appear on the map, just run straight forward, following the dirt path until you find Deidon Hold. Theres a stump of items (search point) to the northwest, and a caravan to the south (and north) that you can rest at.

Basically, you need one player to be in overlimit. Trap an enemy against the edge of the battlefield with your infinite attacking capabilities. Have the second player taunt nonstop. Yes, nonstop. Your overlimit gauge will fill more than its being depleted. When you are about to get out of overlimit, trigger it again and continue attacking. Nothing can stand against you. If you have a weak weapon, this is how you can get the highest possible combo.

This boss is not very hard at all. Basically, just get rid of his companions in the beginning and then have everyone focus on attacking him while you have Estelle healing from the back.

Examine the other side for another small cutscene. Trust me on this – you must! 😀

Head to the left and talk with the crazy white haired guy. This is the first of a long chain of sidequests. Youll be meeting this dude several times. This is the ONLY chain of sidequests that gets you no reward… but its not a pain to do either. You might as well talk to the guy.

Strategy: The main thing you have to remember is to block often before you make your move. Zagi has a 2 to 5 second delay between his attacks. (this is only an estimate). Dont try to make unnecessary movements during this battle, it will only cause you to have to use items or heal more. What you should do is make ONLY forward jab combos followed by Azure Edge. After you complete your combo, prepare to block his attacks Following this pattern, his health goes down rather quickly.

Rita Mordio, broken mage extraordinaire, joins your party! And I have to say, she has one of Fujishimas better designs.

Open the chest behind you for aMagic Lensand then save. Follow the south path to a chest forHard Mailand keep going. Open the next chest to get aCapeand keep following the path until you meet Karol. Watch the scene, open the chest for aLife Bottle, check the south end of the final stretch for a fork and anOrange Gel(meaning, go backwards a bit), then exit.

You can include these in a combo for a grade bonus, or do them separately. They instantly kill non-boss enemies, regardless of HP. All you have to do is attack in a certain way for one of three bars to go down (they have directional values – attacking down will make the bar corresponding to the down arrow deplete) Artes also have the same effect – each is assigned a direction to deplete one of the bars. Once the bar is depleted, a glyph with a direction will appear. Hit RT. A way to make the glyph appear (when you missed your chance) is to use an arte with the corresponding direction against the enemy when a direction is depleted.

Although this boss is not terribly hard, he does have a couple moves that can catch you off guard. The main one you have to watch for is his multi-swing attack because along with dragging you into his range, it also racks up damage rather quickly.

Oh, and some item drops are unique to bosses. Just a couple, but still still enough. And Secret Missions give you different items. So you completionists, prepare to pull your hair out.

Increase Attack during OL. (Attack skills)

To make the game easier for bosses, get as many weapons as you can and aquire the skills on them. It opens up a lot of the fun features in the gameplay to boot. And thats really all I can tell you in that regard.

And when youre in overlimit yourself, you can keep comboing till the OL bar runs empty. Or even infinitely with a bit of exploitation…

Secret Mission: Defeat Zagi while protecting Estellise from Zagis attacks.

Character Battle X is coming soon, fill out your bracket today!

Also, NEVER EVER EVER SKIP SIDEQUESTS. THERE ARE TIME LIMITS. Follow my guide to the letter and I guarantee success. Even if you dont see a reward, you will probably miss something if you skip even one sidequest.

Also, if you have a bunch of one type of skill, youll get a little boost depending on what type of skill they are. For instance, if you give Yuri a lot of attack skills, he will get Fleck, which increases his attack during OL.

Youll love this when you try to synthesize stuff with rare materials later on in the game.

Tales of Vesperia Guides and FAQs

Speedrun/Low Level Playthrough Time: 58 minutes

Follow the path to the area where Estelle had her little accident. Acquire the Nia Fruit and then watch the scene. Go to the left then south and get ready for a boss!

I put sidequests in a certain order. Sometimes its important, sometimes it doesnt matter. I suggest doing the sidequests in my order without much deviation. Otherwise youll be wondering why a few sidequests didnt trigger and then youll be backtracking all over the world, which gets annoying.

If you dont use skills, expect the game to be a lot harder than it needs to be. Serously.

This is almost adorable. I made this when I cared to make gameplay sections.

Beyond the controls, there are quite a few layers to the actual battle system.

Increase P. Def during OL. (Guard Skills)

There is one exception to the no attacking rule: when the enemy is down. But my own timing is generally off, so I find it worthless.

Finally, I have low level speedrun times, in which I bought 1/2 exp from the grade shop. In this playthrough, I got the Low Level Challenger and Speedster achievements, which I detail in the achievements section. If youre following these times, dont panic if youre behind. I beat the game about 3.5 hours before the time limit, so you have a bit of wiggle room. Besides, its very possible to *beat* my time; I hear of some beating it within 10 hours.

Also, on your way out, as you pass the area where the save point is, notice the huge monster in the background. That areas blocked off for the time being 😉

Also, I feel obligated to say that chara = character. Leader = the guy who walks around. WM = World Map. S = Ship

Head to the east of Aspio and look for the temple. You cant miss it.

Burst Artes, attack infinitely and without restriction, instant casting

Once you are down the ladder, watch the scene, then run around following the path and killing the mice. Dont forget to pick up all the chests that are out in the open for aLife BottleMagic Lens, anApple Gel, aHoly Bottle,some Gald, anOrange Gel. Go up the ladder to exit the dungeon. Watch the scene then head south. Keep going to the right and save, then go directly south again.

It allows you to run all over the battlefield to raise hell, rather than bind you to one line. Its your ticket to dodging big attacks and getting away from the enemy, though its nowhere near as handy as it was in Abyss. However, dont attack while free running. You only get one stab, and the lag time is the worst in the game.

Also I originally wrote this during high school. Does it show? (Yes, yes it does.)

The main difference between the two modes is that Semi-Auto takes you directly to the enemy when you press an attacking button. Its also considerably harder and more useless to jump.

Run forward and follow the path around, fighting monsters as they appear. At the first fork, if you run to the right you can pick up anApple Gel. The north fork leads to another fork. Stay north for anIron Circlet, then to the right for the next scene. Watch what happens, get the cooking tutorial. To the south of the area isEggandBread. Well-hidden, in fact.

Estellise Sidos Heaurassein (Estelle) joins your party!

Most of the beginning of this place is just one big scene that you need to watch. Once you regain control, go to the mayors house – the first one you see. Check the tree for aMagic Lens, and the right part of the house for anOrange Gel. Outside, head up the path, across the bridge, and into the nearest house (er, inn) to get anApple Gelfrom a room and a Lloyd (Symphonia) reference on one of the papers on the wall. Continue on the path outside to find Estelle. Get control and run up the path again to the tree (after a scene with Karol), then go through another scene. Now head back down the ramp you went up and go across the bridge and to the back where the item shop is. Ask for aPanacea Bottlebut get rejected. Talk to Karol and then head out of town. Time to go to Quoi Woods again.

Climb up the ladder and examine next to the bed to get it for Collectors Book.

Also, youll notice that my boss strategies get more and more general. I honestly cannot make you a better player, nor can I tell you how to play. And then theres the fact that Im a Yuri user for the most part, while you may like Judiths (who I suck terribly with) aerial combos more. Basically, I tell you what to watch out for and how to get the secret mission by the end. Tales games have too many playstyles for me to tell you much more.

The first thing you should notice is his P. Def compared to his M.Def that means Ritas spells are your best friend here. Goliath can be a

When you get into Halure, go talk to the old man on the right in front of the mayors house. Get theLurluria Petaland then go talk to the item shop owner. Get the Synthesis tutorial and then go up to the tree. Watch the scene that follows. I do recommend synthing obsessively.

When you are done restocking, Save, get theApple Gelnext to the Inn, and then go up the rest of the stairs. When you get to the small platform in the towns center, take a right down the path there and go into the hut. After the scene, run around to the back of the room and check all the junk. Watch the scenes and then run to the book pile by the door and examine it for another scene XD

Now, try to head out the north exit. Watch the scene, then head down to the lower left section of town. Talk with the pink haired lady and her sidekick. Go to the tent area to collect anOrange GelandMagic Lens. After you finish with them, head back to the weapon dealer from before and stock up. If you can afford it, upgrade your weapons. When youre done with that, save, then head south and exit to the world map.

Increase Mobility during OL. (Move Skills)

You enter to a scene. I remember watching this on IGN. Anyways, run down the path and turn right. You should find a chest withMagic Lensinside. Continue along that path, hugging the left side, till you find a hidden chest for anOrange Gel. Continue along the same path to find a chest of 800 gald behind a pillar. Go back to the central path and take the left turn for aLife Bottle.

This is my last warning. Skipping pointless looking sidequests will most likely result in you not being able to complete the series of sidequests it more than likely belongs to. Or even something from *another* chain of sidequests. I. Speak. From. Experience.

In the menu, if you hit the back button, you can change modes. There are three to choose from, but Ill focus on the two I just mentioned – Auto is just letting the AI do all the work for you.

About halfway through this fight (so when his health is at 2350), youll be able to use your mystery girl noble who has followed you thus far. She will be able to heal you if you have taken lots of damage. Use this to your advantage. Continue the forward jabs followed by the Azure Edge then a block until Zagi is defeated.

Head to the right across the bridge, then down back into the lower sector. After the scene, go to the right side of the lower sector. During the scene you getMelange Gelx 4,Apple Gelx 4,Orange Gelx 4,Life Bottlex 4,Breadx 4, andEggx2. You also get theWorld Mapand500 Gald. YAY! Now we are off to Deidon Hold.

This only works if you have two controllers.

Increases Gald if battle is won during OL. (Guard and Attack Skills)

The reality of email is that I dont respond to it often. I advise against asking me questions, as my memory is garbage.

Backtracking: Dahngrest, Heliord, Torim

Drache This is where Drache begins to take over writing the FAQ completely, starting with this section and a few following this. And youve been seeing her influence everywhere before this anyways.

Youll notice me telling you to save. I mean it. You get an achievement for saving at all of the points, and a couple disappear.

Speedrun/Low Level Playthrough Time: 35 minutes

When you arrive on the world map, head west and up onto the plateau with all the trees. When you get to the dead end, enter the forest that is in between the mountain gaps.

(Theres more, but I havent toyed enough with the system to list them all.)

When you use them, the EXP, LP, and item drop rates can increase depending on the fatal strike type and enemy type.

Most sections have an item checklist. However, these items arent necessarily in order (I discover new things on each playthrough, I swear!) . I used to combine items like a dummy. I tried to uncombine them.

To the east of Halure, you might have noticed a blocked road leading up a cliff. It leads up to a search point. You can get there by going up the cliff next to the cave place.

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There should be a shop right next to you. It is wise to buy someMagic Lens, which youll notice you already have a few of. Then run up the stairs.

When you defend, there are actually a few quirks about it. You can jump (not overly useful), backstep (if you use up skill points for it – more about that later), or use a defense arte (takes up TP – and skill points). When youre flung into the air, you can use it to land on two feet, rather than your back (again, skill points).

Head East to the mountain with all the caves on it. Thats Aspios entrance.

Its scenes like those that really make me like Yuri. Raaaagh!

Go back to the woods that you just came from a couple minutes ago.

He shouldnt be too hard, but like I said, he can deal some decent damage near the end of the battle. Use items if you need to. A good strategy against bosses is to surround them. Try to run around the boss using free run to get to his backside, then pummel him.

If two people are in overlimit, they can have each others skill symbol (such as Fleck and Strihm), additional damage on fallen enemies.

So now Ill backtrack to the subject of attacking. As you attack, a bar fills up – the overlimit guage. There are four levels, but theyre not all initially accessible. You activate it by pressing the D-Pad. This isnt attached to any one character, meaning that anyone in the party can use it – it depends on how you set your strategies whether the computer will use it or not. It also means that everyone contributes to it. Each level comes with different effects:

Head up to the tree to get aLife Bottle, the nearby chests contain aHoly Bottleand aNectar Bottle. Run down the ramp and then talk with the Mayor. Go back to his house and talk to him again, then leave the town.

Anyways, they come from weapons. You learn the skills off the weapons with LP. You can always use the skills on weapons without equipping them or using any skill points (which go up one per level), but otherwise, you need them points. In a second playthrough, you can buy the ability to have each skill only cost one point in the grade shop.

Yuri is the logical choice, as hes always around. However, in order to to get all the recipes, youll have to cook with other characters. For instance, cooking Sandwich many times with Estelle eventually nets you Rice Ball. SeeCookingfor the full list.

After defeating Zagi, head back inside Flynns room. If you check the closet immediately above where you entered, there is aPineapple Geland anOrange Gel. Check the trunk at the end of his bed too and youll find anApple Gel. Go towards the door to the table with the bowl on top to find aHoly Bottle.

In the menu, youll notice that you can change your AI settings. Highly recommended, because theyre stupid without your guidance. Hitting Y sets the formation – which you can choose to have your allies stay in formation or to move around as they please. The X button lets you edit the settings. Youll notice all sorts of options – for instance, if you dont like Repede attacking the same enemy as you, then simply change his Target setting to Different Enemy. You can edit all of the premade ones in this way, or you can even create your own. Each character also has their own, unique strategy, so read the description before using!

Feel free to leave a note if you want me to respond no matter how late I get to it. This does not guarantee response, but it makes it MUCH more likely.

Your goal in Aspio is to find Mordio. Once you have entered, go to the right and try to get through the gate guarded by the knights. They wont let you in because you dont have a passport so if you take the left path, you will find another entrance (with a white thing you can examine to find the Wonder Chef). In this library, the guy off in the corner by himself runs the Inn and the woman that is a couple steps to his left is the Item Shop.

I keep on mentioning skills over and over. Basically, they affect a wide range of things, and can be accessed from the main menu (out of battle). They take up points to use, however. A very nice one to have early on (and till the end of the game) is Item Thrower, which allows you to use items on everyone. Also, if you have certain skills equipped, your selected artes will be an Altered Arte (meaning, frankly, the arte changes). You learn those separately after 100 uses (50 for spells).

One more thing to note is a FS chain. Basically, if you get them in a combo, a chain is the amount of times you activate the ability to use a FS – you can activate it several times in one combo by using artes of the same direction, or the infinite combo using one arte. These INCREASE the effect of the FS color. In other words, you can get rare items very easily if you get about four of the right color in one combo.

You can also use the ring to stun enemies, meaning you dont have to fight the Golems if you use it. Go to the little platform for a forced battle to demonstrate how surprise encounters work. Anyways, head north to get that Apple Gel. Keep following the path for another screen. Get as far north as you can. Theres a blastia you can hit to the left. Go back and to the left to claim theOhkaand hit the blastia. Go to the opened up path, claim yourChainfrom the chest, head south, hit the blastia, fetch the last chest of the area for aLong Sword, and leave to the north.

Email: drachenmeister13 at gmail dot com

My boss segments have recommended levels. Those are really *my* levels, give or take a few. Meaning my level is generally somewhere in the middle. I get to these levels by fighting every enemy in my way except on the world map and in certain dungeons with an abundance of enemies (Kogorh comes to mind). Are these recommendations necessary? Honestly, no. So long as YOU have no trouble beating bosses, your level doesnt matter. My levels are a guideline, nothing more.

So if something disappears, dont panic. Just get the items you need when you can. You cannot miss the opportunity to synth anything, except what I just mentioned.

Go up the stairs to the left and head out the passage. Watch the scene, battle, then go through the top exit. Keep going north, watch the scene, run into the room on the right and head to the right where you can eat some curry to restore your HP/TP. Dont forget to check the fireplace on the way out for anEgg. Go to the north exit and grab theLife Bottlefrom behind the guard. Once you are through, get theApple Gelfrom the chest and save. Take the first left exit and get the chest that has200 Gald. Keep heading south until a scene kicks in, go through the door, and prepare for your first boss fight.

While in overlimit, use a skill change or an arcane arte and hold the arte button. It costs no TP, and its basically just a stronger attack. Sorta like a cross between a Mystic Arte and an FOF change (Abyss). Anyhow, they change when you have certain skills equipped, much like a skill change. Hold A to use them.

Go to the caravan (Wandering Traveler) near the cave past Halure now that Karol is in your party.

Be careful. Youll yank your own hair out otherwise. Take it from me. I missed one sidequest and started my third playthrough because of it.

When you exit the forest, just run up/right a little but until you see the city with a huge tree sticking out of it. That is our destination, though lets hold off on that for a bit. To the north of Halure, however (up the cliff area), is a search point.

To get a title for Yuri, you must do all secret missions in ONE playthrough. Youve been warned. It sucks. I know.

After you finish him off and claim your Eggbear Claw, head out of the forest from the way you came and go back to Halure.

Speaking of items, as far as Im aware, there is only one missable non-sidequest item, which you can buy in Heliord. But if you come across another, by all means, email me. I dont want to screw people out of 100% completion _

GameFAQs PM: Drache_the_Dork (must have underscores)

Recover HP during OL. (Support Skills)

Watch the scene, get a skit, and then take the first left you come to. Approach the house, watch yet another scene, and examine the plant to the right for aMagic Lens. Then check the second window on the left side of the house. Check the candles for gald andMagic Lens. Go up the stairs and check the door on the left. After you watch the scene, go out the front door and prepare for the battle tutorial. Dont forget to useMagic Lenseson them if you are trying to get 100% completion!

Continuing along the main road, youll come to a short scene. Talk about strong o_0 Ignore the hole for the time being and climb the stairs for aHalf Guard. Now enter your hole for a scene. Go south, cross a bridge, and open the chest for anAmber Cloak. Now go down the left stairs, and be sure to grab theLeather Bootson your way across. On the other side, youll have a scene. Follow the path south to find another blastia. The scene gives you the recurring (throughout the Tales series)Sorcerers Ring.

Never never never sell your weapons. Grab the skills on them and synth away for new ones. I dont recommend using weapons if you have already learned the skills on them, even if that weapon is the best you have.

One controller, one Rita, one overlimit gauge. If you have a full battlefield, just have her spam wide area attacks (like Tidal Wave), and the gauge will fill itself forever. Or until they die.

Make theKarolian Hammer +1before making theKarolian Sword, completionists. You should progress with your synthing like so: Hammer – Hammer +1 – Sword – Sword +1

Whats a game without having the ability to chain your attacks together? Firstly, spell casters arent really that great here, though its possible for them to create killer chains. They act as a supplement to your main attack – adding more hits to a combo. Your melee characters, on the other hand, are very able to string together a combination of normal attacks, base artes, arcane artes, and more. Skills add to this madness, giving you things such as more normal attacks. In other words, you arent just bound to one type of attack at a time. You can only do so much at once, however, and afterwards youll have a lag. Keep in mind that it doesnt quite work so well on enemies in overlimit – you need to be able to stagger the enemy to make a combo.

Since Im at it, you can safely not buy any equipment from shops, aside from a particular weapon in Heliord, till endgame. And youll need the money!

After the battle, run up the stairs and check the boxes on the right for anOrange Gel. Also, if you go to the left side on the bottom floor you can find aHoly Bottlein the boxes. Go down the middle passage, check the chests for aLife Bottleand aCape, then head out.

Heres a list of what each type of fatal strike will increase on each type of enemy:

The reason is simple. You only get one Hammer, but the Karolian Sword can be made with BOTH the Hammer and Hammer +1. That sword could very easily screw you.

Regardless of level, you can use your artes (including spells!) till you run out of TP without fear of losing your combo, lags, or anything really. You can even normally attack forever if youre low on TP.

If you go to the cave area and to the left as you enter, you can find the Wonder Chef (hes the moving object you see – bright white, cant miss it).Salisbury Steakis now yours to cook. You can get this later if you like.

Once you arrive here, you will get a tutorial on weapon skills. After that is finished, run up to the north part where the guard is standing next to a door and enter the Guard Tower. Run to the back and take the stairs up. Once here, get anApple GelMilk, and anEgg, then take the ladder up to another floor.

Finally, to the left of the big baddie, get theOrange Geloutta the chest and hit the blastia, and hit the blastia on the right side. Save again if you want, cuz youre fighting the big guy.

Depending on how you move the control stick, your default attack will change, meaning that you can hit different ranges – for instance, you can attack more downwards to hit small enemies. You execute different artes (special attacks, techs, whatever you wanna call em) by moving the control stick with the A button (keep in mind that for artes and normal attacks, there is an option of *not* moving the control stick). Every character differs in how they attack, some more obvious than others. Also, as you attack a non-guarding enemy, your TP – what allows you to use artes – will refill.

We had planned to be coauthors, but he decided to just give it all to me, meaning that youre mine, suckers!

Mystic Artes, the big kahuna of artes. Also known as Hi-Ougis. These are your uber attacks, only used at overlimit level 3 and above. Hold B to unleash the beast! However, the last hit of your arcane arte MUST hit in order to trigger an MA.

Master all HP and TP recipes with one person (not Repede) and have three stars with the rest of the recipes (Attack, Defense, etc.).

This guide was originally – partially – written by soulxedgexkoji, but he had to stop due to college.

Go all the way to the left to open a hidden chest for aGreat Axe. To the right is a healing saving point (blue is the color that indicates this). Follow the path, and under the first pillar is a blastia. Hit it, and follow the path all the way around to hit the other blastia. Kill all the golems (if one is trying to hide by being a block, just mess around with the Sorcerers Ring or stick by it) to make a path to a chest appear. Claim yourStiletto.

Now, point and laugh at Cumore. What the…? Anyway, after you regain control, get theApple Gelin the back of the cell, save and go to the left. Check the chest in the background to get your equipment and then leave. Also, there is aMagic Lensbehind the guard in the cellar. Dont forget it. You get sucked into a battle when you go in the next room. Dont forget toMagic Lensthem. From here on, I dont think Im going to remind you guys anymore because for one, it would probably be annoying on both ends and two, it should be automatic if youre going for 100%.

Ill go through the basic to the not-so-basic.

Manual lets you control yourself completely. If you hit the attack button, it doesnt matter if theres an enemy nearby or not – you attack. Its also slightly less useless to jump. You get a small grade bonus for using it.

Run south and then go left to see another scene. After the scene, go through the right door to enter another one of those weird halls. Press the switch and grab the chest if you didnt get it before. Go back out to the main hall, head north, and take the left exit. If you dont feel like fighting, you can sneak past that first guard and then keep running down the hall. Take the first right to another gate hall and pick up aLife Bottleout of the chest. Defeat the guard, open the gate, and then since there isnt anything there except another guard, go back from where you came. Head south here through the door.

Bringing up the menu supplies you with all sorts of options. Youll probably find yourself using items a lot, but there is a small catch to using them – you have to wait a little while before being able to use another, and you cant use items on allies without a skill. You can also change strategies, equipment, run away, manage artes (including forcing others to use the artes), and change the camera. If you craft the Moon Selector, you can even change characters.

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