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Ill give it a try, but I wont be able to get to it for a while yet. –Waitak00:39, 26 July 2006 (UTC)

I agree with the merger, under the nameoil lamp. While its true in principle that oil lamps, as a topic, is much more comprehensive than ancient oil lamps, in practice the oil lamp article is pretty sparse compared to the ancient oil lamp article. I recommend:

actually the article I started;ancient oil lampis a too general term in itself. Future additions will make us create separate article stemming from it, likeSamarian oil lampGreek Oil Lampfor example.

3.ancient oil lampstand out as a sunject separated from all other forms of oil lamps. It is a big subject in archaeology. It is a subject by itself.

I agree to the merge. I hope some more experienced member can do it, I never did article merges before. Thanks –Thameen15:18, 19 July 2006 (UTC)

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HiInfrogmationI created this article as a separate one because of the following reasons,

where is the symbolism of lamps?, 26 July 2006 (UTC)

Thus my openion is that we leave the articleoil lampthe way it is, as a general introduction to oil lamps. And to create separate articles forancient oil lamp; which I did, andmodern oil lamp, andoil lamp in artand so on.

1. The termoil Lampencompasses both ancient lamps and lamps in current use, or ones used in the last century which can not be termed ancient. Thus the titleoil lampis very comprehensive. This article aims at a particular group of oil lamps which are ancient from prehistory to byzantine times. The type of oil lamps we see in museums and that are bought by antique collectors.

2. It is clear from the atttempt to write the articleoil lampthat it is difficult to adequately describe all sorts of oil lamps, modern and new, in one article. Such an article will be too general and we wil still need to grow branches from it for each category.

If you want to make separate articles for particular kinds of oil lamps, go for it, using the standard main template to point at the new articles from the main article (e.g. mainSamarian oil lamp or mainGreek oil lamp).

I dont see the need to have a separate Ancient oil lamp article; why cant the info be covered in the oil lamp article? Unless there is a pressing reason for different articles, I suggest material be merged into the long existing oil lamp article. –Infrogmation16:12, 6 June 2006 (UTC)

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Yes, they should be merged. The oil lamp is an ancient technology, and anyone readingoil lampwill be expecting to read about ancient oil lamps. The existence of modern curiosities and replicas deserves brief mention, but does not change that fact. The only truly modern thing that is commonly (albeit erroneously) referred to as an oil lamp is thekerosene lampMkweise14:37, 9 June 2006 (UTC)

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