ByCorazon Victorinoon 05/10/18 AT 3:02 AM

ByShubham Sharmaon 05/10/18 AT 3:42 AM

Capcom just reported that it had the most profitable year ever, so now it is planning to release two major titles by March 31, 2019.

NASA Shares Photos Of National Parks, As Seen From Space

Building In São Paulo Goes Up In Flames, Collapses

Landmark Transgender Rights Bill Passed In Pakistan

Thousands Of Black Holes In Milky Way Center

If ZTE is selling off its smartphone business, its Chinese rivals Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo are interested in buying it.

Samsung Working On New AR/VR Headset With Microsoft

ByCorazon Victorinoon 05/10/18 AT 3:10 AM

ByKen Manbert Salcedoon 05/10/18 AT 6:38 AM

ByKen Manbert Salcedoon 05/10/18 AT 4:31 AM

ZTE Selling Off Smartphone Business?

NASAs Chandra X-ray Observatory has found evidence for thousands of black holes within three light-years of Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the Milky Ways center.

ByCorazon Victorinoon 05/10/18 AT 4:24 AM

Why Is Apple Removing Some App Store Apps?

Nintendo Reveals More Details About Switch Online Service

EA Moves Forward With FIFA Loot Boxes Despite Crackdown

Teen Suffers Severe Burns In Deodorant Challenge

Release Of Americans By North Korea Sets Stage For Summit

Earliest Bird Beaks Were Toothy And Horn-Covered

The companion appeared as a tiny dot in the recent set of images taken with ESOs Very Large Telescope.

Yahoos new messaging app has an invite-only model and features that are reminiscent of Slack and Discord.

Seasonal Change Could Reveal Alien Life

Detecting biosignature is just one piece of the puzzle, as scientists also have to determine how these fingerprints of life may change with time.

ByCorazon Victorinoon 05/10/18 AT 5:11 AM

When Is LG G7 ThinQ Coming To The US?

Apple Patent Details Circular Display For Apple Watch

Walmarts Canadian website may have leaked several unannounced video game sequels ahead of E3, such as Borderlands 3.

Weird Saturn-Like Exoplanet Has No Cloud Cover

No Virtual Console On Nintendo Switch After All

When Is LG G7 ThinQ Coming To The US?

Toto Wolff Sets Deadline To Decide Lewis Hamiltons 2019 Teammate

Walmart Website May Have Leaked Borderlands 3, Just Cause 4

ByShubham Sharmaon 05/09/18 AT 7:20 AM

The Han Solo Season for Battlefront 2 also includes outfits for Lando and Leia that are inspired by the opening act of Return of the Jedi.

Apple is reportedly removing apps from the App Store that violate its guidelines on sharing location data with third parties.

Preorders for the LG G7 ThinQ will open in South Korea this week. How about in the United States?

New Text Bug Crashes Messages App On iOS Devices

Cabin Smoke Prompts Emergency Evacuation Of Delta Flight

ByMike Luceson 05/09/18 AT 10:59 AM

The strange exoplanet is 20 percent larger than Jupiter and fits in the category of hot-Saturn or planets with extremely high levels of temperature.

Niantic is planning to make the AR maps available to third-party app developers.

iOS 11.4 Can Disable Lightning Port Data Connection

20-Year-Old Data Could Explain Ganymedes Unique Magnetosphere

The bug appears to be affecting iPhones and iPads running iOS 11.3 and the beta releases of iOS 11.4.

Capcom To Release Two Major Titles By March 2019

German Police Arrest Absconding Holocaust Denier

Nintendo Switch Charging Stand Release Date, Other Details Revealed

Bioluminescence Seen After Red Tide Develops Off San Diego Coast

ByKen Manbert Salcedoon 05/09/18 AT 12:24 PM

Michael Avenatti Wants To Appear On Sean Hannitys Show

ByKen Manbert Salcedoon 05/09/18 AT 6:10 AM

More Bogus Claims Of UFO Sightings, One From Mars

Apple is reportedly planning to sell subscriptions to streaming services through its TV app.

NASA has partnered with Uber to make the latters goal of launching flying taxis possible.

ByCorazon Victorinoon 05/10/18 AT 6:15 AM

Apple has been granted a patent for a circular display that appears to be designed for the Apple Watch smartwatch.

ByAlex Perryon 05/09/18 AT 11:58 AM

Uber, NASA Partner On Flying Taxis Project

Battlefront 2 Han Solo Season Revealed

Breathtaking Hubble Images As Space Telescope Completes 28 Years Of Observation

ByHimanshu Goenkaon 05/10/18 AT 4:03 AM

Is Donald Trump Jr Dating A Fox News Host?

Sony Changes Warranties Of Consoles

ByKen Manbert Salcedoon 05/09/18 AT 5:28 AM

Prince William Best Man At Prince Harry-Meghan Markles Wedding: Siblings In Photos

Googles Gboard virtual keyboard app now has support for Morse code.

Apples iOS 11.4 update includes a security feature that disables the Lightning ports capability to connect to computers and other USB accessories.

How HIV-Infected Cells Sexually Transmit Into New Hosts

Yahoo Launches Squirrel Messaging App

Electronic Arts is keeping loot boxes in its FIFA titles and other games though gambling regulators are clamping down on microtransactions.

Samsungs new headset will support augmented and virtual reality experiences, and it might make its first appearance in August at IFA Berlin.

ByKen Manbert Salcedoon 05/09/18 AT 10:53 AM

Nintendo has announced an official charging stand for the Switch console.

Apples TV App Could Sell Streaming Subscriptions Soon

Mysterious Companion Spotted Around Binary Star System

Sony Interactive Entertainment has made some changes to the warranties of its PlayStation consoles in the United States and Canada.

ByKen Manbert Salcedoon 05/10/18 AT 5:17 AM

Niantic Building AR Maps With Pokmon Go Players

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