The Ancient Aliens

Famous artist of the middle ages paints a UFO in the sky behind Mary and Jesus, implying alien origins!Read more

The entire city of Nuremberg witnessed a battle of UFOs in the sky and documented the event in the citys newspaper with an illustration!Read more

Sumerian texts describe howaliens performed experiments on us. We are evolutionsmissing link!

Australian cave paintings 5000 years old show gray aliens in detailed space suits!

Foresic evidence proves these skeletal remains of cone head skulls are genetically different from humans!Read more

Pakal, Myan king in 640 A.D. shown to be at the controls of a space craft, with amazing similarities to space craftsof today!Read more

Civilzations separated by thousands of miles and oceans show alien visitors exactly the same.Read more

Geometrically precise shapes,possible only through modern CNC routing tools, were used in 11,000 B.C.more

The first mechanical computer dating to 80 B.C. was beyond the abilities of the Greeks. True!Read more

This web site is meant to act as a journal of historical facts and physical evidence that point to the inescapable truth that we are not alone in the Universe. Thephysical evidencepresented andeyewitness accountsrecorded in historical documents point to the fact that we have been visited by extraterrestrial aliens. These ancient aliens have taken an active role in shaping the course of humanitysphysical,spiritual,socialandtechnologicalevolution. The ancient aliens were not little green men but ratherhighly intelligent beingsthat intended to give us the knowledge needed to evolve along a higher path of enlightenment. Some ancient civilizations state that humans were originallycreated to be slavesto these advanced beings who needed large workforces to mine precious metals for unspecified uses by extraterrestrial beings. Regardless of the original intention for our creation or evolution, mankind now possesses the intelligence and means required to unlock the mysteries of ancient aliens in our history. Its time to know the truth!

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