The preparation of the wedding season Raiders: home lighting procurement

What’s worth buying about the introduction of lamps and lanterns already has a lot to be worthy of everyone’s reference, and as a heavy user worth buying for these experiences is also clear in mind, when I buy lamps and lanterns in addition to experience, there are other customer comments are Careful review, for me, is also a lot of benefit, and as a more important lighting fixtures procurement, all completed on the Internet has become inevitable, from time to time to brush to buy to see if there is no suitable special light will become a Every day I have to do homework.

Main lights (ceiling lights and chandeliers), downlights, spotlights, light strips

Let us first talk about ceiling lamps, ceiling lamps are the types of lamps that we often come into contact with in our daily lives. However, the popularity of ceiling lamps is actually more than 20 years ago. The advantages of ceiling lamps are simple and neat, easy maintenance and installation. All kinds of decoration styles can also be well matched. If the home decoration is simple and generous, basically the ceiling lamp is the first choice of the main light.

Here are the ceiling lamps and chandeliers I purchased.

Start small first

[amazon_link asins=’B00OZLWRQK,B014COIEKW,B07777PF6L,B0148JLC7S,B0045Y1GFK,B01FGEKZHM|B06X41ZLVZ,B01FVIF25S,B01FVIF2GC,B0747B1PLK,B01DEVRJC8,B075FR9JF1,B075FNDFGN,B0747B1QGV,B01G181V3Y|B00WUP0PY4,B01HF1A2O0,B005O0ABG4,B0069SEDAK,B00F0ILXI0,B01L99H846|B00MILS3YO,B01KE1LLHU,B071P3HSJN,B01L99H9YK,B005O0ABAU,B01JIG9S4K,B01L99H832,B00B7IIX8K,B01L99HC2Y|B01L99H832,B00F0ILXI0,B01L99H846,B00F0ILSU8,B00F0IMCUI,B06WWKXWJ2,B0156KU6ZM,B01L99H80U|B00W1KXUP4,B00R7PBTQU,B073XD49NQ,B01CYKFKH6,B06VWFGHJW,B01NCEWYW9|B00KX6VNJI,B00F0IQTS4,B00EO4R8IA,B00EO4R984,B00MILS3YO,B01J14PXQG,B00B45OTIY,B00BFTFPZU|B01L99H832,B00F0ILXI0,B00MGWWJTA,B004RCNSOM,B00KX6VNJI,B00MPKALM0,B01KE1J34I,B00MILS3YO,B00NBOZMYG’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’jhrs-20|lovem-23|lamps06-21|lamps0c-21|lamps0e-21|loveca07-20|lamps03-21|lamps05-21′ marketplace=’US|CN|UK|DE|FR|CA|IT|ES’ link_id=’970ae49b-2ff0-11e8-bdd4-b1d14512b059′]

This ceiling light connotation ring lamp can be installed on the balcony and the center of the bar. It is suitable to use this kind of lamp in a small space.

The following Philips series of playfulness, this series of whether the chandeliers or ceiling lamps are very beautiful and lovely, in addition to the use of environmentally friendly materials on the selection to ensure the safety of children, here is to note that I choose in all bedrooms The traditional light source did not choose the LED light source, because the blue light hazard of the LED is very dangerous to the children (Blu-ray damage is simply a Blu-ray overflow), although the blue light harm is not sure, but I still believe for the children. So I chose to use more sophisticated fluorescent lights.

[amazon_link asins=’B0063PUEZ2,B0063PUD8K,B0045Y1G1E,B0063PTZY8,B0063PUCC2,B0063PTW1Y,B0063PUE7U|B0747CM2QD,B07479RJZ5,B0747D4944,B01IQMLBMY,B0747D4942,B00NXCYRBU|B0063PTW1Y,B0063PUCC2,B0063PUELG,B01M2VGR4J,B0063PUD8K’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’jhrs-20|lovem-23|loveca07-20′ marketplace=’US|CN|CA’ link_id=’9e3203a1-30bd-11e8-a753-4ba1c2c5675a’]

The following lights are suitable for the master bedroom, you can choose Panasonic future light, this light could have been installed in the living room, but some people think this light is too simple and too monotonous. Japan’s future light has all been transitioned to LED light sources, but I personally still admire the future light of the ring-shaped three-color light tubes. It is also worth mentioning that this product has no fakes, because other counterfeit manufacturers can’t make dimmers, It is better that Panasonic uses the T9 loop light source, and Philips and NEC are generally only T5.


[amazon_link asins=’B01DU3IX20,B01I3D5HNU,B01DU3IX9S,B01DU6QYGO,B01I3D5H6M,B01BUZCVTQ,B01I3D5GEA,B01M08RPVP,B01LXN0O8H|B078YKCLNK,B074KH5JVX,B076BTNMDX,B01N434WGC,B078GZB6NY,B074J5XCB4,B0789H145S,B01JGCBHM2|B01L99HC2Y,B01MZ9MA8J,B01HD53E7A,B01N5BUJUR,B01M2VEZ42,B01L99H846,B01L99H832,B06XZ1BR31,B071L86G5H|B07CCMDGHZ,B00YN5NIJS,B01C7E92OG,B01N382N5Q,B06Y183SRG,B07C943TX3,B07BNVB558|B071WSPHQC,B00RGL86Q6,B00P0YUSRG,B015H47AII,B015H6GX6Q,B00P0ZDLDI,B00OY4UZ6W,B00M81KQCG|B01HZ53GYO,B003Z937R6|B01MYUCQ5L,B01CUI18ZA,B075NLP71C,B00HWRLVMA,B01N7I5BKH,B01EX9OAFY,B075HV8DLY,B01N0QRQJS,B00M81KQCG|B00EPENCP2,B00BWT7NEY,B00JDJC1RY,B013K0J0ZW,B00Q6BKSYK,B078493KYV,B00M81KQCG,B077T2G27C,B07BLJ5Z88′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’lovem-23|jhrs-20|lamps06-21|lamps0c-21|lamps0e-21|loveca07-20|lamps03-21|lamps05-21′ marketplace=’CN|US|UK|DE|FR|CA|IT|ES’ link_id=’2f922c00-30c1-11e8-b41f-eb37b15b5104′]

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