The Secrets of Bloodmoon Island

Make your way west on Bloodmoon Island and use Spirit Vision to talk to the spirits of Elven Pilgrim and Black Ring Reaver, who will tell you theres anon the island that will tell you how to communicate with the Ancestor Tree, and also that Black Ring forces were looking for a druid to help them complete their task.

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whats happened and the masters name, and hell tell you it can be found inArx.

Next, the tree will tell you the demon that possessed her is on another island, possessing the doctor that freed her. You can defeat it by speaking its name which the tree will tell you (Adramahlihk). This will also progressLohseA Hunter of Wicked Things, and initiateDoctors Orders.

Loot the silver bar next to Ancient Forge and toss it in to acquire Silver Lever Shaft.

Using Spirit Vision, find the Spirit of Brother Kaylan who will tell you the Archive lies beneath the earth. Head to it to progressAll in the Family. Also, read the Archivists Journal to learn the tree used to be a possessed elf. When the demon possessing her was freed, it turned the island into what it is now. Speak with the tree, at which pointThe Advocateand his minions will attack you. This fight will be very heavy on crowd control, so Stoneskin Potions and status clearing skills will be imperative.

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ProgressDoctors Ordersuntil the arch-demon is dead to bring peace to the Ancestor Tree. Speak to the tree (Eleanessa) once you return toArx(she will approach you in the street), who will thank you, thus concluding the quest.

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