theres no next() function in a yield generator in python 3

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The built-innext()function also works in Python 2.6 or greater.

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In Python 3, to make syntax more consistent, thenext()method was renamed to__next__(). You could use that one. This is explained inPEP 3114.

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Inthis question, I have an endless sequence using Python generators. But the same code doesnt work in Python 3 because it seems there is nonext()function. What is the equivalent for thenextfunction?

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In Python 3, usenext(uptofive)instead

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def updown(n): while True: for i in range(n): yield i for i in range(n – 2, 0, -1): yield i uptofive = updown(6) for i in range(20): print(

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Following Gregs solution and calling thebuiltinnext()function(which then tries to find an objects__next__()method) is recommended.

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theres no next() function in a yield generator in python 3

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