Vintage Brass Oil Lamp

Solidly finished, this pair of vintage brass oil lamps comes from India will enchant with its charming, appeal. Their silhouettes resemble a torch. A perfect, romantic illumination.

Illuminate your home with vintage shine and timeless elegance, by using this impressive oil lamp. Its base is rounded for balance, and made of durable metal in a brass finish. The base holds a slender, hand-blown hurricane, designed of clear glass.

This vintage brass oil lamp constitutes a perfect proposition for all, who like rustic or vintage decors. It will look glamorous in ones porch or foyer, creating a warm ambiance from the very first moments.

This vintage styled piece sports a truly beautiful look and will make for a charming opton of completing your bedroom or living room. It sports the oil mechanism to ensure even more authenticity and comes with the deep emerald finish of the shade.

Splash your home with a drop of vintage charm by choosing this fine brass oil lamp. Add it into the bedroom, dining room or living room, and enjoy the beauty and style.

Oil lamp made of high quality brass. It is fitted with comfortable handle for easy carrying. Suitable for residential and commercial use. Simple form and timeless style.

Improve your home with this beautiful 19-Inch Height Table Lamp with Novelty Shade, characterized by brass construction, mahogany finish, and lovely pink shade. Accommodates one 25W candelabra base bulb.

And what if you go back to those magical times when the lamps were oil. You will then see such a collection of vintage lamps.Different colors of glass, combined with ceramic, wooden elements. They can be very personalized. Choose one, or – take them all.

Decorative brass oil lamp in the form of ship lantern. This handmade copper and brass element is not only attractive, but also durable and resistant to many negative factors. This lamp features no lampshade.

The mid century age, isnt my favorite, but this hanging oil lamp is stunning. It is finished by the brass, and has something special for me. I would love to have it at my porch.

Made in vintage brass oil lamps is an interesting way for the original interior design. Beautiful shape and attractive decorations on the outside of the light pitch make up a unique composition. Beautiful accent to any interior.

An Antique~English~Georgian~Victorian oil lamp with pink and brass finish. I dont like it very much, because of the pink color. But if you searching for sophisticated products, you should choose this lamp.

A solid vintage brass oil lamp converted to electric lamp. Its beautiful, shiny finish makes it a very attractive and decorative element in the house. Round base of this lamp assures good level of stability.

Bring some vintage glamour and old-fashioned solutions to your home, with this gorgeous oil lamp. It boasts of rustic design, while standing on a lovely base made of robust metal in brass finish and holding a hand-blown clear glass hurricane.

This gorgeous brass oil lamp will be a real bargain for all vintage fans. Stamped H & J Sangsters Patent, June 1851, withstood fantastically the test of time. It measures 20 inches high.

Looking for vintage elements that will illuminate your home, vintage brass oil lamp, clearly old-fashioned with polished brass, which half separates into a figure resembling a teapot and ends with a circle, may attract your attention.

Measuring 22 inches, this 19th-century Roman style Brass Oil Lamp constitutes a perfect proposition for ones bed side table. It enchants with its well-maintained vintage brass finish.

Beautiful vintage brass oil lamps are a stylish combination of functionality and exceptional style. Ruby glass and brass construction in Victorian design are extremely impressive and beautifully emphasizes the style of the interior.

Vintage brass oil lamp, perfect as an addition to an eclectic interior. Golden colour makes it feel luxurious and antique. The highly-detailed finish makes this one of the most beautiful oil lamps weve seen in a while.

Small is beautiful. The glass is beautiful – and the glass, in a small size with a brass base in vintage style – creates this antique hurricane brass oil lamp, which illuminates the corner at home in an ancient and unconventional way.

Cherub 19 H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

The brass oil lamp was once the homes main source of light. Over time, its function has changed and it plays the role of a stylish decoration. It has a long history visible in the ceramic finish and hand-painted pink flowers that emphasize the brass elements.

Designed between the 1880-1900, this gorgeous kerosene lamp knows how to impress with its vintage charm and graceful silhouette. Its made of quality materials such as porcelain, brass, crystal glass and clear glass.

Lamps are certainly useful, regardless of what style you prefer. Thanks to this collection, you will have a rare chance to pick something from this wide range of choice of vintage brass oil lamps. Take all the time you need to make the right choice, pick the suitable lamp for your household.

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This vintage brass oil lamp comes from early 1900s, being a must-have item for all who are interested in vintage or antique design. The high-quality finish and well-done conservation allowed this Victorian Rayo lamp to withstand the test of time.

Made in vintage style brass oil lamps is a fantastic solution for antique interior design. Beautiful decorative details, beautiful lanterns and impressive construction create a unique whole that captivate.


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