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As a general rule of thumb, hang a chandelier at least four feet away from the nearest wall. Hanging one any closer risks making the chandelier look like it was crowded into a room.

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If you plan on hanging the chandelier over a dining table, the general guidelines are as follows:

After-The-Purchase Tips: How To Hang A Chandelier

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Dont forget you can always go rogue! Some designers choose to stay fairly close to the general guidelines mentioned above, but others argue that a chandelier should be hung as high or low as you decide. They recommend holding it or temporarily suspending it at several heights, and simply choosing the one you like best.

For a standard 8 foot ceiling, a chandelier should be hung between 30 – 36 inches from the top of the table.

Below: A type of wagon known as a chuck wagon. A chandelier made from wagon wheels offers an attractive rustic/Western look to a home or business.

Below: A wagon wheel chandelier hanging from a ceiling with wooden beams.

After those two items are taken into consideration it is usually just a matter of holding or temporarily mounting the chandelier at different heights and choosing the one you find most attractive.

If the chandelier is especially wide or elaborate it might feel intrusive if you hang it too low over a dining table, so you may want to hang it higher than the standard guidelines suggest.

It will need to be hung low enough to illuminate the area you intend to light it with, but high enough not to interfere with foot traffic or with the sight line of people in the room.

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How High or Low Should A Chandelier Be Hung?

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Knowing how high or low to hang a wagon wheel chandelier, or any chandelier, is pretty straightforward.

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How heavy is the chandelier? Youll want to know for the purpose of hanging it: A typical, standard ceiling mounting box / electrical box is usually designed to support no more than 50 pounds. So, if your new chandelier weighs more than 50 pounds, you will need to make preparations accordingly. For example, you can replace the existing mounting box / electrical box with a heavy-duty box and/or use a fan brace, a brace commonly used to support a ceiling fan.

Below are wagon wheel chandeliers for sale on Amazon and eBay. A chandelier is a decorative lighting fixture that hangs from a ceiling. They often branch out and have numerous smaller lights as opposed to one large light. A wagon wheel chandelier, as the name implies, is a chandelier made from, or made to look as though it is made from, a wagon wheel. They add a rustic, Western charm to any room.

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If your ceiling is taller than 8 foot, add 3 inches of hanging height for every one foot of ceiling height over 8 feet.

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