Will Indonesia be the next China? – Quora

Will Indonesia be the next China? - Quora

From ethnicall perspective, China pale in comparison to Indonesia. The archipelago is a tapestry of many ethnic groups that will make even the Chinese scratch their head on how to govern.

Indonesia HAS the potential to be the next China, the main question now WILL the country use it to its advantage.

Its the worlds largest archipelago. It will always be a maritime country. In fact in the past it was a maritime power that defeated the mighty China. From culture and religion, Indonesia has always absorb things from other parts of the world and assimilate them with its own ingenuity.

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Would you like to adopt an Indonesian style of Democracy?

If you are so proud of your system why does it creates so much injustices and problems in your society?

Who will be the next superpower – India or China?

Why next China ? Not Next Russia or Singapore?

Can China emerge as a world superpower?

In the future, will China be the next Japan?

For those who hate Indonesia for whatever reason i suggest you all need to just fly away somewhere because it seems you will hate this country NO MATTER WHAT.

Indonesia wont be the next China. Indonesia had banned communist since 1965.

China economy is $ 11 Trillions while India is $2.3 Trillions some thing and Indonesia $ 930 billion only. If China no growth, Indonesia has to catch up growth 1100%. Thats nonsense. Forget about it

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Who will be the next superpower – India or China?

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Indonesians complain when the government builds infrastructure. Chinese dont dare to complain and as a result, Chinas infrastructure is light years ahead of Indonesias.

But, in this current troubled world, its relly much better to be religion-free, in which people can focus on the real issues, instead of accusing others for blasphemy. Religious fanaticism isnt a problem shared by all believers. But it is indeed a serious problem.

To put it simply, the path to success is different from person to person and from country to country.Maybe China has finally found its formula for success, well good for them. But as an Indonesian i can tell you with certainty we havent found that reliable formula to success yet.

What does China think about Indonesia?

OK. As an Indonesian i feel like i need to step in and be objective because it seems theres so much negativity surrounding this question.

What can Indonesia learn from China?

You can clearly see the main differences between the two. One is a centralized homogeneous continental country that will always be like that and for China thats their magic formula.Chinas magic formula has always been there staring at them in the face. While Indonesia hasnt found its magic formula yet.

Its better Indonesia be realistic to do what they have n focus on self sufficient economy.

In next 2 decades, I can bet Indonesian Industry n economy wont be better than now. Due to politics n system of Government will slow down the growth. We can learn from India. Unless only the hard lines governance can change it.

Indonesian political parties fought each other to gain more power and the privilege to plunder the country. Chinese political party fought internally and the winners afterwards can concentrate on building the country. Indonesian politicians fight every five years. New winner will reverse policies of the loser. Development marching on place.

It could be economically (although the PwC forecast suggested that Indonesias GDP will still be one sixth of Chinas GDP by 2050), but it might be in a different way from Chinese way of development. The undemocratic nature of Chinas politics allows the government to focus on long term planning for development with little to no oppostion, this also holds true in democratic Singapore where Peoples Action Party always won every election even before Singapores independence in 1965. Japan or South Korea might be a closer example to Indonesian system. Although their cabinet changes almost every year together with rapid rise and fall of prime ministers, but they hold onto their high moral values, therefore it is not strange when a minister or important officials stepped down due to small mistakes. This makes the government consistent to their master plan. Indonesia has National Development Planning System as long term guidelines for national economic development, but the pace would depend on how the running government works on it, hence the Indonesias economic development is affected heavily by political ploys inside the government, whether it is honest, corrupted, just, unjust, or else. If Indonesias development seems good under the current regime, there is no guarantee that it will sustain the pace after the current government stepped down, either national, provicial, or lower level government. Therefore I think that a continuous improvement in human resource quality is the first step solution if Indonesia wants to be the next China, economically. This is because the highly qualified human resource will allow government positions to be filled with skilled and more responsible statemen/women and more highly paid jobs and industries opened, therefore a better economic level is achieved.

For any developing country that wants to catch up with China and many countries that are now developed such as Singapore and South Korea, they have to learn to concentrate their energy on the real deal. Wealthy and well-established countries can afford playing dangerous social issues, developing countries cannot. At the end of the day, there are only so few opportunites to catach.

OK lets go back to the question shall we. This answer is based on my knowledge of this country. Indonesia is blessed with everything it needs to be successful. From location, land, large population, culture, history, creativity and especially natural resource. Indonesia has everything. The main difference between China and Indonesia is the way its socio-political system works. In China its political system from the very beginning has always been centralized. Thats just how the Chinese system works. From the imperial time to modern time, China has always been centralized.

Until someone or something figure out that magic formula, Indonesia will continue to be a few steps behind China. Personally im not embarrassed by it. Why? because we as a nation are on the path of creating something brand new, something that the world has never seen before 🙂

Indonesia is different. Its political system has always been in flux.In a nut shell China has always been centralized while Indonesia works best when it is decentralized. Why ?

What can Indonesia learn from China?

Indonesia is a nation rich in resources. They will become great if they prevent the rise of religion, reign in corruption, promote meritocracy not promotion by political or religious connections.

Indonesians are drunk on religion and politics. Chinese are secular and dont care about politics. They just want to improve their lives.

Indonesians want to go heaven. Chinese want to create heaven on earth.

How many years is Indonesia behind China? Can it emulate Chinas success within 20 years?

Look at China. Its a continental country. Its not and never was a maritime country. Its also quite homogeneous. Culture and religion wise its also very distinct and nearly everything develops from within.

Indonesians admire corrupt politicians. Chinese kill them.

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China isnot comparable with Indonesia its better take India as benchmark.

The majority of Indonesia now is sacrify the real life for future after life. How can you live with that ?

Is China a stable country? Despite its unprecedented growth, China also lives under a fear of revolution that could get its growth below 5%. B…

The formula to become a successful, Industrial and a wealthy country that consists of 17.000 islands with hundreds of ethnic groups that are deeply religious and deeply oxymoronic at the same time has never been invented before.

Will Indonesia attack China in the near future?

This is quite difficult, because Indonesia does not have so much land and population, and of course culture is also very important. I always think that the United States is strong because many Jews in the Second World War fled to the United States, and the Jews are very good at scientific research and business, thus stimulating the entire United States and the economy. If you investigate for yourself, the founders of the top companies in the United States are mostly Jewish. Therefore, the culture of a country is very important. Of course, if compared to countries with similar masses, such as Japan. Indonesia is closer in terms of population, resources and land area. Perhaps Japan should be your goal.

Who will be the next chairman of China?

Why dont Indonesia copy China ?Well can the Chinese system of creating Heaven on Earth with every means possible sits well with religious and heterogeneous Indonesians?

There are many lessons here in Asia that Indonesia can learn. I am just not sure whether they want to learn them or not.

Will Hu Chunhua be the next President of China?

Who will be the next chairman of China?

Is China a stable country? Despite its unprecedented growth, China also lives under a fear of revolution that could get its growth below 5%. B…

A nation will not rise if religion is promoted above science and education.

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