Wishful Thinking

On a beach southwest of Driftwood, you will find an Ancient Lamp lying on the ground. Using it will give you the option to rub the lamp or destroy it. Rubbing the lamp will release the Djinn within, where you can engage in lengthy conversation with it.Destroying it willunleash the Djinn from the lamp and immediately initiate combat.

Take the Lamp with you. Summon it at Jahan, he will take care of it in 2 – 3 rounds

The rewards section is confusing. How do you get the unstolen gift vs the stolen one?

Ah and i forgot – he has 50% physical resistence

I wished for Knowledge and received a Childrens story book….

Long Solution:Youmustpass a hybrid speech and Persuasion check, whereby depending on whether you pick the right combination or not, you might end up fighting him or begranted a choice between a variety of rewards thatcan be either good or bad.Be sure to save before initiating this quest.

I got the good rewards for the Intelligence option, but got bad ones for Finesse and Strength.

Can you make a skillbook from the hailstorm scroll?

As Fane, I passed with 3 persuasion and EITHER 30 int for the int check or the finesse check. IF YOURE ROLLING FOR A SPECIFIC SKILLBOOK, or just one youd potentially use, use a save BEFORE going down the vines… or maybe simply before your character says something about the lamp.

Hi, adding to the earlier comment (Summon it at Jahan) should also mention persuassion failure leads to combat in the first table.

is the skillbook really random? I keep loading the good knowledge reward and keep getting chain lighting

i sold the god damn necklace and still they find it in my bag and arrest me….. OK larian!

You can hold the lamp in yourinventory and summon the Djinn in a more public place such as theDriftwood Marketplace to make the battle significantly easier.

Coming across a lamp on the beach, you are afforded the opportunity to be granted a wish. But how lucky will you be?

Could also do it at Driftwood Marketplace but tend to have some neutral party to die along.

Dschinn at lvl 22 – 3129 physical Armor – 9388 magic Armor – 11773 live and gives 289500 exp

Magisters will constantly want to inspect you

208,250 Exp for killing him @ level 21.

After the recent patch I pass the intelligence and finesse checks and still get the bad reward. The djinn has nothing but contempt for you and apparently wont give you anything good.

Choosing any wish (good or bad) will always leaves the character with the Hollow Lamp 9,750 EXP.

You cant bring the lamp along wit you when you go to the Nameless Isle, so it is recommended to fight him at lvl17 or 18, or when you are about to leave to maximise experience

Warning: Do not be misled by the Persuasion Success! message.High Persuasion will allow you to pass this initial check even if the choice is actually bad.

Fought him after Sahda encounter, 149850xp at 20

That djinn was a douchebag and thats why his godwoken powers were denied, but he didnt even learn from that. So begone. I was glad to kill him.

The scimitar is a weapon level 9, it is not scaled to players level.

or summon at ferrymen and transport in the deathfog

Getting blinded after wishing to have enemies wiped from your sight has gotta be one of the funniest jokes in the game.

Passed the Finesse talk option and then chose wish for power and got hit by lightning. Dont know how the good rewards/wishes work…

Simple Solution:Based on multiple reports, the Djinn doesnt really offerany significant enough rewardworthspending the time to consider,so just kill him and take the EXP.The only thing to keep in mind is that the Djinns level scales based on yours, which means that youcangain more EXP if you choose to hold onto the lamp for now and fight the Djinn at a later time.

Not only intellegence rewards are good, Mystic+Finesse is good too

Won with Strength check, picked wisdom… Got a childs coloring book filled with pictures of muscled Djinn calling the reader an idiot!

And to my previous speaker – you can bring the lamp to Arx…

Sell him to an npc in driftwood and have fun. Make sure you wipe all traders clean beforehand. Easiest way to kill him

I passed the finesse check and still got a stolen amulet? Should have just killed him I guess lol

summon the Djinn in a more public place such as the Driftwood Marketplace to make the battle significantly easier.

If you kill the Djinn, you willobtain a Hollow Lamp worth 2,000 Gold and EXP that is dependent on your current level, as the Djinns level scales with yours. For example, you will gain 5,575 EXP at level 10, 10,775 EXP at level 12 and 55,800 EXP at level 17.

Btw if u wish to be able to wipe your enemys from sight. You go blind, and that the big lol.

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