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Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction Guides and FAQs

_____.___. ________.__ ________ .__ ._. \__ __ __ / _____/__ \_____ \ __ / \ ______ / \ ___ ______ / \ \ \____ / /_____/ \ \_\ \ /_____/ / \ Y \ / __________/ \______ /__ \_______ /___ /_ \/ \/ \/ \/\/ __________ .__ _____ _____ \______ \ ____ _____ __ _____/ ____\ _____/ ____\ _// __ \ / ___/ \_/ __ \ __\ / _ \ __\ \ ___/ \___ \ Y \ ___/ ( _ ) _____ /\___ ____ ___ /\___ __ \____/__ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ ________ __ __ .__ \______ \ ____ _______/ ________ __ __ _____/ ___ ____ ____ \_/ __ \ / ___/\ __\_ __ \ \_/ ___\ __\ / _ \ / \ ` \ ___/ \___ \ \/ /\ \___ ( _ ) \ /_______ /\___ ____ __ __ ____/ \___ __ __\____/___ / \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ Title of Game: Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction Name of System: Game Boy Advance Type of Guide: Character Decks Guide Number of Version: Version 4.9 Last Revision Date: 02-08-17 Name of Writer: Raph136 (previously known as Tails333) Table of Contents —————– 1. Introduction 2. Version History 3. Hints and Tips 4. Singledeck Characters 4.01 – Tristan Taylor 4.02 – Yugi Muto 4.03 – Joey Wheeler 4.04 – Rebecca 4.05 – Roland 4.06 – Mokuba 4.07 – Puppeter of Doom 4.08 – Lector 4.09 – Johnny Steps 4.10 – Crump 4.11 – Strings 4.12 – Umbra 4.13 – Lumis 4.14 – Arkana 4.15 – Bandit Keith 4.16 – Odion 4.17 – Marik Ishtar 4.18 – Shimon Muran (Paradox) 4.19 – Dark Mokuba 4.20 – Seto Kaiba 4.21 – Sol Chevalsky 4.22 – Reshef the Dark Being 5. Multideck Characters 5.01 – Duke Devlin 5.02 – Panik 5.03 – Mimic of Doom 5.04 – Para 5.05 – Dox 5.06 – Jean-Claude Magnum 5.07 – Rare Hunter 5.08 – Bonz 5.09 – Rex Raptor 5.10 – Weevil Underwood 5.11 – Mako Tsunami 5.12 – Mai Valentine 5.13 – Espa Roba 6. Duel Computer 6.01 – Novice Level 6.02 – Standard Level 6.03 – Expert Level 7. Hall of Eternity Duelists 7.01 – Maximillion Pegasus 7.02 – Seto Kaiba 7.03 – Dark Joey 7.04 – Yami Bakura 7.05 – Yami Yugi 7.06 – Yami Marik 7.07 – Noah 7.08 – Shadi 7.09 – Shimon Muran (Paradox) 8. Miscellaneous Duelists 9. Robotic Monkeys 10. Neo Ghouls 11. Millennium Guardians 12. Chevaliers 13. Credits 14. Contact Information 15. Copyright Information 1. Introduction First of all, thank you for choosing to read my Character Decks Guide for Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction. This guide lists the decklists of all the duelists in this game. In addition to listing the character decks, I have also written strategies for the Protagonists, Antagonists and Hall of Eternity Duelists. Thanks Slipknot_Rulezz for giving information on the decks of the Protagonists, Antagonists, Miscellaneous, Robotic Monkeys, Neo Ghouls, Millennium Guardians, and Chevaliers. 2. Version History Version 1.0, 12th November 2005: ——————————– *Submitted the FAQ. Version 1.1, 25th November 2005: ——————————– Updated the Hints and Tips section. Version 1.2, 17th December 2005: ——————————– Added the Monkey Character Decks, Ghouls Character Decks, the Guardian Character Decks and the Imposter Character Decks. Thanks Slipknot_Rulezz for giving the deck lists. Version 1.3, 7th January 2006: —————————— Added the Other Character Decks. Thanks Slipknot_Rulezz for giving the deck lists. Version 1.4, 25th March 2006: —————————– Reformatted the Character Deck Lists. The cards are now divided into Monster Cards, Trap Cards and Magic Cards. Version 1.5, 19th August 2006: —————————— Changed formatting and rewrote the Table of Contents. Added ASCII art to the top of the FAQ. Version 1.6, 23rd September 2006: ——————————— Added Chapter 1 Character Decks, thanks to Slipknot_Rulezz. Version 1.7, 30th September 2006: ——————————— Reformatted the Chapter 1 Character Decks section and added Chapter 2 Character Decks. Version 1.8, 7th October 2006: —————————— Reformatted the Chapter 2 Character Decks and fixed other Character Decks, thanks to Slipknot_Rulezz. Version 1.9, 14th October 2006: ——————————- Changed the entire Table of Contents. The character decks are now divided into six sections: Protagonists, Antagonists, Miscellaneous, Robotic Monkeys, Neo Ghouls, and Millennium Guardians. Added and fixed decks, thanks to Slipknot_Rulezz. Version 2.0, 21st October 2006: ——————————- Updated Hints and Tips. Version 2.1, 28th October 2006: ——————————- Fixed a few errors in Hints and Tips. Added Strategies for Yugi Muto and Joey Wheeler. The character decks are now divided into seven sections: Protagonists, Antagonists, Miscellaneous, Robotic Monkeys, Neo Ghouls, Millennium Guardians, and Chevaliers. Added and fixed decks, thanks to Slipknot_Rulezz. Version 2.2, 4th November 2006: ——————————- Added and fixed decks, thanks to Slipknot_Rulezz. Version 2.3, 25th November 2006: ——————————– Added more Miscellaneous Character Decks, thanks to Slipknot_Rulezz. Version 2.4, 16th December 2006: ——————————– Updated Character Decks and Hints & Tips. Version 2.5, 3rd February 2007: ——————————- Changed the format of the Character Decks. Version 2.6, 20th October 2007: ——————————- Updated the Hints and Tips. Version 2.7, 21st February 2008: ——————————– Added the decks of the Hall of Eternity Duelists. Version 2.8, 16th January 2009: ——————————- Added the Domino and DC that you receive from Sol and Reshef. Version 2.9, 8th March 2013: —————————- *Tidied up Version History and character deck strategies. Version 3.0, 19th April 2013: —————————– *Added info to character deck strategies. Version 3.1, 29th January 2016: ——————————- *Added some stuff to Hints and Tips. Version 3.2, 15th February 2016: ——————————– *Tidied up Hints and Tips. Version 3.3, 19th February 2016: ——————————– *Added a bit of info to Hints and Tips. *Tidied up some character deck strategies. Version 3.4, 22nd February 2016: ——————————– *Added a bit more info to Hints and Tips. *Added a bit of info to the strategy for Yami Marik. Version 3.5, 3rd March 2016: —————————- *Added a bit more info to Hints and Tips. *Added a bit of info to the strategy for Yami Yugi. Version 3.6, 14th March 2016: —————————– *Added a bit of info to Hints and Tips. Version 3.7, 6th April 2016: —————————- *Added a tip to Hints and Tips. Version 3.8, 22nd August 2016: —————————— *Replaced the word Path with Path. *Corrected Bandit Keiths deck (credited to ). *Changed a bit of info about when to save to Hints and Tips. Version 3.9, 5th September 2016: ——————————– *Tidied up Introduction. *Added a bit of info to the strategies for Yugi Muto, Joey Wheeler and Duke Devlin. *Put Paradox in brackets beside Shimon Murans name in the Table of Contents. Version 4.0, 9th September 2016: ——————————– *Added a tip to Hints and Tips. Version 4.1, 11th September 2016: ——————————— *Added a bit of info and tidied up the strategies for Rebecca, Panik, Puppeteer, Mimic, Rare Hunter and Millennium Guardian (Egyptian Exhibition). Version 4.2, 13th September 2016: ——————————— *Added a bit of info to the strategies for Sol, Reshef, Duke and Rare Hunter. Version 4.3, 18th September 2016: ——————————— *Tidied up Hints and Tips. *Added a bit of info to the strategies for Reshef and Mimic. Version 4.4, 22nd September 2016: ——————————— *Tidied up the Table of Contents by adding new sections in place of old ones. *Added a bit of info to the strategies for Rare Hunter, Para and Dox. Version 4.5, 1st October 2016: —————————— *Updated Hints and Tips. *Added some info to the strategy for Odion. *Updated my GameFAQs username. Version 4.6, 17th October 2016: ——————————- *Added some hints and tips written by port753. Version 4.7, 12th July 2017: —————————- *Added a bit of info to the strategy for Bandit Keith. *Tidied up strategies. Version 4.8, 26th July 2017: —————————- *Added a bit of info to the strategies for Kaiba and Sol. Version 4.9, 2nd August 2017: —————————– *Fixed an error regarding Sol. 3. Hints and Tips This section lists hints and tips that should give you some assistance in playing this game. *Cards such as Brain Control and Monster Reborn can be used to steal your opponents monsters so you can use them as sacrifices to summon your stronger tribute monsters. *If your opponent has strong defensive monsters on the field, I advise using Stop Defence to switch them to attack position, so you can destroy them with ease. *Brain Control can take control of your opponents strongest monster for one turn and it can also destroy the monster as well. You cant discard it from the field, but you can sacrifice it to summon a strong monster. If you dont have anything you can summon in your hand, you can still sacrifice your opponents monster and itll be sent straight to the graveyard. *A lot of opponents specialise in using monsters with specific Summons, so you can fill your deck with monsters of a superior Summon to destroy them. This strategy wont work against duelists with varied Summons, though, as you probably wont have the right monsters most of the time. *The Kuriboh/Multiply combo is a good strategy to defeat duelists. If you have an Egyptian God Card, Kuriboh, and Multiply in your hand, youre almost guaranteed to be able to summon your God Card on your next turn. Summon a Kuriboh to your field and play Multiply to cover the field with up to 5 Kuribohs. If you can keep three monsters on the field, youll be able to summon your God Card. *Cards such as Spellbinding Circle, Mammoth Graveyard and Viser Des are good for weakening your opponents monsters. Although cards like Shadow Spell, Dark Jeroid and Red Archery Girl are more powerful, they have a high Deck Capacity and/or can be destroyed/stolen too easily. *I advise having a lot of monster destruction cards in your deck to deal with your opponents monsters. Beckon to Darkness, Raigeki, Dark Hole, Crush Card, Bear Trap, Invisible Wire, Acid Trap Hole, Widespread Ruin, Torrential Tribute, Fiends Hand, Beastking of the Swamps and Trap Master are examples of good monster destruction. I also advise using some monster immobilization cards to delay an opponents actions. Infinite Dismissal, Amazon Archer, Swords of Revealing Light, Messenger of Peace, Nemuriko, Invitation to a Dark Sleep and Electric Lizard are examples of good monster immobilization. *If you want to gather enough monsters as tribute fodder to summon your strong tribute monsters, I advise using the abilities of Dorons, Toad Masters, Ancient Lamps and Revival Jams to help summon them. Since your opponents have an unfair advantage in duels, this strategy is the best way to defeat them. If you attach Equip Cards to the above monsters and activate their abilities, the new monsters will be powered up as well. For example, if you equip Megamorph to Doron and activate its ability, the new Doron will be powered up too. *If you want to activate the temporary effects of your Effect Monsters again, I suggest playing Darkness Approaches. All your monsters will be switched from face-up to face-down position, thus allowing you to use their effects again. Relinquished and Thousand-Eyes Restrict are both exceptions, though, since they adapt to a targeted monsters parameters permanently. *I advise having only about 5-6 tribute monsters in your deck, as they require tributes to be summoned. Id recommend having a lot of non-tribute monsters to avoid getting an opening hand with only spells, traps and tribute ones. *If your opponent places Magic/Trap Cards on the field, I suggest playing Harpies Feather Duster to destroy them before he/she can activate them. The Magic Card is very useful when you start progressing through the game, since your opponents will start playing Magic/Trap Cards on the field as a backup plan. *I advise saving your game often, preferably after every duel. The game almost never auto-saves, so you must save to record your progress. If you lose a rare Ante Card to someone, you can re-load your last save to get it back. *If your opponent specialises in using certain monster types, you can use specific monster destruction cards, such as Eternal Rest and Warrior Elimination, to destroy them. *I advise not using Ritual Magic Cards, as they require specific tributes and it can be difficult gathering enough monsters. For example, if you activate Dark Magic Ritual, a Dark Magician is needed. *If your opponent uses Magic Cards to power his/her monsters, I suggest placing a Reverse Trap on the field to counter their effects. If they are used, the Trap Card will cut the ATK/DEF of the equipped monster. *If your opponent uses attack spells like Sparks and Tremendous Fire, I suggest placing a Goblin Fan on the field to counter their effects. If they are used, the Trap Card will reflect a direct Life Point attack back at your opponent. Goblin Fan also works against Effect Monsters, such as Reflect Bounder and Exarion Universe, that inflict Life Point damage. *Although attack spells, such as Sparks and Tremendous Fire, can inflict direct Life Point damage on your opponent, the LP loss is actually meagre. Restoration spells, such as Goblins Secret Remedy and Dian Keto the Cure Master, are much better. The latter Magic Cards can increase your Life Points by up to 5,000 in contrast to the former Magic Cards that can only inflict up to 1,000 direct LP damage on your opponent. *If you suspect that your opponent has a Trap Card face-down on the field, you can attack with a weak monster to set it off. That way, your strong monsters will be safe from its effect. Note that this strategy doesnt work against Torrential Tribute, since the Trap Card can destroy all your monsters instead of just one. *I advise not using Exodia, as its win condition requires specific cards and you cant search for the pieces. *If Different Dimension Dragon/Vampire Lord is in your graveyard at the start of your turn, the monster is resurrected to your side of the field. Although you can discard it to make it appear on your field next turn, it is important to note that you can only have 1 monster in your graveyard at a time. If another monster is sent there, the above monsters will disappear. Your opponent may also use a Gravedigger Ghoul to remove them from the graveyard. In addition, they have a high Deck Capacity and can be stolen too easily. If they are stolen, your opponent will get the resurrection effect, so watch out. Try to have Vampire Lord/Different Dimension Dragon on the far right side of the field, so itll be the one that is sent to the graveyard if multiple monters are destroyed at the same time. *It can be advantageous to place a Jam Breeding Machine on the field. At the start of your turn, it summons a Change Slime to your field. You can use the monsters as tribute fodder in order to summon your strong ones. However, you cannot summon any other monster when the Magic Card is on the field. I suggest discarding Jam Breeding Machine the moment that you have the required number of monsters, so you can summon your strong ones on your next turn. *If you have some Water-Summon monsters in your deck, I advise using Lava Golem. If Lava Golem is in your hand, it will appear on your opponents field in exchange for sacrificing 2 of his/her monsters. Although your opponent now controls the Effect Monster, your Water monsters can destroy it via Summon advantage. This is a good way of getting rid of an opponents monsters. *I advise adding a Mammoth Graveyard to your deck. The Effect Monster can power down every monster on the opponents field. Since you can have 3 copies of the monster in your deck, I advise summoning 3 Mammoth Graveyards to decrease the ATK of your opponents monsters immensely. For example, if an enemy Vorse Raider is on the field, 3 Mammoth Graveyards will decrease its ATK by 1500 points, bringing it down to 400. The following info is written by port753: The issue I have with perm effect monsters is that they SLLLLOOOOOO the duel so much. Witchs Apprentice, Perfect Machine King, Mammoth Graveyard, Lava/Swamp Battleguard, M1 Warrior and M2 Warrior, Nightmare Penguin. You should stress if you do not need the extra strength of these monsters, to not add them in your deck. The only time these effects should be utilized are for story bosses. DEFINITELY NOT FOR GRINDING [End of input by port753] *I advise adding a Dark Flare Knight to your deck. Although the card is expensive to buy from Grandpas Game Shop, it is worth it. If Dark Flare Knight is in your graveyard, it will summon a Mirage Knight to the field. Since Mirage Knight will split into a Dark Magician and a Flame Swordsman, youll have two strong monsters on the field to attack with or defend your LP. If you discard Dark Flare Knight to the graveyard, Mirage Knight will be summoned immediately, so you dont have to summon the Effect Monster at all. *Messenger of Peace can delay an opponents actions and prevent him/her from sacrificing monsters with 1500 ATK or more to summon stronger ones. Since you probably have a lot of weak monsters in your deck, they wont be affected by this and youll be able to keep them on the field until you can summon your stronger tribute monsters. Make sure you discard Messenger of Peace afterwards, though, to avoid losing any more LP. *The Winged Dragon of Ra (Phoenix Mode) can be used to easily win a duel. If you discard Ras Phoenix Mode to the graveyard, its Battle Mode will be summoned immediately, so you dont have to summon the Egyptian God Card at all. Once Ra is on the field, you should win the duel as long as it doesnt get powered down a lot or destroyed by a stronger monster. *If you dont want to spend money purchasing a card at Grandpas Game Shop, I advise checking my Character Decks Guide to see if a character has the card in his/her deck. If he/she does, you may receive it if you ante a rare card in a duel. Note that you may have the duel the character several times to obtain the card you want. *Your Life Points arent automatically restored after each duel in this game. If you are challenging multiple duelists in a row, I advise restoring your Life Points whenever you can. That way, youll avoid facing your opponents with low LP. If this isnt an option, try using restoration spells such as Dian Keto the Cure Master and Goblins Secret Remedy to maintain LP. *I advise challenging Yugi Muto repeatedly, as he drops a lot of good Ante Cards that you can keep or sell. When you have completed Chapter 5, Tristan will give you good cards from that point in the game, so I suggest challenging him instead. *Bosses and Misc. Duelists usually give 3 Deck Capacity, while Re-Match Duelists generally give you 1 DC. This makes the game very hard to complete, since the useful cards have a high DC, so youll need to grind for an hour or two every now and then to be able to add better cards to your deck. You dont need non-tribute monsters with 1300 ATK or more in the second half of the game, though, as you can finish the game fine without them. *Although you can receive money from duelists, they (especially the easy ones) only give you small amounts of Domino. This makes cards hard to buy, as the useful ones are very expensive. Even Bosses only pay out 400-2500 Domino, so its better to sell rare Ante Cards instead for cash. Aside from Bosses, the richest duelists are Marik, Odion, Bonz, Weevil, Mako, Espa, Mai and Rex. They each give you 800-1600 Domino, but they are hard to beat (Bonz and Rex arent that hard, though). The Chevaliers each give 500-700 Domino and are easier opponents. *Towards the end of the game, I recommend challenging the Duel Computer (Standard Level) repeatedly. Like Yugi Muto, it drops good Ante Cards that you can sell, except their selling price is much higher. Expert is worth dueling as well, since it drops good cards that you can keep. *If youre having difficulty grinding, I advise challenging Tristan or the Duel Computer (Novice Level), as they are the easiest opponents in the game. *Prior to Chapter 3, I suggest adding 3 copies of Hourglass of Life to your deck. The Effect Monster can power up all your monsters in exchange for 1,000 Life Points. Since enemy monsters are only slightly stronger than yours at that point in the game, you can use Hourglass of Lifes special ability to make your monsters more powerful than theirs. When you begin Chapter 3, I advise dumping Hourglass of Life, as its ability wont make your monsters powerful enough to destroy stronger ones. *Prior to Chapter 5, I suggest using the Baby Dragon/Time Wizard combo. The latter can transform the former into a Thousand Dragon. This allows you to summon Thousand Dragon without having to sacrifice two monsters first. When you begin Chapter 5, I advise dumping Baby Dragon and Time Wizard, since duelists will use Trap/Magic Cards and Summon advantage to destroy them before you can summon Thousand Dragon. *If you can play Link Duels, I advise challenging a friend repeatedly. You receive an increase of 10 DC and 5 DC if you win and lose, respectively. This is much higher than the increase you receive in the main game, so I advise dueling a friend repeatedly to have an easier time getting DC. *If a card isnt on sale in the Game Shop, you can input the cards password into the Password Machine to obtain it. That card will then be available to buy from the shop. Note that it costs 1000 Domino to use the machine. *If your monster has the same ATK as the AIs strongest one, it will almost always attack yours. One exception I have found is if you also have a stronger monster on your field. The cpu will just go into defense mode, rather than lose its monster in a suicide attack (credited to port753). *If you place a monster face-down in defence mode, a CPU opponent will always attack it first. If the opponent has strong defensive monsters on the field, you can trick him/her into attacking with them and theyll be left in attack position. You can also fool him/her into attacking monsters that are stronger or have a superior Summon. This works even if you play Castle of Dark Illusions or Darkness Approaches to switch cards from face-up to face-down position. *If you want to summon 3 monsters in one turn, I suggest adding a Puppet Master and a Gernia to your deck. When you have Gernia and Puppet Master in your hand, summon the former and protect it until your next turn. Now Tribute Summon Puppet Master with Gernia and pay 1,000 LP to Special Summon 3 Fiend- Type monsters. *Similar to Lava Golem, Parasite Paracide can remove monsters from your opponents field by latching onto a monster. *If you want to use some strong non-God Card tribute monsters, I suggest choosing a variety of one-tribute monster types that can take advantage of the different terrains. Although two/three-tribute monsters are more powerful (eg. Gilford the Lightning), it can be hard gathering enough monsters to sacrifice. Peacock, Spirit of the Winds, Akihiron and Ansatsu are examples of good value monsters at the start of the game, as they each have 1700 ATK and 25 Deck Capacity. Dark Magician Girl, The Earl of Demise, Monstrous Bird, Garvas and Sea King Dragon are examples of good monsters later on, as they each have 2000 ATK and 86 DC. *Whilst Harpies Feather Duster can destroy all your opponents magic/traps, its a Limited Card, so you may need other trap destruction cards as an alternative. Reaper of the Cards is a good value monster, as you can find out whether the opponent has any traps on the field without attacking and, if so, destroy 1 trap. This is useful for eliminating the most destructive trap, Torrential Tribute. Although Jinzo is more powerful, it has a high Deck Capacity and can be stolen too easily. *Although Final Destiny and Heavy Storm can both destroy all cards from your opponents field and/or hand, it is important to note that these magic will do the same to you as well. Therefore, they are risky cards to play, so you must be cautious about their use. Final Destiny can be used to turn things around if you topdeck good cards and your opponent doesnt. *If you want to build a Water-themed deck, I advise adding Nightmare Penguin, as it can power up Aqua, Fish, Sea Serpent and Reptile types (including itself) combining rather well with Kairyu-Shin. *When you are placing magic/traps on the field, try to only have 1-2 in your magic/trap zone at a time. That way, if the opponent uses a Harpies Feather Duster, you wont lose a lot of cards. *If you want to get around the Deck Capacity limitations, I suggest adding cards with 0 DC to reduce the amount needed to construct a deck. Infinite Dismissal, Puppet Master, Satellite Cannon and Jam Breeding Machine are examples. *I recommend having a balanced ratio of 2:1 in monsters versus spells and traps to make planning strategies easier. *If you want to draw another card or two, I advise using Pot of Greed, Goddess of Whim and Skelengel. That way, you have a greater chance of getting the card you want more quickly. *If you dont mind waiting for Petit Moth to evolve into its later stages of evolution, I recommend adding one or two to your deck, as it can evolve into the formidable Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth. *Whether or not you win a duel can depend on your opening hand or your opponents. If he/she gets a bad hand or you get a good one, winning should be easier. If the opponent gets a good hand, winning will be harder, as he/shell probably play a lot of cards to catch you offguard in the first few turns, though he/she might run out of cards to play for a while if he/she uses up a lot of them straight away. *I advise not using Ras Battle Mode effect to win a duel, as your LP will be reduced to 1 in the process. And thats not good when dueling multiple opponents in a row or ones with high LP. Youre better off attacking with Ra normally. *Towards the end of the game, the main threats to your strategy will be: Raigeki, Harpies Feather Duster, Swords of Revealing Light, Torrential Tribute, and Monster Control/Destruction cards. Your opponent will play many of these cards in good timing to catch you offguard by doing actions at anytime during his/her turn (eg. playing Raigeki to destroy all your monsters and then Harpies Feather Duster to do the same to your traps, attacking with his/her own monsters first and then stealing your monsters to attack again, etc). Fortunately, the CPU isnt that bad most of the time, as the examples that Ive listed only happen to me on rare occasions. *If you suspect your opponent has a Torrential Tribute face-down on the field, I advise having only 2-3 monsters on your field at a time. That way, if you attack and trigger a TT, you wont lose a lot of monsters. *In the last few chapters, I advise only having a few strong non-God Card monsters. Not only do they have a high Deck Capacity, but they can be destroyed or stolen to inflict major damage too easily. Have some weaker monsters, such as Doron and Toad Master, as they wont inflict much damage if theyre stolen and you can use them as bait to trick your opponent into attacking. Some Fiend and Spellcaster-Type monsters are worth putting in your deck at this point, as they can take advantage of the Yami field, which is the default field type in most duels with Bosses. *If you want to see what cards are in your opponents hand, I advise using Monster Eye and The Inexperienced Spy. As an added bonus, all revealed cards are changed to face-up position, so he/she cant activate the temporary effects of Effect Monsters. *I recommend checking to see how many cards are in your opponents hand every now and then so youll know if you have hand advantage or not. *If a CPU opponent has any magic/traps in his/her hand, he/she will always place them face-down on the field straight away as long as his/her magic/trap zone isnt used up. Therefore, you can play magic/trap destruction cards such as Harpies Feather Duster and Heavy Storm to destroy some of your opponents cards before he/she gets a chance to use them. *Most opponents will use monster destruction cards such as Fiends Hand and Beckon to Darkness that target 1 monster, so try to have at least 2 strong monsters on your field at a time. A few duelists will use monster destruction such as Raigeki and Final Destiny that target multiple monsters, so watch out. *In addition to using field magic, you can also change the terrain by using certain monsters such as Kairyu-Shin, Spirit of the Mountain, Trent and Curse of Dragon. *Divine-Summon monsters arent that good (they require a Duelist Level of 999 anyway), but they each sell for around 2000 Domino. *You can play Dark Hole or Heavy Storm in between sacrificing a monster and doing a Tribute Summon. They can become practically costless if you have only a few cards on the field. *A CPU opponent activates magic every chance it gets, so if you suspect the opponent has a monster control card face-down on the field, you can trick him/ her into stealing one of your weaker monsters. *Be prepared to lose a lot of duels. Most of your opponents will summon monsters that are stronger than yours. In addition, they will typically have powerful Trap and Magic Cards at their disposal. It takes a lot of skill and luck to defeat them, but they are beatable, as I managed to beat the game without cheats in 2 months in 2004. I probably would have fi

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