AC DraftShields

A/C Draftshields are the solution. It gives builders a helping hand in effectively covering and sealing the air conditioning unit, grilles and ducts. A/C Draftshields can be repeatedly reused on multiple jobs. A/C Draftshields can be stacked together, saving space.

I purchased an A/C DraftShield which is an air vent cover. I used to sit in my office and freeze all day from the A/C constantly blowing straight…

Q1:I have round vents. Will these work?

A3:Yes, A/C DraftShields work perfectly for that purpose.

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A/C DraftShield Double Hook with Cord Locks and Lanyards

The easiest product to install…immediate stop of duct draft…but should advertise more…I didnt know they existed until I found them accidentally…great product!

No Brainer.Extremely easy to install, it stopped the nasty draft from the attic AC ducts, and it looks good. I just wish all the other vents were that easy.

The salesperson was very courteous and professional on the phone .

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A-C Draftsheild saved my life, really..I just moved into a Senior building, October 2016, with central heat/hair. To say there were wars over temperature, would be a gross understatement. After having the damper closed in my roon, I still felt the wild temperature flucuations, none of them comfortable, After I received, and installed myself in less than 10 mins, my A-C Draftshield, PROBLEM SOLVED! I consider myself off this grid now. I control temperature with windows and blinds, letting sun in, or not. Thank you so much – I couldnt have remained here without it!

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Double Wall Stainless Steel Venting

Made for long-term use: A/C DraftShield covers seal with a foam material engineered specifically to last for many years.

A/C DraftShield air vent covers. Block drafts in winter & summer.

Installing the A/C Draftshield takes just seconds on any grille, register or vent cover. It will work to cover wood, plastic, metal or aluminum vents. A cord and lanyard lock attachment system is included with every A/C DraftShield product. No tools necessary.

Im very satisfied to have purchased these AC vent covers. It was simple to install over the vents and they have an elegant appearance. These covers complete effectively what they are suppose to do, and that is to save wasted energy.

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You have closed your vent louvers, but you still feel a draft. You need AC DraftShield vent covers. They will seal your air conditioning system registers and block cold air from entering the room.

AC DraftShields blocks the cold drafts, prevents moisture from entering the duct and A/C system, inhibit the increase of mildew and mold, and keep the house cozy and warm. Using A/C DraftShield vent covers will protect from heat loss and lead to huge energy savings every year.

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Also recommend for people who use humidifiers to prevent moisture in the air from condensing in attic ducts, then causing water stains around the registers in the rooms that use humidifiers.

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You can reuse your A/C DraftShields every heating season. Conveniently store your A/C DraftShields compactly inside the original packing carton.

Im loving mine! Thank you for all ur help and support! Will be buying 2 more for my parents soon!

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Filtration Vent Cover, 24 x 24 Elima-Draft, Allergy Relief

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Floor sanding, renovations and home remodeling may cause dust and debris to enter the HVAC system. Good builders and contractors know to block vents and ducts during construction or projects. Cardboard, duct tape and other disposable materials dont seal well and often fall off the vents. Removing tape that you might have used to seal the vents can pull off the wall or ceiling paint, causing repainting time and expense.

Foam material will not cause yellowing or leave marks on your walls and ceilings.

Advantages:no more condensation from air ducts

Simple to install and removeand very efficient (It stopped the cold air leakage. Plus they are attractive as they are practically invisible.

A2:Yes, theAC Draft Shield will work to cover wall and floor registers just as effectively as ceiling vents.

Q2:Will these work to cover wall vents?

A/C DraftShields patent-pending design works on vents of several size vents. The foam seal snugly contacts with the ceiling or wall surrounding the grille/vent. This completely eliminates leakage and drafts from the vent. AC DraftShield also works on through-the-wall air conditioning units.

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These vent covers are perfect!! The install is so easy and they worked without a hitch!! Wish I found them before I unscrewed the vent covers and put Styrofoam in each one!!! Highly recommend them.

Elima-Draft Air Conditioner/Heat Ceiling/Wall Vent/Register Covers

Elima-Draft Air Conditioner/Heat Ceiling/Wall Vent/Register Covers

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See All Reviews5 Most useful customer reviewsRobert RoutsonFeb 10, 2018This customer purchased this item.Well designed product. GadgetsGo provided excellent pricing and outstanding customer service.

Stop excessive A/C air blowing on you insummerwith ceiling vent covers.

A/C DraftShield air vent covers. Block drafts in winter & summer.

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Again, many thanks! Very best, Loretta

Home winterization and summer insulation:The A/C DraftShield will significantly decrease your heating costs. In winter homeowners with uncovered air conditioners spend more than $200 in heating costs that could be saved by using A/C DraftShield vent covers. They are designed to conserve energy, prevent heat loss and icy drafts from entering through open vents.

Elima-Draft Commercial 24 x 24 Vent Cover. Stops leaky vents.

Your dealing with my situation has been brilliant and I appreciate that very much. What goes around comes around. I believe in karma. Best…

For homes with separate space heating and A/C systems, through the central airway system, the average home loses 30% of the the heat produced by its heating systems during the cold months of the winter, fall and spring. Here is how: A typical home has a 15F to 20F difference between the heated air near the ceiling of the room and the recycled, cold air that flows from the lower air ducts. Hot air rises, gets drawn through the unsealed vents, and is re-introduced as icy drafts.This causes uncomfortable drafts and wastes energy.

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A/C DraftShield air vent covers. Block drafts in winter & summer.

Elima-Draft Air Conditioner/Heat Ceiling/Wall Vent/Register Covers

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A1:Yes! They will work fine. Just buy the AC Draft Shield width that is greater than the diameter of your round register vents.

We ordered products and delivery was to be in 5-7 business days and we received ours in 2. Product is perfect and arrival was extremely fast.

A lanyard attachment and locking system is included with each A/C DraftShield cover.

Elima-Draft Home Air Vent/Register Filtration Covers

Filtration Vent Cover, 24 x 24 Elima-Draft, Allergy Relief

Awesome product & great customer service!!This product is very rewarding and the customer service was exceptional. I would suggest this product to anyone!

Advantages:Blends in nicely, and provides effective draft control

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Im recommending you to the property manager here, in case there are future problems.

Foam conforms to irregular ceiling and wall surfaces for the best draft seal possible

The included attachment devices did not work for my vents, but after some experimenting I used magnets purchased separately which were very effective and made for a simple installation.

Wonderful products and great service. Very happy with my purchase!

The A/C Vent Covercame with no problems at all. This is the first time I use them, so I cannot rate how much cold draft they can keep out. I am getting ready for the cold months ahead. This cover fits onto the grill and not around it, as seen in the video. And it would be nice if I see a discount for quantity orders, as most houses have more than one vents to cover.

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Q3:Will these covers stop cigarette smoke and unwanted odors from entering through the vents?

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Single Wall Stainless Steel Venting

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This Grill coveris a simple idea of stopping cold air intrusion during wintertime. Very easy to install & remove, no tools needed. Nice and clean look. I just wish they had round draft shields for my round grills.

Filter Refills for Vent Covers, 24 x 24, 3-pack

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