How to Adhere a Ceiling Vent to Drywall

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Based outside Atlanta, Ga., Shala Munroe has been writing and copy editing since 1995. Beginning her career at newspapers such as the Marietta Daily Journal and the Atlanta Business Chronicle, she most recently worked in communications and management for several nonprofit organizations before purchasing a flower shop in 2006. She earned a BA in communications from Jacksonville State University.

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Drive the screws into the anchors with a screwdriver. Most drywall anchor sets come with screws designed to fit each anchor. If not, make sure you buy the same size anchor and screw to ensure a tight fit. If possible, have a friend help you hold the vent in place while you add the screws. Tighten each screw against the vent. Then drywall anchors expand inside the drywall as you tighten the screws, creating a secure hold.

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Ceiling vents typically connect to the joists above the drywall ceiling to add stability to the vent as it covers the duct. When your joists are too far from where you need to place your ceiling vent, you can attach the vent directly to the outside of the drywall using drywall anchors. Without anchors, the drywall is likely to crumble when you screw directly into it without forming a tight seal around the screw.

Use a lightweight vent cover when attaching it to a drywall ceiling. If you cant find a plastic vent, look for a light aluminum model. Drywall cant hold much weight, so the lighter your vent cover, the more likely it is to stay in your ceiling long-term.


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Install an Air Return Grille in a Sheetrock Ceiling


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Handy Owner: How to Hang Stuff on Drywall Using Anchors and Fasteners

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Handyman How To: How to Install an Air Duct in a Suspended Drywall Ceiling Part 2

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Drill a hole into the ceiling drywall at each mark. The drill bit should be slightly smaller than the drywall anchors diameter, creating a tight and secure fit. Drill straight into the drywall ceiling, not at an angle.

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Vent Through a Ceiling to the Second Floor


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You can use drywall anchors to secure your ceiling vent.

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Munroe, Shala. How to Adhere a Ceiling Vent to Drywall.

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Munroe, Shala. How to Adhere a Ceiling Vent to Drywall accessed July 04, 2018.

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Munroe, Shala. (n.d.). How to Adhere a Ceiling Vent to Drywall.


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Drywall Around Air Conditioning Ducts

Lay the back of the vent on the ceiling, covering the open duct. Mark the holes in each corner or on each side with a pencil. Make sure the vent is large enough for the duct; the marks should be at least 1/2 inch from the duct opening. Remove the vent cover.

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Place the vent cover over the duct hole again, aligning the holes with the drilled holes in the ceiling. Push a drywall anchor into each hole. The anchors are ribbed, so it may take some force to get them all the way in. Tap them gently with a rubber mallet if necessary. Dont use a regular hammer, which could break the plastic.

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How to Adhere a Ceiling Vent to Drywall

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