Ancient Egypt Economy Trade and Alliances

Fish from the Nile were caught Markets were usually grouped together near Quay Sides, since ships and boats were the cheapest and fastest way of transportation. Merchants would compete against eachother for lower and better prices, more customers means more goods. Mining

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Most of the things mined were not that great of interest to anyone but a small number of rich people. Energy The main energy source of ancient times was muscle power from the people

It later collapsed due to the high taxing but with some changes it continued on The EndAncient Egypt Economy, Trade and Allianc…

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were just used as standardized pieces of metal and then later become a regular currency JEWS- The Jewesh people of Israel were conqered and forced into labour. The Jews have a link to the Old Testament in Egypt with the story of Moses. Although no solid evidence has been found to prove this story in Egypt, objects have been located relating to a Jewish family from the Persain era. The End Population There trade links increased since they could transport goods across the seas Most of the people who lived in Egypt lived among the land and in little villages

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Agriculture created most of Egypts wealth

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Grain, vegetables, fruit, cattle, goats, pigs and fowl were grown and taken care of

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Animals were used for moving things and for transportation, they relied on them for several tasks

came around the fifth century BCE from abroad.At first the coins

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They knew how to make fire and used the wind for energy when they sailed Slavery Most people who were slaves did labour work like mining, transporting things or building pyramids Taxation Ancient Egypt was known to be the most heavily taxed nation

A large section of the population worked as farmers and noblemen The money-barter system the economy was strictly controlled the ancient egyptians didnt coins until the late period. Instead they used the money-barter system to trade goods. Workers were paid in grains and prices were fixed and reported. Ancient Trade Routes Alliances Farming and Fishing

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Ancient Egypt Economy, Trade, and Alliances TRADE Trade started in ancient egpyt around the fourth century B.C. AHAHIYAWA- A small country near Egypt is mentioned to have had a close relationship with Egypt in the Hittite Records. It is not know exactly where this city was located, it is believed that it could have been located on one of the islands of Crete, Rhodes or Cyprus. This lasted from 1400 B.C until Egypt was taken over by the Romans in 550 BCE. Economy The Ancient Egyptains traded with countries that were around the Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea AKAWASHA- Part of the Sea-People, Allies with Egyptians during mid 1200s BCE. Eventually attempted to attack Egypt along with Lybia in the fifth year of Merneptas reign. No record of their city but the alliance and a record of a Akawashians hand getting amputated for stealing. The goods they trade for are things like silver,copper,animal skin and the main products they need are gold, wheat and barley. ASSYRIANS- Egypt and Assyria were mainly in conflict. They fought over the states in Syria and Palestine. Eventually, Assyria invaded Egypt and was forced to flee south. In 664 BCE The Assyrians invaded yet again this time capturing one of Egypts main cities, Thedes. In 616 BCE Assyria and Egypt forged an alliance due to threats from Babylonia and Medes. PERSIA- Had the largest Empire in the world at that time. The persain Empire stretched from Centrel Asia to Indus, and from Egypt to the Meditteranian. The alliance lasted 200 years until the fall of the Persains ROMANS- The Romans conquerd and ruled Egypt from 550 BCE to around 600 AD. Egypt was governed by the Roman senate therfore was no longer a independant country. With the conquering of Egypt came loss of thier kings, capital cities, and religion. Under Roman rule the main purpose for Egypt was to produce grain for the people of Rome. Ancient Egyption Currency

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From 239 BCE during Roman rule. The introduction of coined money

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