Development in the Ancient World

There are many interesting facts onthe Ancient Egyptians.Most of them created the modern world. It was said that in the ancient world,Ancient Egyptianswere famous for being the richest country. First of all, they traded a lot with the Mediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea, and theRed SeaAncient Egypttraded things like gold, wheat, barley, papyrus sheets, a lot of gold, silver, and copper, very precious stones and metals. Second,the Ancient Egyptianshad many great accomplishments because they traded a lot of important and rare objects.The Ancient Egyptianstraded with among other countries. They traded things like gold and incense. The Nubians built canals to make trading easier. Next, the economy of theAncient Egyptianswas also called theAncient CommandEconomy. The economies are planned, monitored, and controlled by the Pharaoh, after the successful businessmen paid their taxes, they stored their surpluses for future use or exchanged in the market. In the early period, they used a barter system until a later period, they were introduced to coined money by foreigners. These are the facts whyEgyptwas a very high economy country that had a developed economy system that is controlled by a Pharaoh.

Group members:Phone pyae(burmese), Muiz(malaysian), Rachel(indonesian)>

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