Ancient Egypt Map

Home of the Ptolemaic Temple of Isis.

Home to some of the most majestic ancient temples build by Ramesses II.

Capital city of the Greco-Roman Period of ancient Egypt.

The two sides of the Nile used to have different functions in ancient Egypt.:The Westwas the land of the dead, where tombs and funerary temples were, andthe Eastwould be the land of the living where homes and villages were plus the cult temples of the gods.

But not to worry, if you visit, youll realize everyone knows all the different names of the different cities.

home of the Ogdoad cosmology (it was a border town between Upper and Lower Egypt).

Some of the most important sites of ancient Upper Egypt:

Home of the Bent and Red Pyramids of Snefru.

For example I myself live in a city called Heliopolis (not the ancient one), which is considered to be part of greater Cairo, but this city also has the Arabic name of Misr Al Jadida

The Nile River splits the country in half, with almost all the inhabitants residing in cities or towns on the Niles shores. As we already know, the ancient Egyptians relied fully on the Niles yearly flooding to fertilize the soil

Cult center of Lionine deities such as the goddess Sekhmet.

One of ancient Egypts most important capital cities.

Capital city and and cult center of the god Horus of Nekhen.

Some of the most important sites of ancient Lower Egypt:

While the ancient city of Heliopolis (which is close to the one where I live) is now called Ain Shams meaning Eye of the Sun in Arabic.

Home of the Pyramid of Meidum.

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Home of the Step Pyramid of Djoser.

where the Rosetta Stone was discovered.

Lower Egyptis thenorthernpart of the country whileUpper Egyptis thesouthernpart.

the Greek name means City of the Sun, while the Arabic name means New Egypt.

Cult center of Osiris and Isis.

It can get kind of confusing, I know.

In this Ancient Egypt Map, you will see some clear divisions. First of all, the country has two coasts the North Coast overlooking the

Cult center of the god Khnum and his triad.

In fact, Egypt itself has many different names: theres of course Egypt, which in Arabic (the national language of the country) is Misr. As you know, the name of ancient Egypt is Kemet, meaning black land.

This Ancient Egypt Map doesnt do justice toAncient Nubia, which is also important in relation to ancient Egyptian history. Nubia itself is so vast with many histories that it deserves a whole website of its own.

one of ancient Egypts greatest capital cities, now located in greater Luxor area.

home of the Ptolemaic Temple of Horus.

You will also notice on this Ancient Egypt Map that many of the cities have Greek names. These names are still in use today, but most of them now also have Arabic names.

home of the city of Akhenaten, as well as palaces, temples and tombs.

site of the gorgeous Temple of Hathor.

Cult centers of the Nile goddesses Satet and Anuket.

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Cult center of the cat goddess Bastet.

Home of the three most famous ancient pyramids and the Great sphinx.

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One of ancient Egypts main cult centers and home of the Ennead cosmology.

Local center of the god Seth.

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