Ancient Egyptian History

A quick view of the historical timeline of ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian History and Geography give us a good look at a culture that was shrouded in mystery up until the early 20th century.

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Of course, everything else on this website can be considered a subset of ancient Egyptian history, but with these foundations youll be able to make more sense of the more complex topics, so be sure to check back here for more!

In 3100 BC, the nomadic tribes of hunter-gatherers settled on the Nile Valley and then unified as one country. Thats when we can really begin our journey of discovering ancient Egyptian history!

Thanks to the Rosetta Stone, which helped historians translate hieroglyphics the mysterious ancient culture of Egypt could finally be studied.

After each new discover is made, which happens quite often, ancient Egyptian history is changed just a little bit. And so no matter how much we read or learn about this long-ago past, it still somehow remains slightly hidden.

Understanding the Geography of Egypt will give you a good foundation to visualize events in ancient Egyptian history. Heres what Ill be covering on this topic:

Understanding the timeline and most important military campaigns of ancient Egyptian history will help you link different themes and events together while reading, especially while reading about the pharaohs. Heres what Ill be covering on this topic.

Over 3,000 years of relative continuity! Of course, during that long period of time, the ancient Egyptians were subjected to numerous invasions from the Persians, to the Greeks, to the Romans.

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No amount of scientific research has been able to take away from its magic and mystery.

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A more detailed view of the most important events in ancient Egyptian civilization

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