Ancient India Writing and Language

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Now, people started to use a new script called Brahmi. This new script started a new urbanization that wasnt even seen until the end of the Painted Grey Ware Phase. This phase was just a time of pottery being made during the Iron Age in India.

Sanskrit was an ancient language in India that many things were written in. Before the people of India even began writing down the earliest works of Sanskrit, the composed songs that were recited along with many different hymns. These hymns and songs had to be translated for a lot of generations so everyone could have them.

Hecataeus was an Ionian Greek Geographer of Miletus which is in the southwestern Asia Minor. He wrote a story about the description of the earth along with writing about the description of India.

At this time, the first Indian Script was written in the Indus Valley. Scripts were just their way of writing, so this Indian Script was just like their first writing in the Indus Valley.

At this time, a whole other new script was developed. This new script was called the Dravidian script.

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Throughout this time period, the people of India began to use a new kind of writing. This writing was called Indus Writing, and in this writing they used Hitherto. Hitherto was another kind of writing.

Sanskrit was already really important, but at this time it became extremely important. This was used a ton in literature, culture and in administration in Ancient India.

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The very first written language came around at this time in Mesopotamia, otherwise known as the Fertile Crescent.

The Indo-European people migrated into India at this time. These people brought new language to India that was recorded in Sanskrit. This new language they brought was very similar to the Greek and Latin language. Indo-Europeans were sometimes called Aryans.

Aryabhatta was a mathematician from Hindu who wrote the Aryabhattiyam. This was the very first book ever written about algebra.

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